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Aiming with Sig contrast sights

Recently got a Sig in a trade and my first time out I was shooting low. I had 3 pistols that I had to shoot to check for function, and it was close to 100 degrees outside at 3 in the afternoon and there were 4 of us shooting, so I didn't get to stay out as long as I would have liked.
I've only shot with 3-dot combat sights before this pistol, so these are a bit different. I was wondering for those with experience, how do you line everything up on the Sig contrast sights?
PS: I looked online for a picture demonstrating the proper way to line them up, but couldn't find anything.
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Uncle Malice
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I'm not sure what you mean by contrasting sights... I assume you mean the rear vertical bar with the front dot?

In that case, line them up just like a lower case "I" or ( i )

You want the dot to be just resting the on the top of the bar.

Sigs always seem to shoot point of aim for me, rather than 6-o-clock like some sights...

I generally prefer the SigLite Night Sights on mine though. The stock sights are very quick to line up horizontally but the vertical alignment takes a little practice. You'll get the hang of it.
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cg, 7/12/10

I have a number of Sigs (239, 228, 220, 245) and just line up the sights like any other pistol. I have occasionally had Sigs shoot low for me but Sig makes it easy to adjust point of impact. Each sight piece has a small number engraved in it, usually either a #6 or #8. If your low hits persist you can simply order a sight with a higher number. With Sigs a higher number sight in either the front or back will raise point of impact (the number is not the height in inches which is how we figure out sight height for non Sig pistols).

Also your point of impact will depend on what bullet weights you use (for example a 9mm 115 grain bullet will impact differently than a 124 grain or 147 grain one). Same for target distance- if the target is too close then the bullet has not had time to rise to the sighted in distance point of impact.

If you let us know the pistol type, ammo caliber and bullet weight, distances you are shooting at and sight numbers we can probably be of more help.

best wishes- oldandslow
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Old July 12, 2010, 06:14 PM   #4
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Aiming with Sig contrast sights
I'm not sure what you mean by contrasting sights...
The SiG bar-dot sights are referred to as "Contrast Sights."
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Old July 12, 2010, 09:22 PM   #5
Misssissippi Dave
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I find the contrast sights very easy to use for a quick center of mass shot. You put the bottom of the circle of the front sight on the top of the bar of the rear sight. When the dot is centered over the bar you should be on target. For a fast center of mass shot at around 10 yard or less you can fire when they seem close to that alignment and hit center of mass. Many shooters will use the dot to cover center of mass trying to make these fast alignments.

You can also just use the sights like any other iron sights for shooting as well. I you have used normal irons sights on a rifle or revolver it is done the same way.

The sights have numbers stamped on them. You should use a tool made for changing Sig Sights if you are replacing them. The way the numbers work is all based on shooting a target at 25 yards. For each number higher then the one you have to start with will raise the point of impact 1" higher. For each number lower it will drop the point of impact 1". The rear sights also have numbers but they make the point of impact change 2" per number. The good thing is you don't have to remember if you need a higher or lower sight to make changes just what number combination will give you the results you want.

When shooting at 12 yards the change is about 1/2" per number for the front sight and 1" for the rear sight.

I hope that helps some.

Some Sig pistols will shoot point of aim with the front blade intersecting the the POI. Others seem to work better with the front dot covering the point of impact. The best thing to do is use a rest or sand bags to see which sight alignment your pistol is set up for.
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Nothing yet on fallow up rebuttals.
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Gotcha, thanks man, that was really helpful.
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