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deer hunting

Hi everyone. i'm 16 y/o and just getting started in hunting, I own a 35 Remington lever action. I usually load it with 200 grain Hornadys but i know that 357 mag handgun bullets will chamber just fine also. Im wondering if 200 grains is a bit much considering the fact that Florida deer are not very big?. Also I wanted to have some useful advice on where to hit a deer. I still have yet to shoot my first buck and I know some people on here are very experienced and have taken a lot of bucks in their time. Any help or answer would be much appreciated. thank you!
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My compliments and welcome to the forum. If you are talking about the average Whitetail then you should be fine. I have never shot a Key deer but understand that they are really small. I have hunted Alabama and underestimated their size. Shot what you have and pick your spot.

As where to shoot, kind of depends on what they present. On side shot, follow the front leg down to the foot then go back up and pick the spot you think is the armpit. Hold and "squeeze." .....

I like the way you think !!!

Be Safe !!!
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The .35 Remington and the .357 Remington both use the same diameter bullet, but the cartridges are vastly different: The .35 Rem is a bottlenecked rifle cartridge that headspaces on the case shoulder, and the .357 is a straight walled rimmed pistol cartridge that uses the rim of the cartridge for headspacing. These are NOT interchangable. The .357 would rattle around loose in the .35 Rem chamber, as it's rim is smaller than the chamber of the larger cartridge.

Hope that helps.......
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Old January 17, 2011, 02:22 PM   #4
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The 357 Mag WILL NOT work in the 35 Rem. Not even close.

If you are reloading, you can use the 357 bullets but that's it.

I'd go with the 150 grn bullets if'n I was use. Heart Lung area.

The rest of your questions would be answered in a Hunter Safety Course which everyone should take (required in many states).
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Very good questions. Never feel like you should not ask. That's how you learn

The 35 Rem is a fine shell for your southern deer. I would advise to use a big slow bullet. The reason is that the small deer have only so much meat on them, and a faster bullet opens up faster, and will blow a lot more of the small deer up. Makes more blood shot meat.
The best way to hit a deer is through the center of the chest behind the shoulder meat. However in many cases you need to shoot at the animal as the shot is offered. Not all deer will be standing sideways to you.

So.....imagine a large orange as your target. Imagine it's suspended on 2 thin straight sticks. One imaginary stick is going straight up and down; coming out the top of the deer's spins about 4" behind the hump of the back over the shoulders. The other end of that stick is coming down out the bottom of the deer's sternum even with the back sides of the front legs.

Now the other stick is sideways, 40% of the way up the side of the deer's chest from the bottom, and it intersects the 1st stick dead center. Imagine the orange is centered on those two sticks.
If you read this again and imagine that orange suspended on the 2 sticks in your mind, you will start to see it in the "mind's eye".

Aim at the center of the orange!

Never mind the angle of the body. If you shoot a heavy slow bullet that holds together, and you aim at the orange, you will make one shot kills every time. The body can be up hill, down hill, coming, going or sideways. It doesn't matter. You aim at the center of the orange and you’ll have your deer.
Good luck and my God guide you.

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Also I wanted to have some useful advice on where to hit a deer.
I'd suggest taking a hunters ed class. I'm pushing 42 and had to take one about 5 years ago to hunt out of state and even with years of hunting experience I found it very interesting and informative. As a new hunter, I think you'd get a lot out of it.
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Old January 17, 2011, 04:53 PM   #7
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+1 to asking questions

+1 to taking a hunter education course.
TheGolden Rule of Tool Use: "If you don't know what you are doing, DON'T."
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Old January 17, 2011, 05:17 PM   #8
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Hey! thank you guys for all your info. I will no doubt about it take that hunting course. Thanks again.
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Old January 18, 2011, 05:48 AM   #9
the blur
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How do you get a hunting license without taking a class ?
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... and even with years of hunting experience I found it very interesting and informative.
Have set through hunters safety course a total of six different times. My own kids, then nephews. Have learned something every time. Just depends on your thoughts going into the class. I've seen people go into a class thinking they know it all...well, they don't learn anything. Go into it with an open mind and you'll learn.

Its also refreshing to see young people getting into hunting/shooting.

Kudo's to you shooter43 .Thank You for coming here to ask questions.

Also, some states offer a hunter safety home computor class so you can do your studying via your home computor. After you've studied, you go take the test. This may be of interest to you if offered in your state. But its also good to attend the classes in person just to get to know other hunters your age.

Again, we hunters commend you. Have fun!

Ooooh... almost forgot, Welcome to TFL!

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Welcome Shooter43

The .35 Remington is a great cartridge for deer. The very first deer I shot was with a Marlin 336 in .35 Remington and it's accounted for several over the years. I use the 200 grain bullet in mine and I've never had to track a deer that I've shot with that rifle.

I agree with Wyosmith about imagining a spot inside the deer. I've always imagined a grapefruit, but the metaphor holds nonetheless. If you imagine that piece of fruit, hanging low in the chest just behind the shoulder, you'll get into the heart/lung area every time.
Dennis Dezendorf
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Old January 18, 2011, 11:54 AM   #12
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You have already recieved about all the great advice you need to answer your original questions. That one great thing about TFL. As mentioned, your .35 Remington with the 200 gr boolits will be fine. As some say, "Shoot what you got."

There are those that could (and just might) argue regarding an optimum cartridge/gun combination for Florida-size deer, but that is usually just more preference and/or theory, IMO. The best rifle/caliber combination to use is the one you have and that you practice with on a regular basis. You won't regret it and should never have reason to regret it.

Also Pahoo, the OP did not specify Key Deer, so may have merely been referencing the much smaller whitetail common here throughout most of Florida below the panhandle. It is most common for a grown deer here to dress out under 100 lbs, typically more like 80 lbs. They aren't as small as Key Deer, but also not as large as are found most elsewhere in the remaining 47.

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.35 Rem

The .35 Rem is a grand old cartridge and a family favorite, back in the day, in Rem 14 and 141 pumps. Wish I had one of those old rifles.

You have a good whitetail rifle in the Marlin and it will do all you need to kill whitetails in most circumstances where shots are at 150 yds and less. The Marlin lever scopes easy too, if you want to scope it. Consider a better fixed 4x if you do, , a bigger variable is not necessary on the Marlin.

Just starting you need some coaching and info, a course as suggested, is a good start, but a mentor, with character and experience, is ideal. HOpe you can locate same.

Whitetails can be elusive, and I find actually hunting them, patterning them, thinking like a deer (am I beginning to loose it?) a real joy. Beware all the hoopla about scents, special camo, and deer gadgets. Learn basics like food, movement patterns and bedding areas, and how the wind relates to each, and you will start to see deer.

Best wishes and good hunting.
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