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Optimum ammunition

This is my first post on this forum so please bear with me on this.

I have an old BSA 30-06 rifle like the one pictured in the link.

the receiver has the same 220 gr markings as the one in the picture. I'm currently shooting a 165 gr Corelokt and my accuracy seems to be bad. I'm getting about 4 inch groups at 100 yards cold bore. I'm wondering if going to some 220 grain corelokt would be better for stability. Also, i usually shoot a 165 grain barnes triple shock for hunting and i use the 165 grain corelokt to practice with because they seem to fly similarly.

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My best guess is that the gun, was in the past, optimized at the bullet weight and charge listed on the barrel. Those of us that cast and reload our own bullets spend a lot of time trying to find the optimal/accurate load for a particular gun and it appears someone in the past left you a message. You have nothing to loose trying out similiar loads to find out what happens as far as accuracy goes.
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Brian Pfleuger
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If the rifle was optimized for 220gr bullets, you might have to seat 165s very long. Your accuracy problem might be because the jump to the rifling is too long for your bullets.

The Barnes bullets are long for their weight because copper is lighter than lead, so that should help some.

In any case, measuring for correct COL is the first step.

If you're shooting only factory ammo, I guess you'll have to try 220s and see.

Excellent excuse to get into reloading if your not already.
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wow that was a turn around time of literally an hour. i really wasn't expecting to get a response that fast thanks.

I currently don't reload and I'm on a very limited budget so i don't think ill be doing that sadly. i guess ill just pick up some of the corelokt and anything else i can find and see what happens.
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Old October 28, 2011, 09:49 AM   #5
Brian Pfleuger
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I certainly understand limited budgets. Just so you know, you can get everything you need for basic reloading (with a nice press) for around $150. The kit with almost everything you need is around $90 and you'd just need a die set, some powder, primers and bullets and a few other small $ items.
Check out the reloading forum here and read the Sticky threads up top.
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Art Eatman
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Probably a fast-twist barrel. Me, I'd buy a box of 220-grain and see how it performs. Remington CoreLokt would likely do fine, although you might have to ask around more than just one gunshop.

Also might try 180-grain boat-tails, since they're a longer bullet.

You can check the twist rate with a cleaning rod. Make a marker with tape, and then ink a mark on the side of the rod so that you can tell when the rod makes one full revolution as you push it down the barrel. At one rev, wrap tape at the muzzle. Withdraw the rod and measure the length of insertion. That's the twist. One turn in xxx inches.

Common for the '06 is 1:10, which works for 110-grain through flat-base 180s for good groups. I suspect your rifle might be as fast as 1:8...
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I'm relying on dinosaur memory here but it seems to me the rifling was 4 groove 1/10 and the original bullet was a round nose bullet at about 2700 fps maybe a little less. A 200 grain bullet at moderate velocity should work well, the boat tail suggestion is a good one since its length more than weight that determines best bullet for the twist.

I could be off on my numbers, like I said I'm going on memory here.
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