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Old November 17, 2011, 10:53 AM   #51
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.22lr for protection?

Sure better than nothing. However, if you must carry a .22 type cartridge, I would definitely make it a .22 magnum carry pistol. Load it with Federal 50 grain hollow points and you should be able to repel most any dog, etc., and probably most humans!
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Old November 17, 2011, 01:08 PM   #52
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I only had about 10 or so fail to fire out of 5,000 22lrs.. I never had one with a CCI, always with cheap ammo. If it's revolver, it really doesn't matter the cylinder moving/firing when you pull the trigger. It's the auto I worry about, you have to rack the slide.
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Old November 17, 2011, 11:41 PM   #53
Terry A
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A .22 worked this time....

Back around 2002-2003, there was a wild dog roaming about in the woods on the road where I lived. A group of 5 houses were all on the same side of the street, with woods behind our homes as well as on the other side of the road. Several neighbors and my wife had been telling me that when they're outside, this dog just isn't acting right. Very hostile and aggressive. In one case, this wild dog actually mangled a neighbor's dog. Mauled the dog but good!

As fate would have it, I'm now cutting our grass when I saw the dog that they'd been telling me about. He was in the yard next to ours and he was just giving me the eyes. I went inside and, for some unknown reason that I still can't understand, of all the guns I have, from AK's, M4, assorted shotguns, many .45ACP, .40 and 9mm semis, I for some crazy reason grabbed a bolt action single shot Glenfield Model 10 that I had not shot in at least 2 years. I loaded it with a single .22 from an OLD box that I had. Instead of getting some of my fresher ammo, I just dug for the oldes box. Had one extra round in my hand. And then I went outside.

The dog was right where I last saw him. I started walking towards him in the big open yard that ajoins both properties. After I took maybe 10 steps, the dog flat out charged and I mean to tell you, he looked mad, ears pinned back, and was coming really fast. I dropped down to one knee and was waiting to see how close he could get before I would fire. At that exact moment, the thought came to me....what if the gun doesn't fire? Or what if that ancient .22 doesn't go bang? (I promise, I'm not making any of this up, especially this part.....I started giggling!) I KNEW I had one shot to get the dog or he would be feasting. He was coming full bore, straight at me and I fired at his upper chest-neck area. The gun fired and the dog fell forward and didn't roll at all, he just skidded. The second .22 finished it off.

Nothing like that has ever happened since. But if a similar need arises, like Springfield Armory says, I'll "bring enough gun!"
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Old November 18, 2011, 08:15 AM   #54
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Such as a rattlesnake, pitbull, coyote? I don't expect it to have the firepower to stop a person, but what about these other animals that might get aggressive?
Absolutely it can stop these animals if: You are a good shot, bullets into the brain will stop most animals regardless of size. That said I wouldnt recommend using a 22 against anything much larger than a dog or rabid zombie deer.

If a pitbull or a coyote was to (for whatever reason) attack you it will be of course a moving attack and not a static target so shooting skill is key.
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Old November 18, 2011, 08:36 AM   #55
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what about these other animals that might get aggressive?
Of course it will work if the shot placement is correct. The only time I've ever had to use a firearm in self defense was a 22lr against a large dog. It worked very well. The beast went down right then and there.
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Old November 24, 2011, 02:05 PM   #56
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center of mass

110 + pounds and up of projectile energy is enough to incapacitate most small to medium size animals.

I know that 40 grains sounds like beans, but not for the one standing in front of a lead one going 1100 + FPS!

I wasn't at all suprised by the video outcome of the dog being popped by the officers 9mm or 40S&W. thing wasn't even dealt a fatal shot...n it was screamin like it was being internally scorched.

Deflection would be the biggest robber of the .22lrs energy, so center of mass is the key. With a full size .22lr pistol such as a buckmark or ruger, 10shot mag filled with cci velocitors, and a nice red dot... practice the double taps

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Old November 24, 2011, 08:06 PM   #57
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a 22 for a charging animal? not for me, I saw a friend use one to stop a charge of a pack of dogs & dropped the front one, yes it worked, 1 shot into head 30 or so feet & it dropped dead, but my gun was inside truck & I was 20+ feet away, he had a holster, & mine had kept dropping down my leg, as I didnt have a holster, 20 years or more ago. I was carrying a 357 in those days.

as for the snake shot, I was being annoyed by a mouse, & at roughly 6 feet I put 2 into it, & it only turned, at which point I used a stinger 22 & that was the end of the mouse, the gun was a NAA 22 in LR.

I had to shoot 1 dog with a 40, & it took 6 rounds to head & was still barking, & standing, I walked to truck & came back & put 1, 44 special though its head & that was that.

another dog took 2 rounds of 44 special to the head, & upon the second was trying to bite more aggressively, & was getting meaner by the second, the third dropped it.

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