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Modifying a Savage Axis??

I have read more reviews than I can count about the Savage Axis. Other than the people who just don't like the look of Savage rifles, the only real criticism I have seen have to do with the hollow synthetic stock - specifically that it is too light and makes a lot of noise when tapped or bumped.

When telling my wife about said reviews, she asked me, "why not just fill it with something?" Man my wife is a genius!

My thoughts on the subject have settled on a combination of expanding spray foam to fill in the space tightly and eliminate the hollow sound, and lead weights out of my tackle box to add some weight. The weights would be set between layers of foam to keep them from moving around. (If I find a way to work in some duct tape, I could be just like Red Green!)

I have a couple of concerns, though:

1) Is adding weight to the stock likely to have a negative effect on the balance of the rifle? Would it be best to center the extra weight in the front of the stock, the back, or evenly distributed throughout?

2) Is this course of action likely to cause problems with the rifle (safety issues, reliability problems, etc.)?

3) Any other potential issues that I have not mentioned/thought of.

Please let me know what you think.
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Fill it with something that doesn't weigh anything. Like spray foam. That should dampen the sound.

Edit: I didn't read thoroughly, sorry about that. The spray foam is a good idea, but be careful adding weight, you might change the balance of the firearm.

I know that some guys have added brass or carbon-fiber rods and epoxy to the forearms of synthetic stocks to stiffen them up. Notch out the ribs in the forearm, add your rods (think arrow blanks) and epoxy them in. Then, fill the butt with foam and enough weight to make it balance.
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I did the spray foam once on a Hogue Overmolded stock for a Ruger 10/22. It worked great. As for adding weight I would think that you could add a few ounces up front, spray the foam in just in that area to hold the weights in place, let is cure then add enough weight to the butt to balance it out and do the same. After that has cured and you are happy with the weight/balance, fill the rest of the stock. On the stock I did, i just drilled a few holes in places that would never be seen and sprayed the foam in. A 1/4 inch hole should be big enough to add split shot and then stick the nozzle of the spray foam in and give it a shot. For the butt, if you have to drill a hole where it could be seen, put it on the underside then after the foam is cured and trimmed off, fill the hole with a little black silicone.

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Can't you just remove the butt plate and spray the foam directly into the cavity?

As fat at the balance goes, just tape some weights to the outside of the stock at different points and see how the balance is affected.
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I have read many reports of using the spray foam insulation in the Axis stock w/ good results. I have the Axis and frankly, the stock does not bother me.
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Expandable foam insulation (such as "Great Stuff", etc.) continues to expand as it starts to dry..... the regular formulation (yellow can?) has a caution on it that it can jam windows and doors by warping the frames..... they make a special formulation (blue can?) for doors and windows,
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