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RL15 + 5.56 LC Case

I just picked up some RL15 and I have a bunch of Remington 55gn FMJ bullets to load up in LC cases. According to the Lee data that came with my dies I'm looking under the 55gn jacketed bullet data and it shows the start load with RL15 at 25.3gn and a max load of 28gn. After loading up the first two bullets the case is nearly full. For the heck of it I weighed out 28gn and to my guess it overfills the case! Something can't be right here and I don't know where to turn. These will be fired from my 16in mid length AR15. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

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LC brass

LC brass is military brass and tends to be heavier than "sporting" brass. it has a smaller interior capacity. The standard recommendation is to reduce load data by 10% when developing loads using Mil. brass. that would put your loads at 22.5 grains to 25.5 grains (or so).
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downloading .223/5.56 vs .308/7.62 x51 are two different animals. As always you should work your loads up and not start at max. case capacity. You might find this info handy especially the case capacity of various .223 cases Mil spec brass is also listed.
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Old August 22, 2011, 12:45 PM   #4
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First off 5.56 has a max pressure of 63,000 psi, and 223 Rem has a max pressure of 55,000 psi.

So you are unlikely to run into a pressure problem using 223 data even if you use 5.56 brass as long as you are shooting in a rifle that can handle 5.56 pressures.

Odds are you won't be able to stuff enough RL-15 into that case to cause any drama with a 55 grain bullet. BUT, it is ALWAYS smart to do a load workup with the components you will use in your rifle to check actual conditions. If your rifle had a tight chamber or short neck it could cause issues.

So back off from max and load up accordingly. Best accuracy should be with the powder right at the base of the neck, which should be well under 28 grains.

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First, LC and other 5.56 Military brass does NOT have less case capacity than Civilian 223 brass. In fact just the opposite is true, it has more case capacity.

Second, R-15 is a "Rat turdd" powder which allows for considerable amount of space(air) between each of the turds. R-15 is pretty slow for the 55gr bullet, as a result you need to use a lot of it. Slow for cartridge powders often times need to be compressed. When loading compressed loads it's best to use a long drop tube. This will allow the powder to settle enough so you can compress the hell out of it with the bullet.

Third, Check and double check your scale.
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chris in va
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I got some Reloder 15 recently just because it was cheaper than 4064 that I usually buy. With the surplus 62gr bullets and 24gr of the RX15, I can hear a definite 'crunch' as it seats to 2.23oal. It shoots great and cycles my M&P fine, spitting them out about 6' away at 3 o'clock.

24gr puts the powder slightly below the neck, right in the shoulder.

Not a barn burner load, just plinkers for the range. I don't have a chrony yet but according to a couple powder sites it should put it about 2700fps with my 62gr bullets.
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Old August 23, 2011, 01:41 AM   #7
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If you have the twist rate for them,re-15 shines real bright with 77 gr MKs at around 24 gr.I get amazingly consistent velocities.It might be there are better powders for 55 gr bullets.I don't use them,but H-335 might work pretty well.
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Old August 23, 2011, 10:28 AM   #8
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I'm thinking I will shoot a few, but it looks like Varget would be a better hit for me with these lighter 55gn's. I'm only going to shoot them as a plinker nothing serious. This powder will be better suited for when I start shooting I HI-Power it looks like.
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That's odd, when I weigh LC brass against commercial brass the commercial brass is heavier, not the LC.

Everyone likes to repeat that rumor because it is true if you are talking about 7.62 Nato vs 308 Win.

I load 223 & 5.56 brass the same. Weigh some for yourself and see.
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