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New hobby?

I am looking for a new hobby and I stumbled upon SASS but I have a few questions before I blow 600-1200 bucks on it haha.

The shooting style I am interested in is Gunfighter (two guns at the same time), I have my eyes on a set of Ruger Vaquero's they are about 1200. But I am not sure why they are so expensive, at the same gun store I could buy two Ruger Vaquero's (not a set) for about 1000, yeah it saves 200 bucks but thats 200 I could use of ammo. Whats with the price difference?

also what is a good way to 'get into' or start out for gun fighter? My father has a ruger black hawk and I normally shoot it one handed (cocking with my thumb) and I can use either my left or right hand and still hit what I am aiming at (more so with my right over my left). I have never shot two guns at the same time, and I have zero access to a second gun to try out before I go and buy two.

Also I am not really interested in competitions this would be more or less just for myself and a few friends to go to the range and shoot up some tin cans for the hell of it.

and lastly I cannot decide between .357 or the .45 LC, I've shot many .357 and .38s but the only 45 I've ever shot was out of a glock (45 acp) I know .357 ammo is way cheaper than 45 but any reason to go for the 45 over the 357?

Thank you for all your help.

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How about buying 2 used ones for about $350-400 each?

In regard to 357 vs 45 it really depends on whether or not you reload. Actually I can't imagine how anyone can shoot factory anymore.

Here's what I recommend. Buy a Lee Hand Press and reload. 45 colt is super easy to reload and a basic setup isn't gonna cost much.
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Full power .357 isn't allowed in SASS, neither are jacketed bullets. You can use the .357's but have to load them down or use .38's. You also need a lever action rifle and a SXS shotgun or an 1887 lever action or an 1897 pump. If you go with the lever or pump shotgun you can only load two rounds. You also have to dress somewhat accordingly.
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They allow 38 loaded 357's in SASS? I didn't know that.
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In .45, the gun itself will be lighter, which will affect balance and may feel better in the hand than a .357. A lot of folks consider the .45 to be more authentic, but .38 spls are so, so close to the .38 Long Colt as to make it a moot point - the .38 spl is only .013"(?) longer than the .38 Long Colt. What grinds my gears are the folks who shoot the .45 Colt for "authenticity", then use a 160 grain bullet or 143 grain round ball and just enough heathen smokeless powder to poot it out the barrel. If you're going to shoot .45's, stuff that case full of black powder, and seat a 250 or 230 grain lead bullet on top!

The Vaqueros you are looking at may have some aftermarket parts in them or been tuned for CAS, or engraved, or whatever, hence the extra $$$ over buying new.

Gunfighter is hard to get the hang of; when I started that shooting style a few years ago, I would sit in my living room and dry fire at pictures on the wall whilst watching the tube. In competition, you also have to keep track of which gun to start with for a particular scenario, as it might be advantageous to change leads in some situations, and if the pistol strings are split, you may have to shoot double duelist style or stage your guns after five shots and remember which one to start with for the second string so you don't get a "click" out of one on your fifth target. You're not interested in competitions, but Gunfighter is difficult enough that some clubs won't allow a shooter to shoot Gunfighter class until they've shot duelist/double duelist style for a specified time first.

If you are going to shoot a CAS style event, either structured or informally, two revolvers are only half the equation; you would also need a lever action or Lightning style pump rifle in a revolver caliber and a SxS, 1897, 1887, or exposed hammer single shot shotgun.
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not to insult you, please don't take it that way-as it's not meant that way.
But, I've read over and over that you need to attend several SASS meets to get the hang of what you want to do.
The guys are very friendly-never seen them not be, most will answer questions and they know what they are doing and welcome newcomers.
All your question will probably be answered the first time out.

If you've already done that, please pardon the interruption, if not though-it's a great place to get good advice.
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Doc Hoy
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Josey + 1

The plus one is to hang around here for a while before buying anything.

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Some CAS participants spend some big bucks for authentic look; a match at our local range had one gent with a pair of real Peacemakers and an antique lever gun and double. He competes in several matches a year and is always hunting for parts to keep his antiques shooting. I told him I'd retire them and get clones, for what he pays for parts, he could buy new, but to each his own. He also has some real peroid atire down to boots handed down from his grandfather.
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