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Old February 23, 2011, 01:14 PM   #1
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My Dad's Marlin Model 99 M1

Hey folks, newbie here and wanted to ask a few questions, see what kind of info I can get from ya'll.
My Dad recently gave me his Marlin Model 99 M1 that he bought new back in '67 or '68. It's in pretty pristine condition, he always kept his guns in great working condition. The only thing is it hasn't been fired in probably almost 40 years and only been taken out of it's carry bag maybe a dozen times just to look at it over those years.
I would love to clean it and fire it, but a guy at a gun shop I went to, to buy a cleaning kit said I should have a professional look at it, as a firing spring? may be worn out or bad and could mess it up if fired. I'm wondering what ya'll out there think. Having not been fired or abused, etc, how things like that would just go bad, but who knows.
Also I discovered the Numrich website for parts, but alas the part I do need, the "Inner Magazine Tube Assembly" is missing after a Dad's friend screwed up and had it fall out, years ago,which was probably the last time it was fired. Obviously it can be fired a single round at a time, but I'd like to get that replaced. Is there any other places ya'll suggest to get parts for these?
And lastly, it's old enough it doesn't have a serial number, but there is an "LK" on the barrel below and to the right of the imprint of the name and model on the barrel. Anyone know what this means?

I can upload pictures later, it's a great looking rifle I think.


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Old February 24, 2011, 12:44 AM   #2
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more data

hey HORN

Your not getting any bites, likely 'cause your post has some odd, contradicting facts. If in fact you have an M1 rifle, as in Garand, caliber .30 US, in was NOT made by Marlin. Didn't happen.

I am not sure what a Marlin 99 looks like, but a "mag tube spring " sounds like a tubular magazine .22 rifle of some sort, which would be typical for a firm like Marlin.

Some pics and what caliber the rifle is chambered in would be helpful.
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Old February 25, 2011, 12:16 PM   #3
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Hey Bama, not sure what else to call it, as that's what's stamped on the barrel and is the model of the gun. It was designed similar to an M-1 carbine popularly used during WW2 and after, to attract former servicemen. It's a .22lr caliber carbine and the mag tube is a tube under the barrel where you could load up to 8 or 9 rounds. That is missing so now you have to load each round singularly.
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Old February 25, 2011, 12:40 PM   #4
Tom Matiska
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Searched Marlin M99 owners manual and found this 2009 thread

third post indicated Marlin was able to ship him a manual.
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Old February 25, 2011, 12:45 PM   #5
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I would suggest you call Marlin for a parts source. If they are unable to provide an inner magazine assembly, you can buy the parts from Brownells and assemble one, or have a gunsmith do it.
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Old February 25, 2011, 01:51 PM   #6
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I had one of those for many years, but it went home with one of my sons.

The Marlin Model 99 M1 was a tube magazine, semi-auto, .22LR repeater. Think Model 60 with a short barrel, stock, and mag tube. The firing mechanism is pure Model 60. They are good little rifles and mine was very forgiving with ammunition. It shot well with just about everything.

I expect that mine will enter the third generation of service when the grandson gets old enough to follow his father through the woods.

In my experience those mag tubes are pretty generic to the Model 60 family, just needs to be cut to length for the particular rifle. I've replaced mine a couple of times and there isn't much to it.
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Old February 25, 2011, 06:08 PM   #7
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THANKS everyone for the input. I did put in a call to Marlin but didn't want to leave a message, maybe later. There is a place in Cali that I guess is a Marlin dealer that can fix it, and it wasn't too expensive. I don't have much experience with this gun, so I don't want to try doing it myself just yet. If I don't send it them, may just wait until I go back home to Texas and take it to a local gun shop in Austin that has been around for years.

Looking forward to shooting it, it's been too long for this ole gun.
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Old February 25, 2011, 06:28 PM   #8
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I know what it is, and I wouldn't shoot it much- fixed or not. Those are getting some collector value now. I have seen one in a gun show in pristine condition for $399. That's probably 5 or 6 times what he paid for it. They are really sweet. I can't believe Marlin can't replace the 995 with it again. What a marketing hiccup!

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Old February 26, 2011, 02:50 AM   #9
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There ya go, learned something new. I remember a .22 M1 carbine lookalike, but thought it was made my IJ and box mag fed.

Thanks all.
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Old February 26, 2011, 10:06 AM   #10
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I have a coworker who has one. I would have never believed it either, until he brought it up to work one day.
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Old February 26, 2011, 04:52 PM   #11
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a7m, I probably won't shoot it too much, but I would like to pop off a few rounds. I have noticed it's getting somewhat popular and the prices are going up, but I won't ever sell it. It's not a 100 year old rifle, almost 50, but it feels like a family heirloom now, so I will definitely keep it. Here are a few pix I took with my crappy cell phone.
Attached Images
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Old February 27, 2011, 10:36 AM   #12
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Bamaranger, you are remembering the Erma/Iver Johnson 22M1 Carbine. Neat little carbine, with mixed reliability according to various owners - some love them and some don't. I had one that was stolen - it had function problems til I found the easy fix.
Later I got my little Marlin 99M1 - not nearly as much like an M1 Carbine but a fun little 'bunny buster'. Light and handy. Fortunately still has the groove-mounted rearsight, that goes missing on many and CANNOT be found for any price! I like it better than a scope for the 'close encounters' with Brer Rabbit.
The Marlin 989M2 has the Model 70 action with detachable magazine. Still hoping to luck into one someday.
The biggest things to be aware of on Model 60 type actions is:
1) When stripping for cleaning, be very careful to NOT kink the recoil spring when reassembling it. This can result in functioning issues.
2) Check the white nylon buffer inthe rear of the lower action assembly - this can crack after many years, but can be replaced. Also the feed block can sometimes wear out, and is replaceable. Numrich should have these parts, and you'll specify the 'old' model, not the new. There are some differences over the years in production.
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