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Old November 22, 2010, 03:31 PM   #1
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Mosin 91/30 shooting high

1. Do Finn Mosins shoot high like Russkies do (mine hits about a foot high)?
2. If they don't, is it because the front sight is taller?
3. Is it possible to put the Finn front sight on the Russkie without modification?
4. Where could I get a Finn Mosin front sight?

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Old November 22, 2010, 05:43 PM   #2
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Do Finn Mosins shoot high like Russkies do (mine hits about a foot high)?
Mine does. I think with the Russian ones you can extend the front sight post by putting some plastic tubing on it or something. But the Finn models have a blade instead of just a post, so it's not so easy to fit anything on there to make it taller.

Someone posted recently, might have been on the rifle forum, that he removed the rear sight and ground it down a few thousandths of an inch to make it sit lower and shoot flat.
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Old November 22, 2010, 05:56 PM   #3
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actually just came across this:

That's for the Finn model, but if you go back to the main catalog from there you will find parts for other MNs, they seem to make taller front sights for various mil surp models.
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Old November 22, 2010, 06:45 PM   #4
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Mine shot 8 inches high at 100 yards

I took the rear sight out of the base, and milled .0488 off the bottom. It now shoots the X ring at 100 yards while the sight is set on the 100 meter mark.

For the Mosin 91/30 each movement (or removal) of .0061 moves the impact 1 MOA.

So if it shoots high, take off the bottom of the sight slider so it comes down more on the sight base.

If its shooting low (not many Mosins do) you take .0061 per inch you want it moved.
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Old November 23, 2010, 11:31 AM   #5
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Mine shoots high and right. I think it could shoot around corners. At 100 yards if I aim at the lower left of a 2'x2 target I got one shot on paper out of 15. At 50 yards on the same size target it shot high right when I aimed completely off the target by about a foot low left. I need to laser bore sight it to see what is up with the barrel.
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Old November 23, 2010, 01:04 PM   #6
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Simple answer...

Aim Lower!

A lot of the older Eurpoean military rifles shoot "high" to us. Thats because we expect them to hit the point of aim at 100yds. They didn't.

Turn of the century recruits were taught to aim at the enemy's belt buckle. Not so much in the US, where we had a history of accurate shooting, but overseas, it was different. Aiming at the enemy's belt buckle, with the way they set up their sights, meant a decent torso hit, if the range estimation was a bit off.

I'm more in favor of either aiming low, or replacing the front sight blade. Making permanent modifications to the rear sight base lowers the value to a collector.
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Old January 7, 2011, 11:28 PM   #7
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I have a M44 that shot about 8 inches high at 100 yds. I took a drop of solder and put in on the front sight post, then went to the range and filed it down as I shot it until I had it shooting where I wanted it too. I filed it so that it was round just like the front sight post and then colored it with a black sharpie marker. You can't even tell I did anything to the sight.
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Old January 8, 2011, 11:58 AM   #8
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Some Finns shoot as high and some are very accurate.
Tennessee gunparts (link in previous post) sells the taller front sights for the M39. I have bought one and they work great - in fact I had to file it down a bit to get it to shoot where I wanted it.

On M91/30's I just put a tube over the front sight post. I have used shrink wrap as well as a WD-40 tube for that task. Neither are permanent and both can be cut down to size.

Most of my Finns are perfect as they are in terms of precision and accuracy.

You might be able to find different front sights for Finns other than the M39 but I bet they are pretty pricey. A Finnish M91 sight will fit on a Russian M91 and a Finnish M91/30 will fit on a Russian one also. However, you won't fit a Finnish M27 or M28 on any Russian model, nor would you want to.

Personally, I would just go with tubing over a post 1930 Russian mosin (such as the M91/30 or M44) front sight and use some solder on a M91.
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Old January 8, 2011, 02:16 PM   #9
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Most WWI rifles are zeroed at much longer range than 100yds.

The dirty fix is to file down the rear sight.
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