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Reloading manual recommendations for handguns, ruger only, & cast

Ok I am new to reloading and only have 2 manual, Lyman's 49th and the abc's of reloading. I have read both cover to cover 2x and am now looking to get another one. Wanted to see if I can get some recommendations.

I shoot and have dies for 9mm, 38sp, 357mag, 45 colt, and 45acp. I have a few different handguns but do the majority of my shooting in my ruger Blackhawks. I will shoot all calibers listed through the Blackhawks.

I will shoot mainly cast bullets.

I currently have bullseye, unique, and 2400 powders.

I wanting to get a book or two that has some good info on handgun reloading. ESPECIALLY CAST LEAD Also looking for info on stout (ruger only) loads for my 45colt. Also would like some hotter loads for 45acp if it is suitable for my blackhawk.

Manuals utilizing the above powders would be a plus also.

So any recommendations
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Richard Lee's 2nd Edition of Modern reloading. Hornady's latest (8th?). Bullet mfr's books seem pretty much alike after awhile but I like them all, just like Hornady best these days They build a pretty awesome pistol bullet, IMHO. I like Lee's book because he looks at things differently than most loading book authors. I don't agree with him 100% but I value his viewpoint even if he is a shameless self-promoter. His instructional section was a real eye-opener for this veteran reloader.
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i modified the original post to include cast bullets. I should have stated originally that I would like a manual that includes a lot of info on cast bullets. Most of the books in my local stores are from bullet manufacturers.
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Lee's 2nd edition deserves the criticism it deserves, he his a shameless self-promoter, but he's done some good work with cast bullets and the chapters he includes on alloys and hardness vs pressure are a must-read. He and Hodgdon did some work with bullet strength and they've included tables on cast bullets for just about every caliber that you might want to use a cast bullet.

"Ruger only" loads generally only apply to .45-70 and .45 Colt. Overloads are overloads regardless of the platform.

The Lyman Cast Bullet handbook is the one book you need if your intent is solely cast bullet shooting. There are cast bullet loads in nearly every caliber imaginable, along with good chapters on things common and esoteric as regards cast bullet shooting. If I'm looking for a cast bullet load my first stop is the Lyman Handbook.
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Old June 28, 2011, 02:33 PM   #5
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In addition to PawPaw's recommendation of the Lyman Cast Bullet manual, I'd also recommend the regular Lyman manual--it has quite a bit of cast bullet data in it, and it also has a section on Ruger-only .45 Colt loads if I remember right.
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Cast boolit info

might try this site and might find what your looking for here. There is a ton of info there .
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I fail to see why Richard Lee should be criticized for being a "shameless" self promoter, when he is providing load data his team did the research on, for which he is taking the responsibility. I have absolutely NO problem with his promoting his products. In fact, I would be surprised if he DIDN'T.
Look at the other manuals... most of them list loads for "their" bullets. Lyman lists loads mostly for "their" mold numbers. Accurate Arms manual lists loads mostly for their powders, with a few exceptions. It's the way it works. Shameless is correct, there is no shame in promoting his company... it's his manual.

edit: After reading my post, it comes across perhaps a little harsh... which it most certainly was NOT intended to be. It was more "thinking out loud" on my part, so please don't take offense. I used to wonder why Hornady would list loads for "their" bullets primarily, and Accurate would do the same for "their" powders... then I stopped and thought, well, heck, it IS their manual.. they SHOULD be promoting their product first.. Now I just have about 7 or 8 different manuals, the oldest being a Speer manual from about 1970 or so.

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