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Acctually, Krav Maga has a VERY GOOD system of groundfighting to deal with groundwork, however it does not work to well playfighting on the ground. The system emphezices simple techniques of attacking and getting up as soon as possible, not locking and wrestling. It also includes biting, fingers to the eyes etc. These are things that will stop a groundfighter from "wanting" to make groundfighting.

This I am telling you from a background as KM instructor and Shootfighting instructor for many years. There is a big difference from sport combat and real combat.

KM is not suited for UFC because of this. It is in our nature to deal with an attack in any way possible. No rules. And in even the first UFC before all the rules, there where some important rules: No attacking eyes or groin, no biting, etc.. All things which are very important tools in fighting.

The KM system is with out any doubt one of the most complete system when it comes to dealing with all aspects of fighting. We include weapons training. If suddenly attacked on the street you might not have the time to draw the weapon (yes I am a firearms instructor and love my gun) at time you are attaced, but with a good base in KM or any other realistic system the unarmed defenses might give you the time to introduce the firearm into the fight. This is training usually done in a bit higher level training in KM, but it IS IN THE SYSTEM.

To say that KM only works against untrained and simple attackers is just showing a very limited knowledge of what KM is. It is true that in the basic levels there are techniques against basic attacks and threats. However these are still, luckily, the most common attacks on the streets around the world, and the student has to start somewhere.

In higher levels you are taught knifefighting which is very effective.

Rune Lind
KM Norway
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My dissatisfaction with martial arts in general stems from a lack of effectiveness against multiple atackers/ more body wheight, lack of good defense against a knife, and a general cocky attidude people seem to get when they learn one of these arts.

I never leave the house with out a sharp knife or a gun or both.

Enjoy "Krav Mega"
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Dirty Little Secret

Hey, Witzig

A large part of the Isreali Army is now made up of former Russian Soldiers including Spetznatz people.

Also all the Russians I have trained with no matter what they're MA or Sports Background is, are Brutal when they train. This is because in Russia they start young, and thier training is not watered down at all for fear of someone getting hurt like here in the U.S. They train for war. You should check out thier Judo guys to. They are awesome.
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Well done IKMF

I'm glad you put it in terms that are easy to understand. You said what I was trying to say, but couldn't express myself well about KM ground techniques.

Thank you.
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krav maga

I have been training Krav Maga for couple of years and found some messages in this thread to be quite interesting. Most of the questions asked about Krav Maga got already answered here (and if some didn't, ask Rune Lind, he always seems to find good and accurate answers to questions concerning KM).

One of the things that got my attention was IZZY's post saying: 'Krav Mega...and just about any martial art would not stand a chance against a guy with a nice razor sharp 5 inch Finnish blade in the hands of some one who knows how to use it'

What I believe is that training ie. Krav Maga, gives you a great advantage in bare hands vs. knife -fight when compared to a person who hasn't had any training, so why not to do it? And as IZZY said 'in the hands of some one who knows how to use it', thats one of the reasons why we train to use those things in Krav Maga.

- Jussi, a finnish Krav Maga trainee, who sees finnish blades daily
- Jussi
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