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Old August 4, 2011, 11:56 AM   #1
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Am I just backwards?

It seems like I'm the complete opposite of what other shooters and the manufacturers desire when it comes to finishes on handguns. I really like revolvers to be blued/black and semis to be steel/chrome/nickel. However, it seems that almost all of the currently manufactured handguns are just the opposite.

Not only are a large number of the semi-autos made of ugly (IMO) black polymers, but even a lot of the metal ones are black/blued. On the reverse side, unless you want a Taurus, nearly all of the current manufactured revolvers only come in stainless finish. I guess that's why I only own older used revolvers so far. There is also the S&W classics line, but those cost even more new than many of the stainless options and quite a bit more than a good used one of the same model.

As another example, I recently found out about the EAA Witness from (HUGE thanks to jersey_emt for this site)
and instantly liked how it looked and want to check one out. I am especially interested in the 45acp/22lr combo, but when I went to the EAA website, it seems that the centerfire/22lr combos only come in blued. It seems the same for all of the 1911 conversions I've looked up recently, except for maybe the Kimber.

Does anybody else feel this way or noticed this: that the trend of manufacturers is for stainless revolvers and blued/black semi-autos? Maybe I'm the only one who minds this.
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Old August 4, 2011, 12:40 PM   #2
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I suppose it is simply a result of the manufacturers giving the market what it demands. I guess in some way there are certain styles that are popular at any given time and that will probably evolve. I think the semi-autos are impacted by the interest in tactical style firearms and most folks feel that means black.
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Old August 4, 2011, 01:33 PM   #3
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Does anybody else feel this way or noticed this: that the trend of manufacturers is for stainless revolvers and blued/black semi-autos? Maybe I'm the only one who minds this.
Backwards is a bit of a stretch. I would say you have unique tastes compared to today's masses, which is nothing to be ashamed of.

The way things were made before, the way they looked, felt, worked etc is something that most of us prefer, enjoy, collect etc. There is nothing to be ashamed of for liking something that used to be.

I didn't know that Taurus was one of the last DA revolver makers to make blued guns, but thats still not enough for me to buy a Taurus
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Old August 4, 2011, 02:10 PM   #4
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Oh, I'm not ashamed of my preferences, I was more curious to see if anybody else felt the way I did, since the manufacturers obviously feel the majority of people are the opposite. I guess I'm also just a little bummed out that there aren't more options coming out that are the styles i like, which means a lot more work for me searching for those models/styles that I want.

Yeah, Taurus has a pretty good selection of blued revolvers, but I haven't taken the plunge yet to buy any, just too scared I'll get one of the bad ones. So far, I've looked mostly at used ones from other brands and two of my three revolvers are older S&Ws. I might try out a Taurus 94 4" blued soon if I can't find another 22lr I like in my price range though.
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Old August 4, 2011, 02:19 PM   #5
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For me, I prefer a good deep bluing to look at. Other than that, make mine durable and wear resistant. I think bluing is going away because it is an easy finish to wear off. It could be a cost thing as well. Bluing is probably going away because of the expense. Many rifles that are black aren't actually blued anymore, but are sprayed with a bake-on finish.
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Old August 4, 2011, 03:03 PM   #6
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I was carrying blued revolvers when the first stainless models starting hitting the streets. Suddenly we didn't have to worry about the darn things rusting in our holsters after a sudden downpour. It was quite a revolution in the firearms industry and everybody who wore guns for a living wanted a stainless steel revolver. I bought a 4" Model 66 as soon as I was able.

There are plenty of blued revolvers out there, you've just got to keep your money in your pocket and your eyes open. I've got two stainless revolvers in my locker and three blued models. I can't tell the difference in the way they shoot, but I do worry about the blued ones rusting in hot, humid Louisiana.
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Old August 4, 2011, 03:22 PM   #7
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I also think blues all steel guns look the best.Stainless guns became very popular with Police Depts. because they lasted longer and were less prone to rust.Then polymer guns became popular with Police Depts. because of the weight factor.In my old age I no longer worry about how pretty my guns are,just how well they perform.
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Old August 4, 2011, 04:42 PM   #8
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What I can't understand is the two-tone finish. I guess there is a demand. It's just not for me. Pick a finish/color and stick with it gunmakers please. I've seen a lot of beautiful guns in stainless and blued. Those seem more flashy. Kinda like jewelry. To me black and parkerized are tools to get the job done.

Although I was thinking of getting a "pimped out" tiger striped revolver from Charter Arms.

"Only a New Orleans pimp would carry a pearl handled revolver"- Patton
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Old August 4, 2011, 04:50 PM   #9
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Like everything else, it comes down to a matter of personal preference. Some finishes may be more practical than others depending upon how one plans to utilize the particular gun.

My EDC gun happens to be a stainless semi-auto as are the guns that I would consider "dress guns." They go well with smart business casual or even a suit. Similiar guns that get a lot of range use I prefer to be blued. Guns that will be in harsh environments and will get used and exposed to elements which would not be stainless friendly, are the polymer type.
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