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Old November 14, 2004, 10:22 AM   #51
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Federal 230 gr +P tactical.
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Old November 14, 2004, 05:06 PM   #52
Popcorn Coolie
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Yes I have fired a .44 Magnum Revolver several times. Cylinder loaded with .44 Magnums. Shooting a target all the way down range. I hit the throat and the head with no problem. It was easy. Easy to group in a rapid fire drill.

I hit with a .45 and group, but I'm always off a little low and to the left. Instead of hitting the throat I hit the chest or the shoulder. And that's not all the way down range. That's about at ten feet.

.44 Magnum may be a little lower in caliber than .45, but you forget it's Magnum. It's MAGNUM! Departments won't allow .44 or .357 Magnum, because they do too much damage and can easily over penetrate. They consider them overkill.

Shoot a Jello mold with a .44 Magnum and then one with a .45 Auto. Make sure your using .44 Magnum and not .44 Smith. You'll see the huge difference. I've never shot a person with a .44 Mag, but other officers and investigators have shown me pictures and shown me how much damage .44 Magnum will do.

People hunt with .44 Magnum revolvers. That's how powerful the weapon actually is. I've shot Milk jugs and jello molds with a .44 Magnum and have watched huge junks just get blown out of the human simulated target. I've watched the milk jugs explode. Then I shot the jello with a .45 Auto and seen big holes in the mold. But no airborne chunks. Big holes in the milk jug along with being tipped over, but they didn't explode.

A hot load .44 Magnum will completly shatter a bone upon impact, because it travels at a high velocity. Ripping a limb off is an exacheration, because the muscles will keep it attached.

I Vaguely know an officer that was hit point blank with a .44 Magnum, His second chance Level II vest saved him, but the hit broke all of his ribs on the right side of his chest and the ribs that didn't break were cracked. Don't remember his name or department, but he is on the second chance save roster and in one of their older demonstration videos. I've met him here and there. Never payed much attention to him, because he's just a shooting statistic. I remember him, because of the weapon he was shot with and he's on second chance's roster.

In my opinion 9mm is easy to shoot, but that's me. I know people that suck with any gun.

I know people are trained to just hit the target instead of hitting a target were they will be mortaly wounded.

.45 ACP is the best bullet for certain situations. Like policing. Since it's a low velocity bullet and it's large so it will do considerable of damage without over penetrating. The fact that it's slow moving an doesn't cut through the flesh like a 9mm would gives it a lot of takedown power.

.44 and .357 Mag hit so hard and fast that they cause and implosion. That's why the target area explodes.

The size of the bullet doesn't make it better. A bullet's potential damage all depends on the balance between how heavy it is and how fast it travels. Hollow point helps increase the damage.

Peronsaly I feel WC452 is a stupid choice for defense, because it's designed for indoor plinking. It has a full metal jacket or it's a ball type bullet of some sort. Can't exactly remember. Full metal jacket is for max penetration. Such as shooting through glass, plastic or metal. Jacket hollow point if for max damage. So you want a JHP. Unless you plan on shooting through your windows. I don't think a .45 FMJ is guaranteed to go through glass anys. It travels so slow.
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Old November 14, 2004, 10:14 PM   #53
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Range .44's with 6" to 8' barrel with a rear notch and front blade are fun and accurate guns to shoot, and feel good in the hand. Most of these posters are talking about guns to use for concealed carry. They are not LE or are LE off the clock. They have to worry about weight, sharp edges,and generally snagging on clothing. They want a magazine for quick ammo changes, and more than 6 rounds in a mag usually. They are shooting at self defense yardages. They are worrying about shooting 1 to 15 rounds very rapidly very accurately in a stressful situation. They have to worry about a "non-gun" person seeing them and calling the police, and maybe embellishing the story. A DE in .44 mag is not ideal for this situation.

Auto glass is one of the most difficult barriers for a handgun to penetrate the makeup of the glass usually rips the jacket off a bullet, and quite often significantly alters the trajectory. Even rifle rounds could be affected by this. After reading some things I even wondered if after being hit with 1 round of whatever caliber, would the glass still retain these properties, and would a LE be better off shooting #4 buck at a window to completely blow it out before using a handgun, but most people can't carry a shotgun around concealed.

A smoothbore shotgun shoots foster type slugs with a relatively open choke, these slugs have ribs that catch the air flowing over them and impart a spin to stablize the bullet, and brenneke I think has the wad attached to the slug to give it drag to make sure the slug impacts correctly. A shotgun with rifling will tend to open up the pattern on shot, the standard 9 pellets 00 will probably not hit your target, unless you have the barrel pressed against your target. If it is an intruder I highly recommend stay back out of arms reach from them. I use a lot of wrong terms to desribe guns weapons, and every day life, my wife always has to ask what "thing" do you mean this time. I think acp stands for Automatic colt pistol. When I hear acp I think of a catridge designed by John Browning myself, but he worked for colt for Awhile? Now with moon clips an acp cartridge can be fired in a revolver, revolver bullets being long it is hard to put them in a traditional semi-auto config, w/ the mag being in the grip of the gun makes it unwieldy.
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Old November 15, 2004, 07:32 PM   #54
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I think the Federal Premium expanding FMJ would be a great round. It's along the lines of Cor-bon powerball except it's not +p.
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Old November 15, 2004, 08:29 PM   #55
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I think they decided that for a small carry gun that on target, and a low flash would be better to get a round on target a couple of times or more, than one round and a flash that might ruin night-vision. I find that it is easier not to fight a gun, but to shoot at about the belly butto on a target, steady the weapon, shoot about at the diaphram, and then put one at about the top of the sternum, the indoor range closer to my house does not like rapid fire, but it is reasonably quick. I assume since this is a .45 thread wj you are shooting a .45, here is the data I have 165gr. 1090fps 430 lb-ft at muzzle 400 at 25 yd all out of a 5" barrel, that sounds pretty decent. The 230gr hyda shok is 850 fps with 370 lb-ft 5" barrel. It sound like It should make someone on the wrong end of it unhappy to say the least.

I was thinking of an iexpensive test to test rounds. Take a slabe of pork ribs, they go for about $1.19 a pound around here cut about a cunk 8 to twelve inches in length, put an inexpensive roast in back of the ribs, and then another slab of ribs. Us sharp wooden skewers like used for making shish kabobs to hold it together. It might simulate a shot to the chest of somebody and the rib bones would help better simulate a human upperbody. A tee shirt or old flannel shirt could be placed over the test subject, and a majic marker could be used to make some aim points or mark ribs so that a good hit on a bone is acheived. It might be a little expensive, but if somebody has a variety of calibers and guns I bet we could get a little fund together to find out what works best in the TFL PD bullet tests. This is just an idea that popped into my head, and probably can be improved upon. I am always skeptical of testing done by bullet manufacturers, who have something to gain by saying they have the new death ray bullet. These crackfiends up here usually hace a lot of clothing on up here so for regional use it might be worth a look.
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Old February 20, 2013, 05:45 AM   #56
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Re: titegroup in stock

Originally Posted by . View Post
Depends on how the gun is set up, and it's inherent predilections for fodder.
That is what I assumed....thanks

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And 8.5 years later there still is no one answer
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Old February 20, 2013, 02:20 PM   #58
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My nightstand gun is a Springfield 4-inch Loaded, packed with Hornady 185gr Critical Defense ... love the load, always feeds, great accuracy in my somewhat shaky hands ...
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And 8.5 years later there still is no one answer
There were no HST's back then

Gel block gave birth to a freaking tarantula
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Old February 20, 2013, 03:32 PM   #60
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Grizzly and Corbon DPX 1's, they're good at killing zombie threads!
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Old February 21, 2013, 01:42 AM   #61
michael t
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I have Corbon DPX in my carry 1911's With ammo shortage I have been forced to buy Corbon 200gr and 185gr JHP plus P 230 ball for play any brand
Certified Armed Infidel Colt Defender ,Colt Mustang ,Dan Wesson CBOB, PPK/S, American Classic 1911,Bersa Thunder 380
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