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PA and CT gun laws?

After a long period of unemployment, I expect an offer for a position in CT or PA. Can someone please briefly explain the gun laws in these states and/or point me to the rules.

Frankly, at this point all I need is the 10,000 foot, executive summary.

Carry permit?

Permit for long arms?

Recurring update for permit?

You know the usual or the unusual. Thanks.
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Sgt. Mike
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CCW Laws

For a start try this: Michael
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Thanks much. Exactly the info I needed. The power of TFL come through once again!
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Old June 3, 2010, 01:51 PM   #5
Mike Irwin
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Generally Pennsylvania is a lot more gun friendly than Connecticut.

Any idea what cities are in the running in those states?

Good luck.
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You will like PA. Very easy going up there. Wish I could find work there and move back. Grew up just outside of Valley Forge (away from Philly). Guess if I can be there being in VA is good.
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In CT, from the time I took the required pistol permit class to getting the permit was about 4 months. This included processing the rather extensive applications, getting fingerprinted, picture taken, background checks, driving to and from the police station and the DPS building. There were many fees along the way. Plan to pay around 200 dollars including the class.

After that, I got a non-resident PA permit to carry firearms which only cost 26 dollars, only took about 2 hours to make some photocopies and mail it in, and I received the permit in the mail about 2-3 weeks later.

Both of these are good for five years.

For a long gun in CT there is a 2 week waiting period unless you have a pistol permit or hunting license.

PA is definitely more gun friendly than CT. I can think of a lot worse places to go then CT though.
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Old June 3, 2010, 03:33 PM   #8
Bud Helms
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Let's put this one in L&CR.
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Old June 4, 2010, 06:44 AM   #9
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Kind of the same thing.. in reverse for me...

I have a permit to carry in CT and all it took was filling out the application and including the needed paper work and payment and in about a month I got a non resident... yes, there was more to it than PA but in retrospect it seemed easy. I'm sure getting a resident one is more of a burden.

From what I've heard via the internet... PA is a LOT more gun friendly as long as you stay away from Philly... which is kind of hypocritical if you think about it...
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Old June 4, 2010, 09:35 AM   #10
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Pretty much all you need to know about PA gun and use of force laws.

PA's LTCF is statutorily $25 for 5 years, but some Sheriffs are charging up to $48 in violation of state law. No training required.

There is NO registration of guns. But transfers of "firearms" (handguns, SBR, SBS) are recorded and the transfer needs to be completed by a FFL or sheriff. Transfers of "firearms" between spouses, parent/child, grandparent/grandchild are exempt.

Absolutely NO loaded long guns are allowed in vehicles, unloaded long guns are allowed in a vehicle without a license(except Philly, where you need a license). To have a "firearm" in a vehicle whether loaded or not, one must have a license from ANY state, unless you are going directly to/from one of the exempted activities/locations(range, gunsmith, work, vacation home).

No license required to open carry handgun - except in the city limits of Philly or during a state of emergency. State law requires that one have a LTCF to carry ANY type of gun openly or concealed in a City of the First Class(Philly) or during an emergency. Elsewhere in the state one may openly or concealed carry a long gun without a license. To merely put a "firearm" in a vehicle you must have a license, so if you're gonna OC you have to walk everywhere unless you have a license.

No permits/licenses are required to own or purchase a handgun or long gun. One may carry a "firearm"(handgun, SBS, SBR) concealed without a license WITHIN ones place of abode or fixed place of work. Long guns are not "firearms", except to those that are prohibited from possessing a gun.

There are no assault weapon type laws, nor mag restrictions(except shotguns for hunting). No hunting with semi-auto guns, except shotguns for birds and small game(exemption for those who lost use of a hand with 4rd capacity limit).

We have Castle Doctrine for one's home and place of work(no duty to retreat), but you still need to be in fear of life, serious bodily injury, rape or kidnapping before using deadly force even within your Castle. Elsewhere one must try to flee IF they can do so in complete safety.

There are no direct violations to "no gun" signs, but landowner rights prevail and trespass laws apply for violating a "no gun" sign by association.

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