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What are our options

My son and I are very regular shooters, at the range almost every weekend and I load my own. So first and foremost, are there any clubs that allow a 12yo to compete? If so, how does this work? I visited the IDPA website but still don't really get it. There are local clubs and then major matches. How does the local club work? Are there matches or is it just a shooting range? There's a "club" just right down the road from us. I'm surprised there isn't a "how to" sticky in this forum like the reloading forum. Would be a good idea for one of you regulars. Thanks in advance.
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The IDPA web site should list clubs and gun ranges in your area that have matches. If there are none listed, start calling your local gun shops/ranges and see if they know of any. The local matches are just that, local. They go by the rules, but you just compete against yourself, not at a state level, until you got to a state match. I've not seen kids that young competing at any of my local matches, but as long as they know the rules, are safe, and have good gun handling skils, I dont know why they couldnt compete.

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I just read through the some of the handbook and see that 12yo is the starting age as long as the local club allows it. 12-20 is up to the club.

I still don't quite understand how the actual competition works. The 12-18yo would be his "group", so would he actually have competition at the local club?
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Old February 2, 2011, 09:26 PM   #4
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Since you have a local club, find out when they shoot IDPA and go watch. Most clubs will welcome someone interested in the sport who just wants to check it out.
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Old February 2, 2011, 09:51 PM   #5
Jim Watson
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Your son will be competing against all other Junior shooters for the category.
He is also competing against EVERYBODY there for Division and Class awards. So there don't have to be any other Juniors there for him to compete.

There are videos all over the www.

IDPA is a time plus competition.
When the buzzer sounds, you draw your gun and shoot the targets as prescribed. Your score is your time from the Go until your last shot, plus half a second for every point you lose on the target by failing to hit the center circle or headbox, plus penalties for not following the course requirements.

Nearly every stage is different. Every match is different. You have to know IDPA rules and procedures and you have to pay attention to the individual stage requirements.

Don't be intimidated by it, your son can explain it to you just like he does the computer. I shot the National Championships on a squad with a club member and his 13 year old daughter. Her opening statement: "I won't be in last place." And she wasn't. When the Safety Officer asked if anybody was willing to go first, she said: "I will."
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Old February 2, 2011, 11:36 PM   #6
Little Johnny
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might check out the local 4-h for regular ole .22 pistol & rifle competitions
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Old February 3, 2011, 09:23 AM   #8
Don P
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I still don't quite understand how the actual competition works. The 12-18yo would be his "group", so would he actually have competition at the local club?
Depends on the local club. I have seen younger shooters at local matches and they do just fine. If there are no other shooter in is age/group he will just compete as the adults do.
He will score as everyone else does, raw time plus any penalties he receives on the stage. Being he is not classified he when scored will be noted as unclassified.
There should be 6 stages set up for the match, each with a different scenario and each will have the possibility of how the targets are engaged: tactical priority, tactical sequence and the possible limit of rounds you can shoot on a given stage. Vickers count or Limited Vickers.
The on-line rule book can explain further and if not just ask away.
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I'm not sure I understand exactly what your asking, are you interested in just IDPA or are you looking for a league/competition that you and your son can shoot? If its just IDPA, it sounds like the previous gentlemen have provided some good information. If its the latter, why start with IDPA? you also have IPSC, PPC and Bullseye. I doubt that you'll have any problem finding a Jr pistol program in your area that will cater to the young shooter, and I would argue that starting a young shooter in bullseye is the best method for creating a well rounded shooter. He'll learn all the fundamentals and precision that are the foundation of a proficient shooter, and he'll likely get high quality coaching from experienced instructors that will help him succeed. If you can shoot bullseye pistol well, you can shoot anything well. I'm not trying to take anything away from the other 3 (I love PPC and like shooting IDPA, never tried IPSC), I just think its much easier to relax the precision and increase the speed, than it is to go the other direction. All 4 definitely take dedication to master. Just my opinion, but it worked well for me.---Mike.
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