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Old July 17, 2010, 10:29 PM   #1
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Hog Hunting

I want to hunt hogs somewhere within a reasonable distance from Northern Colorado, by that I mean a long days drive, even 1 1/2 days. I know there are good populations of hogs in OK, Texas, and Missouri, mostly found in the southern parts of those states. I don't mind paying a fair price for the privalege but have no desire to have a guide attached at the hip or a big food and lodging package. I just want a place they can point me to a good area, maybe let me park an RV for a few days and hunt hogs. I keep hearing and seeing stuff about wild hogs over running farm land, killing dogs and livestock, even attacking people. So why is it so hard to find someone that will let you come and shoot the darn things? Any ideas?
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Most of the property in those states with hog problems are working ranches. The rancher is not interested in someone shooting a cow by mistake, and the rancher can get sued if the hunter is hurt on the ranch.
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Old July 18, 2010, 08:43 AM   #3
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LockN Load

We have some public land here, Its Type Two Public Hunting Land. Called the Moore Plantation. You can hunt Feral Hog Year Round, with no bag limit.
It only cost 48 dollars a year for a Permit. You will be hunting on your own with no guide.
If you purchase the Type Two hunting permit, you will be provided with a map book that has all of the rules and regulations.
I have killed some big hogs in this forrest myself, there are alot of them.
Contact Texas Parks and Wildlife for more information.
Here is their website.
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You Can Come and Kill as Many as You Want

I live in Bryan, Texas, which is a sister-city to College Station, Texas, the home of my alma mater Texas A&M University. We have about 250 acres, and of that, about 110 acres in hardwoods and dense brush. We kill hogs weekly and cannot kill enough. Here in Texas you can hunt day or night, any firearm, bow, spear, cross-bow, axe, sledge hammer, no limit and still will not have made a dent in their population. Around 1999, they began to really cause damage to our property. We grow, shred and bale our own hay. That grass is the same height even though a bunch of hogs may have rooted out a six by eight, three foot deep hole. When your tractor wheel falls in it while you are shredding, raking or baling hay, first, it torques your axle of the drive train which is powering your shredder, and the PT U-Bolt breaks and if it doesn't, you strip your gears. (we have had both happen) We also use this place for our family hunting. (ducks, deer, squirrel, rabbitts) We also varmit hunt coyotes. And we kill every hog we see and drag the da*n thing off in the gulley for the buzzards. At first we took them with deer rifles and bows. Then we began to "experiment" as my 11 year old son calls it. He began the tradition of taking a high capacity AK-47, SKS or AR platform (he prefers the AK-47) and he has his 30 round magazines clamped together. I drive down in the pasture with the truck light out and he gets out and turns on his tactical flashlight and there's about 40 sets of yellow eyes looking back at him. (deer have green eyes in a spot light and we do not hunt illegally) He takes off running after the hogs after he opens up and keeps firing until the hogs run out or he empties his magazine. This was fun for him until he ran out of ammo in his first magazine and was charged by a 300lb boar. He was running for the truck and trying to pull his second magazine, put in the the magwell and pull the bolt. Then he turned and started firing and the chase went the otherway again. I videotaped it and his mother saw the video, which was not intended for her to EVER see. I was laughing so hard I could hardly keep the camera on him and he was yelling "shoot--shoot--shoot" while he was running. (I had a Mini-14 but was having too much fun) It looked like a Three Stooges episode. Anyway, drop me an e-mail and I can contact you about killing so many hogs you'll be tired of killing hogs.
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Old July 18, 2010, 12:23 PM   #5
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Thanks for the good info and generous offer. It is hot as all get out in Northern Colorado so I can only imagine what its like in your area of Texas during the summer. I will probably wait until early spring next year, although a combiation Hog and Dove hunt in Texas is very tempting for September or early October. I am a mature, responsible, and safety conscious guy who grew up in farm country and while my eyes are old, I can still tell the difference between a hog and a cow. Thanks again and Hammerstrike I will be in touch.
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Old July 19, 2010, 01:52 AM   #6
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Sir, what are the chances of being able to view that video? How would you describe your son's panic level at the time? How did he react after the running gun battle? Breathing? Alertness? Ability to recall minute details?

What caught my eye was when you said, "he was yelling shoot... shoot... shoot!" I won't go into many details, but nigh on 8 to 10 years ago a Deputy Sheriff (Dinkheller) pulled over a deranged Vietnam Veteran who managed to get a M1 Carbine into action against a .40 caliber handgun. The distance wan't so great, but fear and panic overcame the deputy. Both men were able to conduct reloads and things went from bad to worse. On the Deputy's car video, you can surmise that as Deputy's handgun went dry- he was screaming "shoot...shoot...shoot!" just before he was executed. It's a very chilling video, but quite the study of psychological effects of fear, panic, and focus on ones weapon(s) in such a situation.

On another note- I can't imagine how proud you must be of your son for being able to handle that kind of stressor, run, AND manage his reloads and be able to continue the fight. As a former Army NCO and Police Instructor, I hope you can appreciate how hard I tried to instill that kind of action/behavior in grown men. My hat is off to you sir!
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The 'pig bomb' seems to be a world wide epidemic. For whatever reason, we don't seem to have them in my county. But the neighboring county (in Missouri) just to the north is infested as is the neighboring county to the west. The are destructive and dangerous. There is evidence that many of these feral hogs have a strong mix of Russian boar in them. That was caused by some guides importing the Russians and turning them loosed. Bad news all around.
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Old July 23, 2010, 06:40 AM   #8
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im on the same boat as you. i have just resently been discharged for the marine corps (honorably), while in i was stationed in california and got a chance to do some hog hunting. i loved it but im up here in greeley colorado and would love to hunt some hogs again.
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Old July 23, 2010, 10:11 AM   #9
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The pig bomb is a true WMD. Just wait awhile and they will be in CO. They are spreading fast here in the Texas hill country, and are a major problem. In this area they infest another 50 miles north every 5 years. I shoot all of them that I see, and let the buzzards have it. I shot a 350+ pounder last week on my place. They wreck the fences and eat the baby goats, sheep, and deer. Getting so bad around here that I have put up a corn feeder to go off at night and hunt it from a blind. Sometimes one or two males will come in, and sometimes two or three sows with 12-18 piglets will show. I have to stay up till mightnight or 1 am for them to come to the feeder. One shot gets one hog, then they usually dont come back for the night. I cant trap them because I will just catch my goats. All the ranchers around here would just about tar and feather anyone they find seeding a new area with live hogs for hunting. I have a dedicated pig gun, a Remington 760 30-06 carbine with laser and a red varmit light. My feeder has a green led kill light under it. Texas Parks & Wildlife has stated that we will never get the hog explosion under control even with shooting, trapping, and snaring, they are just too prolific. My area is prone to the yearly natural summertime anthrax threat, so they have issued a dont eat warning for any preditor or scavenger, of which the hog is both. That rules out butchering the small pigs. The big adults are just too nasty to bother with cleaning, especially at 1 am in the morning. I wish we could round them all up and drop them on Osama!
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Add me in that same boat too. The ranch next to me is full of hogs and the old rancher is afraid to let anyone hunt on his property due to law suits. Also, a view years back someone (varmint hunting) coyotes shot one of his tractor tires and did not even help him fix it.
Nebraska huntinG
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