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Dangerous mishaps while hunting.Had any?

I know this covers alot of ground But over the years I've had a few close calls.Just wondered IF Y'all might have some to share? Be it with other hunters,Animals even trips & falls.

Here's one of mine,I was hog hunting on GOV. LAND one morning right at day light watched a small black critter cross a creek and feed up the hill toward Me.just knew it was a hog it was'nt it was a black bear cub about 75 lbs.It feed right toward me 10 yds. then came MOM big & nasty about 350lbs & she seen Me right off.So that put me between her & the cub Right away she started poppin her teeth rocking back & forth with her ears layed down I just knew it was going to be bad.I was sitting on the ground with a 22Mag Praying this was'nt going be a bear mauling death.But she made a big half circle around me real slow & moved the cub up the hill.They say GOD looks after simple people & fools Man was I glad I had full coverage!!!
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No disrespect intended, but some capitalization and punctuation would make this a bit easier to read and understand.
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Art Eatman
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Back about forty years ago, I was doing my usual wandering hunting all alone out in the middle of nowhere. I'd climbed up a very steep slope onto a mesa top, eyeballing for Bambi. The mesa top was thick with lecheguilla, a sharp-pointed agave-looking bundle of Ouch. (Locally known as "It'll gitcha.")

A rock rolled under my foot and a lecheguilla stalk's point came right through the tongue of my boot, just above the ankle. Instant paralysis in that ankle and foot. Not all that much pain, but things had quit working. So there I was, some three miles from my old VW bus, and a rifle is a lousy crutch.

Halfway smart, I found a rock on which to sit, and just waited. After about fifteen minutes, things began to return to normal. Not much longer and I was back walking--but a lot more carefully.
You're from BATFE? Come right in! I use all your fine products!
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My uncle was using my dad's Mossberg .410 bolt and when he cycled a round, somehow he set it off while it was in the open well of the receiver...

No one was severely hurt and I remember that to this day and am sure to cycle all actions with authority but respectfully...

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Sure Shot Mc Gee
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Dangerous mishaps while hunting.Had any?

Years ago when I was just starting out hunting with my father and all our neighbors. These old timers made deer drives to increase their chances of taking deer. There were about 20 of us in this party of hunters. Equal amount of Posters versus Drivers who would walk thru the woods and hopefully all come out at the end of a drive equally in a line. Deer Drives were made on 40-80 acre woods covered parcels. After making a couple of deer drives as a Driver person. It was my turn to be a Poster and relax a little and quietly watch the woods out in front of me. My father told me to sit in a latter stand 16 ft off the ground that {probably was made before I was born.} I emptied my 30-30 Marlin SC model sling'ed my rifle over my shoulder. And up I climbed. Got to the top cross bar nailed to two trees growing side by side and sat down to get comfortable. Waved to my dad for him to move on to his Posting spot. I almost got my rifle reloaded as I had just started to fill its magazine. Wellllll >1-2 minuets in that stand past by and I heard a Crack!! and fell out of this stand backwards. As I fell, I thru the rifle away from me towards my front as hard as I could. Apparently, I didn't throw it hard enough, {which as I think back now, was a foolish move on my part.} When I hit the ground I found I had landed on top of my rifle. Gun held up good. Not so good for me. Two broken ribs. No more deer hunting for me that year. But I haven't missed a year of hunting since. Moral of this story: If it doesn't look safe to climb. It more than likely it isn't_
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How about not familiar with how a safety works...

Numerous time out up-land hunting, meet another hunter(s) and some of these guys will place the butt on the ground and their elbows on the muzzle for a rest.

Not understanding the the safety ONLY block the trigger not the hammer fall.
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Don't know if you consider these "mis-haps" or just "happenings"

I was elk hunting on Afognak Island, near Kodiak. We were taken by a float plane. It turned cold and the lake iced over with a thin layer of ice. Enough to tear up the floats on a plane. There is a period when the ice starts to form and when it gets heavy enough to support a plane on skis.

A week after we were suppose to be picked up, the Coast Guard came and got us.

Another time I was drifting the Chena River moose hunting. We stopped to eat and I did the splits while trying to get out of the boat, ended up waste deep in water. Thinking we were only a couple hours from Fairbanks, we went for it. Instead we were 16 hours from town. Dern near froze. I had to break the ice on the knees of my coveralls in order to straighten my legs. Took me the rest of the night in a hot shower to thaw out. Learned or relearned that no mater what, if you get wet, stop and build a fire to dry out before you go any where.

Another time I was taking some people moose hunting near Healy AK. We had to cross the Nenana River by rowing across, then drag the boat back up river. The Nenana is quite fast. Had one of the hunters pull the boat up the bank while I kept it away from the brush on the bank. He tripped and let loose the rope. The front in swung out causing the boat to be pushed sideways under an over hanging brush, swamping it. We lost everything except some gear I took over in the first trip. Spent the night drying out and had to hike out about 20 miles via Healy where there is a bridge.

Another time I was hunting geese in the Palmer hay flats near Anchorage. These are mud flats. When the tide is in the is nothing but water, when the tide is out its all mud & silt. I had to stay in the boat either way. I was sleeping one night and the front anchor came loose swinging the bow over a mud bank which at the time was under water. When the tide went out, the front end of the boat was on the bank, the rear in the channel, dumping most of my gear, which included a gun case with two shotguns and a Model 29 Smith.

Alaska hunting is fun.
Kraig Stuart
USAMU Sniper School Oct '78
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When I was about 14 or so I walked up on some guys in the process of stripping a stolen Mustang while squirrel hunting. There was an old logging road that was still driveable for the 1st 200 yards or so into the woods where it became impassable. I was easing along just at daylight coming down the road from the other direction when I walked up them just as they were setting it on fire.

If I'd been timed I believe I would have set a new Olympic record for the 2 mile run as I made it home.

I doubt if it were really dangerous but I came up on the remains of a moonshine still a year or so later near there. It appeared to be a pretty big operation that had been destroyed fairly recently. This would have been in the early 70's.
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This past winter when clambering into my tree stand I managed to drop my 336 16' onto it's butt. Fortunately I carry it on half cock with the safety on for trips up the ladder, but in the hour (or so it seemed) that it was falling I had plenty of time to convince myself I was about to get shot.
I don't know if that's a "close call" per say, but it was scary.
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I once was bow hunting deer here in Idaho and had a moose get with in 10 yards of me. I slowly backed away toward my tree stand. The Moose just looked at me for about 3 min before it walked off.

I did not get a deer that season but was happy that I got to keep my life. Moose in a bad mood can kill.
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Wild Bill Bucks
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A few years ago, I was sitting in a ground blind, and had to take a left handed shot at a buck. Being right handed, and having to reach around the blind, put me in a very un-orthodox shooting position.

As the buck came into the sights of my .50 cal I pulled the trigger, and as I did, the rifle slipped off my shoulder, and the scope hit me right square in the nose, setting me on my butt.

I'm seeing that black pattern with all the little stars in it, for quite a bit, and think about going to see if I had hit the deer. When I walked to the spot, I saw a drop or two of fresh blood, and started to trail it, when I realized that almost every where I looked there was fresh blood on the ground. I trailed it for about 20 yards before I figured out that I had busted my nose, and I was trailing my own blood.

Isn't what I would call a dangerous happening, but if I had been in a tree stand the story might end a lot less humorous.
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I was hunting near the big town of Edna, Texas, on a small deer lease we had. I was about a mile from camp, sitting on a folding stool and looking down a pipeline right of way, and here came a nice buck. I shot him, waited a bit, and went down to get him. He had walked up into a thicket before he died. It didn't look like much of a serious thicket, and the buck was smaller than he looked in the scope (funny how that works), so I was just going to step through a gap in the thicket and drag him out. Had the rifle in my right hand and the binocs in my left hand. As I stepped in, my right boot hung up in some vines so I had to quickly bring my left foot forward to balance myself. But, the left foot hung in a vine as I was moving forward. I hit the ground face down and full length so hard and so fast that I was knocked out for a short while. When I came to, my back hurt so bad that I thought I had broken it. Pain was incredible. I left the rifle, the deer, the binocs, and crawled about 100 yards to my ATV. I knew I'd have to ride it to the camp since the lease was mostly swamp. Crawling all the way was not workable. After a time, and great pain, I got up on the Yamaha and got it started and moving. I had to go slower than walking since it hurt so bad. When I got to camp, my buddy's new girlfriend had every drug known to man, being a fulltime hypochondriac. Thank the Lord for her. After 2 days on whatever major league painkillers she gave me, I was able to make it to the doctor. Nothing permanently damaged. I've never before or after had pain like that.
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One of my hobbies is falconry. One of the toughest quarries we fly are grouse, in this case it was sharptailed grouse. I'm out in the Summit Hills all by myself and spy a flock of sharptails heading into wheat stubble. All I have to do is to climb over a fence and make my way towards the grouse, release the falcon then the dog, get a point then flush the grouse at the proper time. Nothing to it. That fence presented a problem so I go to a corner post with a cross bar on top which I can crawl over with the falcon on the fist without any worry of hurting the fence or myself. Up I go then I slipped on the coating of ice on top and come crashing down on the ground to land on a 4x4 flat on my back on the other side. Not only that I hit my head on something getting stunned good and proper. I have no idea how long I laid there. When I opened my eyes I was sort of proud of myself that I'd not let go of the falcon but I was having a hard time making my body do what it was supposed to. Another few minutes went by and I finally was able to get up, still the hooded falcon was sitting on my fist as if nothing had happened. In her mind nothing had happened. My truck wasn't too far away so instead of trying to go over the fence I crawled underneath it as best as I could without leaving too much fabric on the barbs. When I got back to the truck that old dog was no where to be found. Thank the powers that be she was trained to come back to the horn of the truck. I blew a few notes and she appeared. Then we went home.

This story reminded me of another that happened there too. To the West of where I was in the previous paragraph is a creek. I jumped the creek with the falcon and the dog doing her best to not heel. She's a setter, what do you expect? Anyway over the creek I go. Upon landing one of my feet goes into a hole where I hear a loud "CRACK!!" All I could think was, "Oh crap. I've broken something!" But there was no pain. After a little feeling around I found right at the entrance of that hole was a real dry stick that made a real loud "CRACK"

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had a good one bow hunting my first time hunting was when i was 18 we had a cook next door, he was always in to this or that and drugs crossed property often. keep you friends close and your enemies closer. he and i got to be some what well aquanted not that i am into anything of that sort but simply because we just moved into a bad part of town and the friendship was mutualy benficial. we gave him a plot to garden and he watched out for us. not that kind of garden either. after some time we got to talking and i said how i had never really been out hunting, he offered to take me out on his families property and bow hunt for white tail. we started out by circling the ridge. i went up top where i could get a better shot and he flanked the hill to kick them up hoping to give me a luck salking so we decided to pick a spot and call them in. about an hour into it i am sitting in a hide and he is off a few yards with a set of antlers trying to bring them in. he looked down and saw a spot of blood. and as he looked closer he found another and another. he waved me over and showed me his find. he said "look here, see that blood it goes out tward the point. i bet some one got a shot at one and i crossed the fence and ran. bloods fresh lets see if we can track it." it was on his land a few acres from the fenceline he said in W.V. that it was his dear and by law he was right. (ethics werent his strong suite). we tracked for close to an hour, up over the ridge and around making a loop right back to where we had started. puzzled he steps back and starts looking around for more clues.a minute or so later he starts cursing and throwing a fit. i couldnt figure out what the heck was going on. he stuck him self in the calf with his broadhead and didnt know it. we tracked his blood for about three hours because he was to loaded up to feel anything. that was the last time i hunted with him.
after that i started reading and researching and hunting alone. 5 years later got my first and second with a rifle in the same season.
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I knew Obama was gonna be bad news

January 20th, 2009 started with a pretty bad omen.

Rather than deal with the spectacle that was the Obama Inauguration, my buddy and I decided to go hunting for ducks on the Upper Potomac River - about 10 miles outside of DC. It was a super bitter cold morning (well below zero), and we left real early to have enough time to break ice through the stream and get his boat out into the channel.

After spending some time on the river, and losing a number of decoys to ice flows - and seeing no birds in flight - I spotted a bunch of ducks in the water on the other side of an island. I had the brilliant idea to send my dog in to flush them, while we walked across the island to outflank them when they took flight.

All went as planned until we got off the boat. He started walking, and I followed in his path. I went maybe 5 feet from the boat - along some ice - when I plunged straight down.

Luckily I was holding my shotgun such that as I crashed through the ice, it hit the ice and supported my weight. Nevertheless, I was down in the icy cold water up to about 1/2 inch of the top of my waders. He was sort of stuck with no options to get me out other than handing me his gun to grab on. Rather than do that, he bent a tree down to a point I could grab it and I slowly climbed out of the water.

I was literally a frozen block. My gun was encased in ice in no time, and we decided to head back. once we got back to dry land, I couldn't unload the gun because it was still frozen solid. And I had to cut my waders off in order to get into my car.

Its the scariest moment I ever had hunting. The scariest moment ever, came a couple of hours later - when after showering I hopped on the metro downtown and had the misfortune of having to witness Obama's innaugural parade.

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Willie Lowman
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The worst by far happened when I was 18.

There is a spot on the ridge behind my Grandma's house that the deer have always loved. Large patches of green briers and hemlock trees provide lots of cover for them. One morning just after sun up I saw, what I thought for all the world to be, a deer at the edge of the hemlocks. It was about 100 yards away. As I took the safety off on my 870 the guy stood up. He was dressed in full Carhartts with no orange on at all. The color of that fabric looked just like a deer in the morning light. If he hadn't stood up when he did, I probably would have put a slug into him thinking that I was looking at a deer in light cover. He saw me (I don't know if he realized I nearly shot him) and took off. I found out later that it was a neighbor that had been sneaking onto the property without permission.

The lesson. Know your target. Know your target. know your target.
"9mm has a very long history of being a pointy little bullet moving quickly" --Sevens

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One of the worst experiences of my life was almost 4 years ago. It was July and I was moving some stands, getting ready for hunting season. I climbed up into one of my favorites that had been in the same tree for about 4-5 years. I had a chain around the top and a nylon strap around the bottom. Since the tree had grown a little over the years, the strap had sunk into the tree and there was no way I could loosen it, so I cut it. Well as soon as the weight was placed all on that chain it snapped and I went down backwards. It was 21 feet from the platform I was standing on to the ground and I landed flat on my back. I was knocked out cold for a little while and came to with a searing pain in my arm. Luckily my friend was there and he helped me get a strap around my arm as a sling and drove me to the hospital. My left upper arm was shattered down the bone, but nothing else was wrong, I feel like I must have landed on an angel. The arm took forever to heal, I couldn't bow hunt for two years. The worst was I had a 5 week old at home along with two toddlers, it really hit me hard how close I came to making them grow up without a dad. I learned my lesson though, wear a harness whenever you are in a tree! Its a hassle sometimes, but leaving your wife a widow and your kids fatherless is a bigger hassle.
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I found out later that it was a neighbor that had been sneaking onto the property without permission.
I've posted of this before but three members of the same family have come close to shooting me on my own property.
They are a 'poster family' for the commercial titled...
'A mind is a terrible thing to waste'.

Lets start with how I met the dad:

Was splitting wood in the yard one fall afternoon. The splitter ran out of gas and just as it shut off, there was a shotgun blast that sounded like it was right next to me. As I ducked, buckshot rained down over me. I looked in the woods no more then 20-30yds and saw a guy standing there with a shotgun.
I realized he was shooting at squirrels literally at the edge of the yard, I then did something very stupid, flew mad and ran down there to where he was. I asked this guy who he was, he told me he lived across the road. As I'm telling him off, I couldn't help but notice the beer can setting at his feet along with the outline of cans(assuming more beer) stuffed in his hunting vest. Told him to leave and never come back.

Next, the son(12 yrs. old at the time):

He was walking a bottom of a steep banked ravine shooting at squirrels that were running the trees at the top of the ravine walls. With a 22. No background what-so-ever. I'm up in my tree stand, atop the ravine and his first shot bought took me out of the stand.
His dad sent him back in the woods and told him how to hunt the ravine.

Third was the daughter(11 yrs old at the time):

Deer shotgun season. At first light,I shoot a doe which ran into an old dried up pond full of cattails. Waited about 30mins. and proceeded into the cattails expecting to retrieve the deer. Next thing I know, a shotgun blast that sent a slug over-top my head. I started yelling, came up out of there to find this young girl sitting on a stump.
Her moron dad had brought her down there, sit her on the stump and told her to shoot at anything around the pond. He told her if she shot a deer to come home and get him. He would be sleeping on the couch.
As I was standing there trying to figure out what kind of idiot would leave their young daughter in the woods alone, I looked down and saw blood. Apparently, I flushed the deer I shot out the girls side of the pond, she shot at it and deer ran down into the ravine.
I told her she had shot a deer to go get her dad. When they came back, I asked him to step down into the ravine without the girl and he and I had ANOTHER not so friendly discussion.

Don't have anymore trouble with them since LE busted the dad for crack.
I'm sure glad the woman of the house didn't hunt and there's no more family members.
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I arrowed a fair 8 point one evening and located it just at dark with little difficulty. I did not have a rope or headlight with me. As it was not far to the truck, I grabbed it by an antler and started to drag. Didn't go but a few steps and ran headlong into limbs, scratching my eye badly in the process.

Left the deer, stumbled to the truck, rode home (nearby) and got bamaboy and wife, returned and recovered deer. By then I was in agony. Called a buddy, who watched the boy (he was in gradeschool) and dressed, skinned and quartered the deer. Bamawife hauled me to the emergency room, where I spent most of the night. MIssed a couple of days work too!

Lesson, don't get in a hurry, and get a light.
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tree stand

I've had one close call with a climbing treestand.

I went out on a big lmb (out of the stand) to prune a smaller limb for a shooting lane. When I returned to the stand and got a foot on it, it dropped about two feet. I got suspended by my safety belt (no vest or harness) and had some spooky moments while I flailed for the stand with my toes, while hanging by the belt, it around my arm pits.

Got lucky and hooked the stand with a boot toe and pulled it up and regained my footing.

Bought a decent vest/harness that season.
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I had a close call Turkey hunting,set up a decoy on a pipe line in the clear,backed into the edge of the woodline & set up my blind.After a while,letting things settle down got out my call,& went to work.In less than 20 seconds 3rifle shots rang out,my decoy was hit twice.I just happened to be off to the side enough that I was'nt hit.

The hunter came down & apologized over & over.He kept saying it just looked & sounded so real.The man even had a scope on the rifle a22 Hornet.

By the way this happened in FLA. it was a legal firearm for turkey.Its so easy to get caught up in the hunt,You can never be to careful.
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Deja vu
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My brother and I was out scouting (mostly playing) hunting ground about 2 weeks ago, (We hunt the lolo area)

We walked around for several hours and decided to try an elk call just for fun (had no hunting rifles, just my CCW) and after a short time (less than 5 min) we could hear a response... too bad it was wolves.

We kept our eyes peeled and walked back to the jeep.

Nothing happened but it was a little frighting. They trailed us for about 20 min and then lost interest. I think they discovered that we where not elk.
Shot placement is everything! I would rather take a round of 50BMG to the foot than a 22short to the base of the skull.

all 26 of my guns are 45/70 govt, 357 mag, 22 or 12 ga... I believe in keeping it simple. Wish my wife did as well...
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The scariest moment ever, came a couple of hours later - when after showering I hopped on the metro downtown and had the misfortune of having to witness Obama's innaugural parade.

Sounds more like a 4 year nighmare.
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The scariest moment ever, came a couple of hours later - when after showering I hopped on the metro downtown and had the misfortune of having to witness Obama's innaugural parade.

Sounds more like a 4 year nighmare.
If it is another 4 years, I heard nugent will either be dead or in jail.. his words....

makes me laff real loud there, both sides are so close and cater to their money men it just dont matter....
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Nothing major.

Pelted by shotgun pellets from some dufus in the next field while pheasant hunting. My buddy downs a pheasant a few minutes later and his dog runs over and grabs it. He starts yelling "Don't shoot my dog." The dog came running back to him after a while of mauling the pheasant and he was reluctant to give it back.

The best was bow hunting. I was in a ground blind before sun up waiting for the first light. I was sitting on a little wooden fold up camp chair. I heard a snort to my left and when I turned to look the camp chair just shattered and left me laying in a heap with a deadly sharp broad head somewhere near me. I had to wait until the sun came up enough to safely extricate myself.

That last time I deer hunted state land where we had bullets whizzing over our heads a half hour before first light. One hit the tree i was leaning against. We waved off a bunch of guys that insisted we were in their spots. My buddy had a big old slug hole through the side of his truck bed and a couple through the tailgate when we finally gave up and went back to the truck.
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