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Mad Martigan
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Go-No Go for brass

How do you guys tell if a piece of brass is too mangled to use? Specifically I'm talking about my .45ACP cases. It seems they get dinged up more than my 9mm. I'm sure the dies could straighten the vast majority of them right out, but IDK how much extra fatigue that adds to the brass in some of the more extreme instances. This just for ammo that will function correctly in teh gun, not uber target match ammo.
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I have loaded some that have been beat up apperance wise pretty good and after loading them 6 more times have had zero problems. It's kind of a judgment call on youir behalf as to load or not. I assume most issues you see are case mouths?. Full length size and case mouth them and see what they look like after that.
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+1 ^^
Run it through your dies. If your not comfortable with the appearance after that, then go ahead and toss it in the recycle can. 99% of my .45 acp cases are range pickups. Some people's guns are not nice to brass, but most of it is reusable without issues.
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There isn't a lot of stress on .45 ACP brass anywhere except back near the head. So if you're just talking about case mouth dings (the most common ones) don't worry about them until you see an actual crack or split. At that point you toss them, of course. If the head is bent, then it goes in the scrap brass bucket.

For general practice I've picked up and used .45 brass that had been stepped on and left to turn deep brown for a season or two in the mud. Just stick a Philips head screwdriver in and roll the inside open to approximate shape. Gouge out all the dirt and mud and insect nests. Flush and dry if needed. The mouth might come out a little uneven, but hey, this isn't for my match loads. Load and shoot.
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Case gage, it is a go/no go.
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Smokey Joe
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Go-No-Go for .45 ACP...

Clean, resize. Check for split neck and other obvious damage. Prime. Loose primer pocket is also a no-go. Otherwise than that, load 'em and shoot 'em until either they die or get lost in the grass.

.45 ACP is easy to reload, is a relatively low-pressure round (less stress on the brass) and since it is short and with a wide mouth, very easy to check for damage inside.
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"When in doubt throw it out"

This method always works.
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.45 ACP is pretty forgiving. If it goes through sizing and is still ok then prime, charge, seat a bullet, taper crimp, and shoot. Pick up the brass you can find, then repeat. You will loose most brass before they split at the case mouth.
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