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10mm toys - New springs and Double Tap ammo (pics) >>

Hello folks,

My new Wolff springs arrived for my Glock 20 SF and S&W 1006, along with a Lone Wolf 6" barrel and for the Glock and some Double Tap ammo.

Play Time!

Here is the Glock outfitted, it has the Wolff 22 lb. spring and a special Wolff recoil rod that you have to use with the new spring, and the 6" fully supported Long Wolf drop in barrel. Too bad about the garish logo on the top of the chamber though.

And here is the sweet S&W 1006, with the Wolff 22 lb. spring installed. Still sporting the lovely rosewood checkered Hogue grips too. The Wolff recoil spring came with a small spring, do you guys know what that is for?

I also received some powerful 10mm ammo from Double Tap, some 180 grain "Controlled Expansion" rounds and some impressive looking 200 grain Hardcast cartridges.

I shot some "practice" ammo first to make sure the guns still functioned with it, and there were no problems. Then I shot the Double Tap ammo offhand at 45 feet. I must say it did not feel all that much more violent, I was surprised how easy it was to shoot. As you can see on the second target the 200 grain Hardcast bullets make some impressive holes!

Then I went up to the big pistol range and shoot the new ammo at 25 yards, off a rest. Here the ammo did seem pretty "snappy", but the hardest part was trying to use the iron sights on the little tiny bull's-eyes!! I was fantasizing about using these guns to hunt with, but I can't imagine shooting with confidence much over 25 yards!

(The groups shown are with the 180 grain Controller expansion rounds, I had a couple of similar groups with the 200 grain hardcast bullets but accidently threw those targets away at the range! Doh!)

• Neither one of the Double Tap ammo was all that hard to shoot, and they seem accurate enough.
• The new 22 lb. springs did tame the ejection trajectories, but the Glock still put them in small circle, while the S&W threw them all over the place.
• I didn't notice any change in how the Glock shot with the new 6" barrel.
• I still am going to keep the rosewood grips on the S&W.
• I don't think I can sight well enough with the iron sights to hunt at distances over 25 yards. (I have a new set of Novak night sights coming for the S&W which may help a little.)

By the way, after getting the wrong (too short) S&W curved OEM grips from Midway, I ordered a set from Brownells, and got the exact same incorrect set from them. Drat! So, watch out folks, it may seem like the curved OEM grips for the 1006 are available, but I think everyone has the wrong ones.

Now I better order more 200 grain hardcast from Double Tap. That stuff shoots pretty easy, but looks serious!!

Thanks for reading!

- Thomas
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The small spring that came for you 1006 is an extra heavy firing pin return spring. Wolff includes and recommends installation of this spring along with their extra power recoil springs out of fear that the increased forward slide velocity imparted from the extra power recoil spring might cause the firing pin to travel forward enough to contact a primer through inertia. You can install the spring if you want, but S&W 3rd Generation pistols have firing pin block safeties that make an inertial discharge extremely unlikely even with an extra-power recoil spring.

Do you have a chronograph by chance? If you do, I wonder if you might conduct a little experiment that has been vexing me. There have been reports over the past few years of Double Tap's ammo not living up to its advertised velocity. I noticed on Buffalo Bore's website that Tim Sundles experienced extreme spreads of 100fps or more prior to outfitting his 10mm with a heavier recoil spring and I can't help but wonder if the same issue is occurring with DT ammo. Assuming you have a chronograph, I would be very interested to know if you get significantly different velocities between the stock recoil springs and the 22lb ones.
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Coach Z
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Lone wolf

In the future if you're ordering from lone wolf there is an option buried in the ordering process that you can request no logo or the logo on the underside where it'll never be seen. They seem to be the go to for aftermarket block parts but I agree the logo os hideous.

Nice setup BTW!
Love my guns
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Location: Cincinnati, OH USA
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Thanks guys!

Thanks for the spring info Webleymkv, I guess I might as well install it. But no chronograph for me yet. I have been looking, but when I read the reviews it seems like when every brand started being made in China they all went downhill. Like all the reviews before 2010 on any model are four and five stars, but then in 2010 (or whenever the transition occurs) they go to one or two stars. Sad.

And thanks for the Lone Wolf logo info Coach, I bought my barrel from Double Tap, they had a good discount from the Lone Wolf factory price, and it was in stock. I have sanded most of it off already!

I forgot to mention, maybe I'm a softie, but after shooting the Glock with that 'safety trigger' the tip of my finger hurts! Boo-hoo-hoo!

- Thomas
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