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Old December 7, 2011, 08:57 PM   #1
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XD vs. XDm vs. M&P

I am looking at getting a new pistol and really like the XD's and XDm's. I was looking at getting one in .40 S&W and then buying a barrel in .357 sig to essentially have two guns. I know the XD's come in both .357 sig and .40 S&W but the XDm's only come in .40 S&W as far as I can tell. I was wondering if it is still possible to get a .357 sig match barrel for the XDm. So if anybody has any experience with the XD's please comment.

My other option is a S&W M&P in .357 sig then buying a .40 S&W barrel, so if anyone has any input on the pros and cons of the M&P versus the XDs and XDms that would also be greatly appreciated.

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Old December 7, 2011, 09:06 PM   #2
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Both are excellent firearms. I would highly recommend finding a rental range that has one or both and try shooting them. I cannot say which is better, but I can say that everything the XDM is, the M&P is just as good at $100 or so less.

Here's a link to the 357 SIG conversion for your XDM.
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Old December 7, 2011, 10:28 PM   #3
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I'll be paying attention to this thread. I am too interested in these two company's.
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Old December 8, 2011, 01:01 AM   #4
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I purchased my .40S&W a little over a year ago. The choices were narrowed down to the XDm and the M&P. When handling them both, I found that FOR ME the M&P had a more natural point. I could quickly bring both up into firing position and invariably the M&P would be faster on target and instantly closer to my point. It was a very tough decision to make because they each have their pros and cons. I have never been a big fan of the Smiths in semi-auto, but the M&P was receiving great reviews so I included it as one of my choices. The XDs had a great reputation and were a more proven competitor. Each fired well and handled well.

In my mind the two makes were equal in every aspect that mattered to my decision. The ultimate choice came down to 3 things in which the S&W beat out the XDm... 1) it had the slightly better natural point, 2) it was about $100 cheaper than the XDm, and 3) it was made in the USA.

Alone, none of the three decision points would make or break a deal for me. The natural pointing of the M&P was probably the actual decision maker with the other two being great benefits.

Bottom line is they are both great choices. I don't think you could go wrong chosing either one. I went with the M&P and have never regretted it.

The only drawback to the M&P that I have found is the trigger comes kind of rough. It smooths out quite nicely after about 300 rounds through it, or you can pick up a drop in "trigger job" to make it about anything you like it to be.
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Old December 8, 2011, 06:29 AM   #5
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My vote goes for the M&P. I own 4 and all have been 100% reliable. I had 2 XDs that had reliability issues. From reading on here, they seem to have worked that out, especially with the XDms. My M&P9 Pro may be the most accurate gun I own outside of some much more expensive 1911s.
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Old December 8, 2011, 06:53 AM   #6
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I've fired the XDm .40 and the XD subcompact 9mm and the M&P .45

Best one to shoot in my opinion the M&P .45... since that caliber isn't one of your choices I will say that if the smaller caliber M&P's have the same grip and trigger pull and break then they have my vote.

M&P's are very reliable and that .45 was a dream. The only polymer .45 that shoots better IMO is my USP .45

But, if you don't go with the M&P then I would choose the XD. I'm not a big fan of either the XD or the XDm but the subcompact 9mm XD I was firing was a lot better than the full-size XDm that I tried...

Just my thoughts..

Goodluck bud!

P.S. plouffedaddy: thats a great picture
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Old December 12, 2011, 04:58 AM   #7
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I don't have any personal experience with the XD or XDm, but I've owned several M&Ps - still do - and find the ergonomics to be superior on them.

But, on the topic of switching between 40 S&W and 357-SIG, I tried that on my Sig P226R. It was easy - the Sig 357-SIG barrel is a drop-in. Nothing else is needed. Except for Mr. Murphy. See Murphy is a close relative of mine, or so he seems to be. After the second time I found myself with the wrong ammo in the magazine for the barrel I had in the gun, I decided to sell the 357 barrel and stick with one caliber in one gun. OK, I make exceptions for my 22LR conversions. If I make a mistake with one of those, I need to take up basket weaving.
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Old December 12, 2011, 09:35 AM   #8
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I do not like any of them but If I must have one, I would get the XDm.
I have shot the XD (9mm and .40) - it is OK.
M&P (9mm) - bet grip fit but bad trigger. Sold mine.
XDM (.40) - Very accurate. Trigger was not clean.

Have you look at a Walther P99? I have a DA/SA but am considering getting the PPQ with the glock-like trigger.
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Old December 12, 2011, 09:56 AM   #9
Northern Gal
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I have 2 XDm 9mm - the full size and the compact - and I love them both. I have not had any reliability issues with either one of them and I've probably got about 1500 rounds through each at this point. I also find them to be very accurate.

I was debating between the M&P, Sig, Glock, and XDm when I purchased my first one, and the XDm just felt better in my hand. Personally, I don't think you could go wrong with either the M&P or the XDm - it just depends on what feels best to you.
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.357 sig , .40 s&w , m&p , xd's , xdm

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