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Old April 6, 2011, 11:15 PM   #1
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Beretta 92A1 review and range report

First off, the 92 was a handgun I rented long ago and although it was used, abused, dirty and rattled like a box of parts, it shot great. Then I got into 1911s and they have been my #1 ever since. The 92 was always in the back of my mind though and finally decided to purchase one after handling the 92A1.

When I first wrapped my hand around the grip, it just felt right like it did so long ago. I brought it up to eye level as if I was firing it and the sights where dead on exactly like the way 1911s sights align for me. I can close my eyes, bring the gun up and when I open my eyes up again, all 3 dots are in a perfect row.

I've had and still have a Ruger P89 which mimicks the controls of the Beretta so I was instantly familiar with them, although the Beretta's was much easier to operate. IMO, this gun can be carried hammer down on a chambered round with the safety off. Some may spew milk out of their nose when reading that, while others may think its fine. Either way, its up to the user.

For the 92A1 to come with 3 17rd magazines is a huge plus. Being a fan of the 1911, I'm used to getting 1 or 2 mags tops. IMO, 2-3 mags should be the minimum that comes with any gun out there.
Now although I have been and always will be a 1911 fan, I have to say the 92 is one sweet pistol. It goes against every way the 1911 is configured but still shoots, points and feels just right. If I was all about double/single action guns, I know the Beretta would be in first place.

Some pictures before the range:


The 3 shiny 17rd mags that come with the 92A1. The middle one is fresh from the range, the outer 2 have been wiped down.

Inside slide

Inside frame

Recoil Buffer is present even on the 9mm

The range went well as expected. I shot 200rds of Federal 115gr. (maroon box) and 25rds of PDX-1 124gr. +P. Reliability was 100%. Accuracy at 15 yards was about 2.5 inches which I take responsibility for.

I'm a 1911 fan so a consistent, short travel, single action trigger pull is what I'm accustomed to, however the 92A1 was the best double/single action gun I've shot to date. There is also the Federal ammo which is good plinking/range ammo but the accuracy is less than ideal. It is however cheap and plentiful. I am going to try out the "D" spring recommended by Shipwreck which will bring the double action pull down to 8lbs and the single action pull down to 4.5lbs.

Mags inserted very smoothly and ejected just as easy. I couldn't feel the gun slowing down even thought the Federal ammo was quite dirty. I didn't feel like I was holding a brick like some other double stack guns out there.

I cleaned it right after the range which was an absolute breeze. Having the barrel chrome lined is a real plus in my book and wish more manufactures would do the same. I would suggest the 92A1 to anyone looking for a home defense pistol, duty gun or OWB carry piece.
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Old April 7, 2011, 12:05 AM   #2
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Would you have picked this over one of the 90-Two's? I've been eyeing a Beretta for awhile, and am torn between a 90-Two in .40 or a 96A1.
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Old April 7, 2011, 12:19 AM   #3
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I'm willing to bet the 90-Two is a fine handgun. The 92A1 however combines the best of the 90-Two and the 92FS all in one. I like the more tradition lines but with a rail, recoil/frame buffer and 17rd mags. The 92/96A1 come with a dovetail front sight like the 90-Two which is a huge plus if you wish to change it out. I don't think you could wrong with either one though.

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Old April 7, 2011, 10:19 AM   #4
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Awesome gun. Congrats!
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Old April 7, 2011, 11:35 AM   #5
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I recently got into the Beretta 92 game (92FS). I was an old 1911a1 hold out. I was in the guard running the states marksmanship & firearm training section when the Berettas came out. I refused to accept them, kept and carried my 1911a1 (I was in the position where no one would question me).

Anyway 20 years later I was offered a position where I would need to carry a M-9 (COPD eliminated that).

Anyway I got a 92FS to practice. I'm was highly impressed. The puppy is going to be my Steel Match gun, I have several 18 round clips (thats what I put in my M16 Mags in Vietnam). With 18 rounds you don't waste much time changing mags.

Now the question, whats the difference between a 92FS and the 92a1, or 90-Two?
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Old April 7, 2011, 12:09 PM   #6
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Thanks for the write up. Sounds like the A1 is everything I hoped (and expected) it would be. I have a 92FS right now and was trying to decide what to get next when the A1's showed up. Looks like another Beretta will be next on the list. I'm just debating between another 9mm or maybe the 96A1 would be a good choice to finally fit a .40 in the drawer. Know what I hate about many other manufacturers? Buy a brand new gun, bring it home, and there's only 1 magazine in the box. Cheeeeeeeeap!!! There should be 2 and 3 is a definite bonus!
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Old April 7, 2011, 12:43 PM   #7
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Congratulations on a truely awesome gun!
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Old April 7, 2011, 01:48 PM   #8
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Beretta makes fine handguns, It's the gun I will be buying on my 21st birthday.
I liked the gun ever sence I saw Die Hard and got to shoot it at the range.

I have small hands, wasn't much of a problem.
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Old April 7, 2011, 04:16 PM   #9
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Now the question, whats the difference between a 92FS and the 92a1, or 90-Two?
92FS (no rail - traditional design):

M9A1 (actually a 92FS slide put on a M9A1 frame - so the gun has 2 different markings... Basically, a railed 92FS):

90-Two (Railed frame, with a redesigned look and trigger guard, recoil buffer inside, 1 piece guiderod, and dovetailed front sight. Unfortunately, it has a slide on, 1 piece polymer grip that is somewhat slippery):

New 92A1 (all the new features of the 90-Two, but thankfully with a traditional Beretta 92 grip - so any 92 aftermarket grips will work):

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Old January 17, 2013, 06:42 PM   #10
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I had to revive this thread as I'm going to pick up my new 92A1 tonight
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Old January 17, 2013, 07:16 PM   #11
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I bought my dad a 96A1 recently, which is cosmetically identical. The 92 platform is very sweet, that's why it's my favorite. The quality is palpable. As soon as money affords, I'll proudly add one to my collection. I've purchased a small stock of standard-capacity magazines so that a Congressional restriction won't stop me from acquiring such a great pistol.
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