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NY State Magazine Limit

I know there is a 10 round mag limit in NY unless the mag was made before 1994. However, if I have a 30 rnd mag made after 94 in NY how could they prove it wasn't made before the ban? So essentially what I am asking is how do they enforce the limit and how can they even tell when your magazines were manufactured?
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Overtly, short of seeing a "Made in the USA in 1993", it may not be so obvious. Manufacturers often put date codes or lot number codes so they can track quality problems. We build and sell a significant amount of gear. Virtually all of it has at least a lot code on it which allows the manufacturer to determine if a particular machine, process or materials batch has a problem. I would expect with a subpoena that a prosecutor could get the manufacturer to disclose this information. That lot code is trackable to a particular batch, which implies a time. Could also have a model revision number on there, which would provide some general time frame.

So, maybe they can, maybe the can't. The real issue is are you willing to take the chance?

Good luck in whatever you choose.
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The more important question is, since you seem (by your profile) to live in NJ, why are you even worried about magazine capacity in NY since you can't take your gun(s) into NY?
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The 1994 Federal law (AWB) included a requirement for all "oversize" mags made after the ban to be marked with the year of manufacture.

So, basically, any unmarked magazine had to be considered as "pre-ban", without clear evidence otherwise (such as a model not made before 94), there was no way to prove its age.

The NY law bascally mirrored the Fed law, without the sunset provision. You'd have to check the exact wording of the NY law to see if it contains the same dating requirement, I don't personally know.

After the Fed law sunset in 2004, there was no legal mandate for magazines to continue to be marked with the year of manufacture, and some are not, although some makers have continued the marking. SO, you can have a mag from before 1994, unmarked, or after 2004, unmarked, but any mag legal for sale to civilians made between 1994-2004, would be marked. One also finds mags marked "for law enforcement and military only" (or something like that), legally for sale today on the civilian market.

Again, you will have to check the specific wording of the NY law to be certain which requirements are still in place.

Also check to see if there is any provision for allowing banned mags to enter the state. It could be treated as a separate issue.
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That you are asking indicates you do not know and not knowing can land you in jail.

There are more ways to identify a pre vs post 94 mag than you or I can ever be certain of.

Molded date or serial number codes which may be inside the mag.

Minor manuf changes which set a definitive earliest date. (old Glock mags used to swell when full so they would not drop out if released while newer ones have an internal sleeve I believe. Etc etc etc)

A certain manufacturer may not have even made a popular mag before 94.

Don't mess around with NY laws as they would LOVE to make you an example.
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