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Old September 26, 2010, 05:38 AM   #76
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Zihuatenejo/Ixtapa, Mexico (they are adjacent to each other- one is a beach and the other is rougher waters on that beach). JAN1996 on the zihuatenejo side(by the way, same exact beach from Shawshank Redemption w/morgan freeman and tim robbins which I hadn't seen yet).

my buddy from college and later groomsman at my wedding(my brother was bestman) was born in mexico but adopted. he always had to stay a day or two later when college vacation would start so I used to take him to mass to party. well, he invited me to mexico. Great. australian girl, two new zealand friends(his dad worked for an international wheat company to feed the homeless so my buddy had international friends). well, we're young, and I am drunk, and we are smoking a lot. three guys coming running out of the bushes, woods, whatever you call it onto the beach?! at gunpoint theres a conversation between my buddy and them in spanish(something about you dumb kids dont know how much trouble you'll be in in jail in mexico and so-on). a Really Edgy moment was when the other guy from new zealand went for his lighter to smoke. big mistake! he had a gun right in his face. anyways, long story short I was told to cough up the cash. we all gave money: either the blue paper or the red paper(cant remember which one was worth more). they wanted more but were ok and left not touching smoke, alcohol or nothing. wait a minute, were these guyz crooks or cops?!?! still not sure today but the story at the wedding reception was a good one. I guess they were cops my buddy claims
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"Abraham Lincoln freed all men, but Sam Colt made them all equal." (post Civil War slogan)
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My brother was driving my truck, me, the passenger because I had a broken leg. He gets stopped & gets a DUI. The cop tells me to follow him to the jail to bail him out. Following the cop, I had a flat tire & pulled over to change it. I'm sitting on the ground working on it when the cop pulls up behind my truck. I look up & the cop has his gun pointed at my head. I ask what his problem was. He said," Your brother said you were a bad MF & you would kill my ass." I told him I would have to thank my brother for that. He laughed & told me to meet him at the station.
Jeremiah, that is hilarious(well maybe it wasn't for you)!
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"Abraham Lincoln freed all men, but Sam Colt made them all equal." (post Civil War slogan)
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I was shot in the arm when I was 15. Oakland, Ca. I took off. They (three) took off after me. All of us on bikes. Never seen them before and don't know why one of them shot me. I made it down the street to a dept. store. Ran in and they turned around and disappeared. Called my mom, she called the police and I went to the hospital. 22 bullet.

Just back from Vietnam and I got a construction job. Met another 22 yr old vet and we hooked up. We really thought we were pretty tuff and bullet proof.
He had an El Camino and we were in So. Lake Tahoe one night. In the middle of stealing 12' rolls of carpet from a carpet store we are arrested.
The LEO handcuffs my right hand to my buds right hand.
We are standing in front of the Tahoe officer when my friend halls off and punches the LEO in the nose. He pulls out his service revolver and says, "I'll blow you friggin' head off if you try doin that again".
He does. A California Hiway Patrol officer is now standing behind us.
All hell breaks loose. I got knocked out of commison with a punch to the stomach and while being still handcuffed to my pal, he is getting a real beat down on his head with the Tahoe Officer's pistol.
It is snow on the ground, blood everywhere, I am on my knees as my friend is beat till he passes out.
Now, I look down between my knees and one of the officers revolvers is lying there in the snow. I thought about picking it up with my left hand. To this day, I think it was intentionally dropped. If I had grabbed it, I would have had my back of my head blown off.
We were very very dumb and both of us (I still hang with the guy) have been good boys ever since.
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Old September 26, 2010, 10:05 AM   #79
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I have had a gun pulled on me twice. The first time I was about 12. My mother and us kids were living with my grandmother since my dad was deployed in the Air Force and we did not go with him. My oldest brother (probably 22 at the time) had apparently stolen a keg from a party and returned it for the deposit. The person that actually paid for the keg came to the house and pulled a gun on all of us demanding his money back. From the way his hands were shaking I think he was more scared than the rest of us. He was finally talked into putting the gun down and my sister chewed him out for about 20 minutes. The funny part is he turned out to be my boss when I worked as a correctional officer.

The second time was in Forth Worth. I was around 14. I used to hang out with this guy that looking back on it now was definitely unbalanced. We went to some girls house for reasons I do not remember. What I do remember is there was tension between them and she ended up pulling a gun on us. Another tense situation but she eventually let us leave.

I know neither is really anything close to being a clerk at a convenience store or a bank teller during a robbery, but they were tense situations none the less. The main thing I learned is that you never know when it will happen and unless you start something you are more likely to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.
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I will apologize in advance for the long post but here's my story. There was the time shortly after high school when I was in town on a college break. I visited my cousin at his family's business, just dropped in to say hello as I usually had done. He was showing me around the place and without warning, he grabbed his father's revolver from behind the counter and pointed it at me. It was a nickel plated Smith & Wesson large frame gun. For a few seconds, I froze not knowing what to think. This nut could have killed me right there and called it an accident.

After a second or two, he started laughing and said that he just wanted to show me the gun. If he just wanted to show it to me, he could have done it the regular way and he didn't have to point it at me. The thing is, he wanted to see the expression of fear on my face. You see, this cousin of mine was a sociopath but we grew up together and he was, unfortunately, part of the family and I cared for him. Many thoughts ran through my mind as I decided how to handle this situation. In the end, I basically decided to disconnect from this family member.

The whole incident shook me up and I didn't care for him much at all after that. Fast forward 10 or so years. This guy was usually in trouble for one thing or another ... drug addiction, theft, child support, etc. It got to the point where his parents didn't trust him and they put him out of the family business. He was always threatening people and anecdotally talking about shooting people. Several times he bragged about shooting someone and I didn't know whether he was telling the truth or just trying to build himself up to seem like a bad dude.

Fast forward several more years. I got a call one night that cousin had been arrested for first degree murder. He shot someone and was seen by witnesses. Eventually he was caught and has been serving a life sentence for several years.

He had the nerve to ask family members for money for legal expenses. I wouldn't give a dime to free him but I would pay good money to keep him locked up. His parents soaked money into lawyers but it was a losing battle since so much evidence was stacked against him. He has been writing to members of the family trying to get cigarette money and favors and he wrote to me twice. I have not responded and I don't think I ever will. I think about what he did to me almost 20 years ago and how he was showing his murderous tendencies way back then. It finally caught up with him and now he can spend the rest of his life in prison with some people who are just like him.

It hurts to see how that kid that I grew up with turned out to be such a loser. He had every advantage in life and maybe that's what spoiled him. He always acted as if people owed him something and he had some serious character flaws. Whenever there was peace, he couldn't resist starting trouble, arguments and fights. He was only happy when he made trouble for others and he could never be trusted to do the right thing. When I think about all the sociopaths in the world, it makes me sick and I wish they all could be locked up.
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I was in high school the first time I had a gun pullled on me. I had gotten together with a group of guys from school. Our intentions were to get a couple more friends together and then go have a "talk" with another group of guys. The second group had been giving my girlfriend a hard time on the school bus. So me and her cousins wanted to persuade them to stop.

We walked in to the home of the last guy we wanted to pick up. When I walked through the door I felt a piece of cold hard metal press in to my cheek.

I heard a voice say, "I don't know you or why you're in my house. You've got ten seconds to tell me why I shouldn't blow your face off."

I got weak in the knees. Then I turned my head. What I originally thought was a small aluminum T-ball bat, wasn't. It was a severly chopped down over-under shotgun.

I looked him in the eye and said "A bunch of guys keep putting their hands on your niece. Would you rather me make them stop, or explain to her mom it is your fault they didn't."

He laughed and pulled the trigger. There was a small explosion and I jumped back. He had cut the powder and pellets out of the shells. He thought it was the funniest joke in the world.

He tried that trick again a few months later. That time the other guy had a gun, and used it.
Here's my credo: There are no good guns, There are no bad guns. A gun in the hands of a bad man is a bad thing. Any gun in the hands of a good man is no threat to anyone, except bad people.
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Big Bill
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My wife and I were on a well deserved vacation heading to the Oregon coast to visit my parents and enjoy some precious time together. This was in the mid 80s. We had decided to drive through the central Oregon mountains. There was lots of road construction going on and the traveling was slow and it was hot.

I was driving a gutless Ford Escort; and, we just enjoying the scenery. Then a fast moving pickup truck sped around us with two creeps in the cab. The cab had a sliding window in the back; and, the guy on the passenger side slid the window open and stuck a high power hunting rifle out and pointed it directly at us. I couldn't outrun them and I was afraid that if I stopped, so would they. So, I just stared at them. After what seemed like an eternity, the guy pulled the rifle back in through the window and they sped off. We never got a licence plate number (it was too muddy). And, we didn't have a cell phone to call the police with, back then. It was sure a helpless feeling for both of us. Since then, I've always carried a gun for self protection.
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WOw, wow, and wow. Those last 3 posts are pretty heavy
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Well, never a gun intentionally pulled on me. However, thru years of hunting and shooting, I've had a few scary incidents that were frightening enough.

A gal was being encouraged to shoot a 30-06 and she really didn't want to. Her boyfriend kept encouraging her to raise the rifle and shoot. I was standing behind the firing line to her right when she turned completely around to her right with rifle at waist lever, WITH HER FINGER ON THE TRIGGER, pointing the rifle directly AT ME, and said "no, I can't".

I said nothing, they left, and I continued shooting. Had just returned from Viet Nam and was, apparantly, conditioned so it didnt seem as bad at the time as it does in retrospect.

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Gun once, knife a couple of times

All incidents were in my high school days in NYC (back in the 60s when dinosaurs still walked on 5th avenue).

The two knife incidents were muggings. The more memorable one was when this small punk kid with a kitchen knife is telling me he wants money. I was just about to (stupidly maybe) smack him with my 20 lb. briefcase when who walks up to us but my mother. I should explain that my family has this genetic condition involving bad timing. She starts asking me who my little friend is (while he hides the dang knife under his coat) and does he go to school with me, etc. etc. etc. Anyway, I tell her that he's from school and I'm lending him some money - I give him 5 bucks from my pocket - and he runs away. While my mother is asking me why I gave him money, I was trying to wave a cop over. The cop was drinking a cup of coffee, so he ignored me. The kid got away.

The gun incident was when I had just got my full drivers license. I'm driving down a busy NYC street when this guy just runs in front of me from between two cars. I slam on the brakes and manage to avoid hitting him. He steps back and starts cursing at me, so I flip a bird at him. His response is to reach under his jacket and produce a snubbie that he points at me. I drive up the street desperately trying to put some distance between us (while every NY cabbie in the world seems to want to block the street for no good reason at the moment - probably something to do with the family bad timing condition) with the guy cursing and following me from the sidewalk with the gun pointed at me and people staring at him. I finally make it to the intersection with a major avenue and run the red light to get away from him. My heart was slamming in my chest for about an hour afterward. I've never flipped a bird at anyone in the 40 some years since that incident.
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Years ago and still alive. In the military in '68 at Fort Riley I was held up walking home from my off post night job as a cook trying to make ends with a new baby. I was almost back to the barracks (yes on post!)....
Guess what no gun on me, thanks to the US gov policy, but the bad guys had 2 of them and were on post due to open the gates. Not much choice here, thankfully they got a check they couldn't cash, my drivers license, and maybe 5 dollars in a dime store wallet but didn't care to shoot me.
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