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.300 Wby. and 24" Barrel

I am the proud owner of a German made Left Handed Weatherby Mk V in .300 Wby. It is truly a beautiful piece of work. The issue is that the gun sports a 24" Bbl. with a 1in12 twist, which is not ideal for the calibre. I am hoping to find some help from those of you who have worked specificaly with this configuration to give me some insight and starting points with which to work from. It shoots about 3/4" with the Remington 180gr. Core Loct factory ammo, which is fine for me as far as accuracy, but only gives me about 2920fps. I have not gotten much better results so far with H1000 and the interbond bullet. I am hoping to get somewhere around 3100fps. if possible with a 180gr. bullet and am wondering if any of you have had any success with a 200gr. as far as accuracy goes with this twist.
The gun is going to be used for Elk, Moose, and hopefully on a Brown Bear hunt, In addition to Caribou.
I realize that I can just look up loads in one of my books or go to the internet, but most everything listed is for the 26" Bbl.. In addition I do not want to "shoot out the Barrel" looking for a pet load.
I know that there are many of you with a whole lot of experience out there but I am trying here to target(pun intendid) just those who have had experience with this rather unique issue of Barrel Length and twist for this calibre.
I think I would prefer a 200 grainer for the really big stuff but there are some really good 180's out now so that may work just as well for my purposes.
I also am fully aware that what might drive tacks at the speed of light in your gun might not work in mine, I just want to see what has worked for others to give me some idea of what powder and bullet has worked for you.
Again, I really only want to hear from those of you who have dealt with this specific barrel / twist. Nothing personel to anyone else, but I made a similar post a while back and none of the responses were very helpful. It was all- go look in the manual,put a new barrel on it, don't exceed the manual, or loads for a 26" 1 in 10 twist. It appeared that most people did not read past the title of the post.
I can't be the only person in the world who owns a Weatherby in this configuration. I guess the bottem line is that I would like some guidelines on what I can realisticaly expect out of my gun with a 180gr. and if anyone has gotten good performance with a 200gr. bullet
Any help would be much appreciated .

Thank you all in advance for you time and consideration.

Bill "Willy" Henderson
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I have a Hornady loading manual that lists 300 Weatherby with a 24 inch barrel, 1 in 10" twist. Please note this is a very old manual (1968) and the loading data listed may not be valid with todays powder lots.

If you want I can scan the pages and send them as files in a email. Send me a PM
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Although I have never owned a 300 Wby, I have helped a few people work up loads for their rifles. I have never seen any handloaded Weatherby cartridge that could match factory Weatherby ammo.

In discussion of this problem with my gunsmith, he said that underachieving Weatherby handloads was a very common issue. Many of the Weatherby rifles that he had worked on required test firing, and the owners had supplied Weatherby factory ammo. Because of his personal interest, he always chronographer the factory ammo. He said factory ammo was very close but slightly slower than the velocities in Weatherby literature.

He had opportunity to work on one Weatherby rifle, which required a call to the Factory techs. After discussing that problem he broached the handload issue. The tech told him that powers and charge amounts were kept secret. The tech indicated that the powders were "blends" of powders not available to reloaders.

As far a bullet weights, I agree with you on the preference of 200 gr projectiles, but they probably will not fly in the 12 twist. I know a fellow who used the old 180gr CT (Nosler/Winchester all copper) in a 300WinMag on an African hunt, his 4th hunt with the same PH. Because his 375 was lost in transit, he was allowed to shoot an African Buff with the 180CT’s. The PH was so impressed, he allowed him to shoot a second buff with equally dramatic results.

The new CT bullets are for medium game, while the new E-Tip looks like the old CT. You might call Nosler and ask if the new E-Tip are equivalent to the old CT bullet.
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In 24", you'll be hard pressed to get 180s past 2950 with maximum loads. The 12" twist was in the early 300s because it was designed around the 150gr bullet @ 3400+. I would shoot the 165 premium that grouped the best and you might get to 3050fps. My LH 7mmWBY loved Hornadys - when I got mine in 1970, Hornady and Nosler bullets were in factory loads.
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Weatherby says velocity from a 24" barrel is about 90 fps less in a 24" barrel compared to a 26". Don't think 3100 fps with a 180 grain bullet is likely in your rifle? I can get 3000 fps in my 26" without high pressure signs with Hornady 180 gr. flat based bullets. Note that Remington or other cases are heavier walled and less internal capacity than Weatherby factory. You have to reduce charges in RP brass. I've been shooting only Norma MRP powder in mine, Reloder 22 is supposed to be nearly the same if not the same powder. I've read that IMR 7828 gives top velocities. Hope you find someone with the same rifle for the info you want.
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Is the pressure rating of the 300Wthby somewhat more than the 300WinMag, or the same?

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300 Win Mag- SAAMI max pressure is 64,000 psi
300 Weatherby Mag- SAAMI max pressure is 65,000 psi
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OK, We're going to be talking High Pressure Loads here.
But they are Lyman's, not mine.

300 Win Mag- SAAMI max pressure is 64,000 psi
300 Weatherby Mag- SAAMI max pressure is 65,000 psi
That being the case, those having access to Lyman 48th/49th manuals should look at them for the 300WinMag. Lyman lists multiple loads that literally bump right to/exceed 63,000psi.

I find it interesting that Lyman does not list any pressures for their 300 WthBy loads (and their listed velocities are for a 26" barrel). But when I look at their Weatherby 180 Barnes-X loads (using IMR7828 and RX5), both exceed 3,200fps by a wide margin at 26 inches.

When I plug those same Lyman loads into QuickLoad for the 300WthBy 180 Barnes-X(S) and a 24" barrel, I get very high max pressures (76,000psi and 78,000psi) and as you might imagine, very high (unbelievable) velocities.

Does anyone actually have experience (data) with the powders/loads listed in Lyman's?

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I have shot elk with a 270-130 Gr bullet, 308 Norma Mag -165 Gr bullet, and Weatherby 340 -225 Gr bullet. The 300 Weatherby is a fine big game round and loaded with preimum grade 165 Gr bullets for 1-12 twist should make clean kills on the big game you plan to hunt. You could try some 180 Gr bullets but they may not be as accurate as the 165 Gr bullets.
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