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7.65mm french long pistol

I need some recommended loads for a 7.65mm french long pistol in perfect shooting condition - any bullet, any powder. I have brass reloadable casings. Thanks and God bless.
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Interesting, I just picked up one of those pistols. I'm in the process of making a custom caliber with .30 Carbine as the base cartridge.

So as not to completely duplicate what I've already typed:

Just to give you some ideas.

As far as 7.65 French:
I once heard something about 3.5gr of Unique to start.
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Man you're taxing my memory as I lost my dies and reloading data in my last move. Yes, I reload (or used to) for .32 French Longue (7.65 French) as I have a S.A.C.M. 1935A Pistol. I use either .30 caliber Luger or Mauser bullets for my reloads. IIRC I think I was using around 2.8 - 3.0 grains of W231/HP-38 for light target loads. There was reloading data with the Redding dies I had. My reloads were accurate and reliable.

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An interesting note:
It appears that the French used the round developed for the pedersen device (areversible semiauto conversion of the Springfield) when they started designing their 7.65 cal pistol and SMG. Pederson ammo is extremely rare and unusual, but it had identical diminsions and loadings.
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Mike Venturino has an article in the September issue of "Guns" magazine on shooting antique/obsolete guns. He mentions buying cases for the 7.65 French Long from Bertram brass and being able to use .32 ACP dies and bullets to reload the cartridge. While he doesn't mention his specific load for it, he does describe how he went about determining what powders might be suitable and how he went about developing loads for his 8mm Nambu. The process he used seems to be a both adequately cautious and logical one with which to approach the French cartridge, too.

Briefly, he examined published data in the Lymn manual for two cartridges bracketing the 8mm Nambu in size and power: the 7.63 Mauser and the 9mm Parabellum. With bullet weights of 85-90 gr. and his chosen powder (Titegroup) both have a recommended starting load of 4.0 gr. He determined that a reduced starting load of 3.0 gr. should be a safe starting point with 100-106 gr. bullets in the Nambu. It proved to be safe, but wouldn't cycle the action reliably. From there, he worked carefully up to the point where he got 100% function (3.5 gr.) and stopped there.

Another source for some data for the 7.65 French Long might be be found in "Cartridges of the World".
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Old July 29, 2010, 11:54 AM   #6
Mike Irwin
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Friend of mine used to load for the .32 Long.

He used a combination of .32 S&W Long and .32 H&R Mag data to get him started.
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That is the general procedure to duplicate 7.65 French, use .32 S&W brass and turn the rim down and cut a new extractor groove. In fact most places that sell 7.65 French do just that.
I just figured that if I was going to put that much work into a case I may as well go a little further and make my own cartridge (just to say I did). Really all I need is a chamber reamer (that I'll use once), .30 Carbine brass, a .3115 reamer, and a lathe tool that I had made for turning down the rim and extractor groove.
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7.65mm MAS (French)

77gr bullet Lyman #311252
3.6gr Unique
MV 1100fps ME 206ft/lbs

86gr 7.63 Mauser bullet
2.3gr Bullseye
1000fps 190ft/lbs

100gr Speer Plinker (.30cal)
3.1gr Unique
1030fps 235ft/lbs

85gr Factory load
1120fps 240ft/lbs

This info from Cartridges of the World 4th Edition.
All else being equal (and it almost never is) bigger bullets tend to work better.
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