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LEOs and gun laws

I know this is probably the wrong place to ask this, but in general what are LEOs' feelings on CCW and/or open carry (whichever applies (or doesn't) wherever you live)?

Here in Texas (CCW only) all the LEOs I've ever asked have either been neutral on it or for it, but I've also read about LEOs in other states being strenuously against it.

The reason I say this is probably the wrong place to ask is because I doubt many anti-CCW/open carry LEOs would hang around a board like this, but to those LEOs who do post here: do you have any colleagues who are against CCW/open carry? Do you know what their reasoning is?

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The cheif of police in the one of the towns about 35 miles away from me is against the CHL. He doesn't think any regular civilian needs to be walking around with a firearm. They just got him from Chicago not too long ago and he's trying to bring that down here. However ever other officer I've talked to likes seeing that CHL when they pull someone over, makes them feel at ease knowing they're not dealing with a felon/criminal.
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I'm sure you'll find a mixed bag of opinions no matter where you go.

My wife works with a bunch of LEO and I've heard that "It's a bad idea because I'll get it taken away from me and used against me." to "Of course you should have your CCW license and carry all the time." It's really just a personal opinion and everyone has one.
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Brian Pfleuger
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I've never met a LEO in this area that doesn't support CCW, and I've met a lot of them.

I've heard from several that they consider the restrictions placed on the permits to be unconstitutional and would ignore them.

The "regular" people around these parts are almost universally pro-gun/gun-friendly, except Ithaca. That's where all the nut jobs live.
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In my general area the LEO's are pro. The locals often ask me what I'm carrying today. I often carry my Ruger Vaquero in a cowboy holster, never a hassle..

PA has the highest number of licenses issued for carrying. More than any other state. With 637K or 647K active licenses issued between 2005-2009 and only 13 million residents, 1-in-20 persons is carrying concealed. My county has 45K residents and 6.5K licenses issued, putting the ratio down to 1-in-6.9 persons.

In bigger cities LEO's tend to be a little more apprehensive on either/or CC or OC. OC without a license is legal in PA on foot, but a license is required if you're on the streets of a City of the First Class(Philly), or in a vehicle(unless going to/from one of the exempt activities/locations).
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LEO's around my area don't like them at all. Then again, every other day down here some cop or sheriff is getting busted for corruption so I guess that would figure in.

My brother is a collector and his LEO wouldn't sign off on a form so that he could own an Automatic Rifle so he had to do the whole NFA (?) trust thing to bypass him.

I don't see the problem in it myself, the more people carry and the more people realize that more and more people are carrying can only lead to a politer society.
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LEO who is a big supporter of concealed carry.
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In this area, no problem with permit holders that I have ever heard of from the police, deputies, troopers I know. Funny thing is there was a local sheriff who had a big problem with the Feds with guns who also patrolled in what he considered his land.

In previous states I have lived in, it always appeared that an elected Sheriff and deputies were more friendly than an appointed police chief. The appointed one has to pretty much follow what his appointer believes in.
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