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9mm load data

Hi I am a new reloader and have some questions for you guys to help me mull over so I can start building some bullets.

I am reloading 9mm with 115 gr Round nose Rainer plated lead projectiles. I am using Unique powder but I am having a hard time finding any recipies that match my conditions. I have the Lymans 49th edition from reading the reccomendations from users here but it tells me nothing about lead bullets data in 115 gr or unique powder for that matter. I am also concerned with finding the correct OAL. I don't want to seat it too deep and increase the pressure to a dangerous level.

Can anyone point me in the right direction or give thier own experience with this setup? I have searched this site and found great info but not exactly what I need. I just don't want to blow up my XD 9 the first time I go out and fire some of my reloads.
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chris in va
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Let's see...

According to my Lyman 49th.

120gr LRN

Unique 4.0 - 5.0max

Make some dummy rounds sans primer/powder and make sure they chamber, and fit in your mags.

4.5g should be a safe bet for your loads according to my manual. 5.0 really isn't the max for 115gr as it's a lighter bullet, but won't hurt anything.

Trust me on this, don't go nuts and make a bazillion before you test them at the range. Make 20 at say...4.0, then 4.5 and 5.0. Once you find the most accurate load, *then* you can go hog wild.

BTW you won't be seating those 115 grainers deep enough to worry about overpressure. Like I said, make some dummy rounds and find what the longest OAL is they'll chamber at, and fit in your mags. Go from there.
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You can normally seat to the COAL given in the manual for a 115gr rn or fmj and be fine. I usually do that if I have a bullet that I don't have the manufactures data on. +Alot of times I'll use let's say in this case a factory 115gr FMJ to set my seater dies. This practice may be unorthodox to some, but it works fine for me.
Mind you Im talking about handgun range/practice loads nothing real hot.
BTW If I'm not mistaken Reiner has load info/tips for their bullets ,as does oregon trail and most of others. If you call them they should fix you up.
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Check this site for some Rainer data:
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Old December 14, 2011, 12:06 PM   #5
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Here's my most common 9mm load FYI

I usually use Berry's 115gr bullets, they are plated Round Nose (between lead and FMJ). My 9mm powder is Unique and usually I use Federal primers.

I like Unique best and I've seen good results with charges from 4.5gr to 5.1gr. I started at 4.5 and worked up from there. I most often load 4.7gr (I keep waffling between 4.7 and 4.9). I like the results of both the 4.7 and the 4.9gr loads. The report is good, the kick is nice, and most important, the groupings are very nice, good accuracy (personally I didn't believe my reloads would be better than factory but it would seem they are. Very cool.

Forgot to add my OAL
I target 1.60" OAL for the 115gr JRN. Range is usually 1.156 to 1.161
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serf 'rett
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My Lyman Pistol and Revolver Manual shows 115 grain JHP starting at 4.4 grains up to a maximum of 5.8 grains with Unique at 1.090" COAL. Speer cranks the load up with their 115 grain TMJ bullet to 5.6 min to 6.3 max at 1.135" COAL. Note the difference in Lyman and Speer COAL.

Two things to consider in using plated bullets. I use Berry's plated bullets and their recommendation is to keep the velocity below 1200 feet/second. Rainer recommends a cap of 1200 to 1250 feet /second. So 1200 feet/second could be considered as the upper limit. The second thing is I’ve read somewhere that plated bullets can be loaded using lead bullet data and lead bullet data can be estimated by deducting approximately 10 percent from the powder charges recommended for full metal jacket. I don’t know if this is true; therefore, the caveat of start low and work up must be applied.

When I tested Unique a few months ago, with a 115 grain Berry’s RN bullet at 1.120” COAL, I constructed 5 rounds each of the following power weights: 4.6, 4.8, 5.0, 5.2 and 5.4 grains. Tightest group, out of my XDm, was at 4.6 grains, closely followed by 4.8 grains. Further testing was delayed (due to finding an excellent load using Power Pistol) because I ran out of bullets; a problem recently solved by the good folks at Berry’s. Further testing is in the works.
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Ok so in other words I can use the load data for the 115 gr jacketed Hollow point? I dind't realize I could use hollow point data for RN projectiles. I figured it had something to do with trajectory and aerodynamics. So anyway if I use the JHP data all I have to be concerned with is that I need to deduct 10% due to my lead bullets.

This definatley clears a few things up. I was just expecting to see more bullet scenarios in this book but now that I have read some of your replies I am being schooled.

Thank You.
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Another question if I may? On page 342 of the Lyman 49th book, it shows 9mm bullets but with casting marks or small crimps on the bullets aft body. Does this symbolize lead bullet data? Or cast bullet data?
Remington 700 ADL .222 Magnum
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I started out loading 4.8 gr. Unique under my 115 gr Berry's bullets but had to go up to 5.4 gr to get a couple of S&W pistols to cycle reliably. I finally standardized at 5.4 gr for everything. Good shooting load in all my 9mm's. I did recently go to WSF instead and find that load more accurate, particulary in my G19 and Hi-Power. I did have a very few FTF rounds using CCI primers so I changed to Winchester and all is well.
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Old December 14, 2011, 11:07 PM   #10
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Ok so in other words I can use the load data for the 115 gr jacketed Hollow point?
Actually, no. The "oal" will be wrong/different. If you load the long round nose to the JHP oal, the bullet may be "seated" deeper into the case than the JHP. THIS CAN RAISE case pressure.

If you ask and find out the bullet length for the JHP, you CAN seat your RN bullet at the same depth, and THEN you can use the JHP "powder load" data..

OR you can use other 115/120gr RN data (as Chris in VA said), BUT start at the low end and work up.
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Old December 16, 2011, 02:20 PM   #11
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I have used with success the following:

Rainier 115 gr. FMJ
Unique 5.6 gr.
Win. SPP
OAL= 1.140

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Old December 16, 2011, 04:46 PM   #12
serf 'rett
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SOW1 is correct. You cannot simply use load data for a hollow point bullet if you are loading a round nose bullet. When loaded to the same OAL, the length difference between the two bullets will result in different case volumes behind the bullet base. Changes in case volume will change pressure (generally speaking, but this reloading stuff can sometimes make a fool out of you).
A lack of planning on your part does not necessarily constitute an emergency on my part.
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NaviHawk - on page 342, the drawings are of the cast bullets for which the data is listed there under. There is no 115 gr bullet there, use the 120 gr data.
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Old December 17, 2011, 05:04 AM   #14
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Rainier bullets are sized same as jacketed bullets and I have used lead/jacketed load data to load for them while obtaining better accuracy with mid-to-high range jacketed load data but their website suggests that you use lead load data.
We, at Rainier Ballistics, recommend using lead bullet load data when loading our bullets. There is no need for adjustment when using lead bullet load data. Our bullets are jacketed using an electroplating process and are softer than traditionally jacketed bullets; hence the recommendation to use lead bullet load data. If you only have access to traditionally jacketed load data, we recommend a starting powder charge directly between the listed minimum and maximum load.
Here's older published load data for Rainier plated bullets -
115 gr RN Unique Start 4.3 gr (934 fps) 19,300 PSI - Max 5.3 gr (1092 fps) 27,100
I have used Rainier and other brand 9mm RN bullets at 1.125"-1.135" OAL with reliable feeding/chambering but you should always do your own Max/Ideal OAL determination using your pistol/barrel/magazine.

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