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I do not want to see anyone get hurt - not an inncent victim getting mobbed, or anyone, but I do think that the flash mobbing would stop if the next group of thugs to try it take a few bullets in the attempt.

Is there really a rising tide of violence in Chicago?

I know we had the flash mobbing incidents, but, it just doesn't feel like there is a crime wave of epidemic proportions or anything - maybe its that the media isn't reporting it - I don't know.
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posted Today, 05:42 AM #5 by


Interesting information:

1960s-1970s In Oakland, Huey Newton and Bobby Seale form the Black Panther Party for Self-Defense. Among other things, the Panthers advocate the use of guns as a means of protection against police brutality. In May 1967, 30 party members stage an armed protest in the California state Capitol against a restrictive gun control bill, carrying loaded shotguns and rifles into the Capitol building.

The gun control bill is eventually signed into law. In his article titled Don't Blame Liberals for Gun Control, Richard Poe writes

It was Governor Ronald Reagan of California who signed the Mulford Act in 1967, "prohibiting the carrying of firearms on one's person or in a vehicle, in any public place or on any public street." The law was aimed at stopping the Black Panthers, but affected all gun owners.
So stop blaming the liberals.

When the number of people in institutions reaches 51%, we change sides.
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I also don't like the term "Top Cop"

The police officers who patrol the streets, carry out investigations, respond to calls, and do their duty day in and day out should not be put in the category as a political hack like McArthur.

McArthur is a shameless self-promoter cow-towing to Emanual. If ever his tenure in Chicago comes to an end - I'm sure he'll find some other anti-gun mayor to whore himself out to. Just like that hack Joseph McNamara.

McNamara is still feeding at the anti-gunner trough, always ready to give a sound-bite for Sarah Brady. Spent most of last year promoting the legalization of marijuana.

As long as there are mayors like Emanual and Bloomberg, there will be cities for guys like McArthur to rotate around to.
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Is there really a rising tide of violence in Chicago?

Yes there is, and the PTB are sweeping it under the rug with a vengeance. Mac is worse than JFLED and the Cops hated JFLED. Google the video where he says the NRA doesn't like him. but do it on empty stomach.
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Old June 27, 2011, 03:41 PM   #30
Bartholomew Roberts
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Talk about a racist argument! Isn't the chief essentially saying that if you give black people access to firearms they can't help but shoot each other? The basic facts necessary to make his conspiracy theory believable are more abusrdly racist than the actual conspiracy he proposes.

And of course, the villain in this conspiracy is an organization formed by veterans of the war that ended slavery, Union officers in the post-Civil War era. A villain whose most well-known President marched alongside Dr. Martin Luther King in the civil rights struggle.

What can you say, crazy talk is crazy - chief of police or not.
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Old June 27, 2011, 09:39 PM   #31
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Is there really a rising tide of violence in Chicago?

It is getting worse and more "well off" people than in the last 30 or 40 years are within easy range of the criminals thanks to the gentrification of what had been crack dens. It was Amazing through the early to the late 90's to watch what had once been "fat larry's crack house" become a 1.2 Million dollar 4 flat.

Edit: Expanding on what I said above, this may be a case of selective memory but in my younger years I do not remember there being as much crime in the North and North West Suburbs back in the 80's and 90's. What I am about to expand upon are my own personal observations and are likely to NOT be noticed by Media not from the N/NW Suburbs of Chicago.

The area where I live was nice when I was growing up in the 80's and 90's, but now it is going down hill. Last year there was a drug related homicide and another attempted murder not a mile from where I live, as well as three separate gang related shootings not a mile in the other direction. Recently (I know this is not gun related but hear me out) 4 little gangbangers crashed a stolen car killing three of them only 3 or 4 miles away. The "gang" and "gun" problem is not only increasing in the city itself but is spreading to the suburbs. Last month in Northbrook you had an armed takeover style robbery of a Jewelry store and just this morning two masked gunmen tried to rob a store in Vernon Hills. Those two suburbs I mentioned above are just about as safe as they come in the Chicago area. These incidents may be few when looked at with the scope of Chicago's problem, but they were simply non-existent 15-20 years ago.

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Frustrated people do stupid things, such as knee-jerk reactions to problems. Moving towards new gun control laws is easier than fixing the root cause of the violence problem (education, jobs, drugs, etc.).

Even though I typically vote democrat, I don't automatically support any straight ticket. Only a fool gives a political party or politician a blank check.
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