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.300 Win Mag Hand Loads for Elk

Going on a New Mexico hunt of a lifetime in October. Primary gun is 24" M70 in .300 Win Mag. Back up is 20" R77 flatbolt in .308. Have multiple 180 & 165 gr bullets on the shelf, as well as H4350 & R22.

Have never reloaded for the .300 before. Anyone have pet loads they want to share?

This will be on private land near Chama. Anywhere from 100 yds to 400 yds.

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Flatbush Harry
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Get reloading manuals for the bullets and powders you are considering...most have data on websites. As with all reloading, start with recommended starting loads, work up to find best combinations for accuracy. I have experience with Barnes, Speer, Sierra, Hornady and Remington bullets in .30-06 and .308 Win...all can do a great job.

Don't accept anecdotal experience on particular loads...they don't have your rifle.

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Welcome to the forum and congratulations on your upcoming hunt.

It is really not a good idea to get reloading data from un published sources such as internet forums.I would suggest using current reloading books from any of the bullet makers.You can go to powder and bullet makers websites and they have published loads using their componets. It will be up to you to develope what works in your rifle.What is good in one rifle may or may not be good in yours.Most newer reloading manuals usually show their best loads for a given bullet.
The following link is one of the best on the net, covers lots of different bullet


Good luck on your N.M. hunt and post some pictures when your done
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FB is on target. I would only suggest using premium bullets, like the 180 Partition. You can approach 3000fps in a 24" barrel with multiple powders. In my 70 7mmRM, I've discovered the medium slow IMR4831 and RL19 with 160s after decades of H-4831. Gives me more velocity with less powder.
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FB Harry ,we were typing the same thing at the same time.
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Its said that elk size animals you need 1800-2000 ft lbs of energy for humaine kills (assuming proper shot placement).

Any 180 grn 30 cal bullet, with a normal muzzle velocity (around 3000 fps) will have a remaining velocity of about 2200 fps at 400 yards, or a Energy level of about 2000 ft lbs.

So just pick any good bullet, and work on the accuracy you want. Then load up a bunch of rounds and practice.
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Elk Loads - Getting Ready id half the fun

I should have been more specific.

I have been reloading centerfire rifle cartridges for 35 years, but have never loaded for this specific cartridge. I recently acquired this rifle for this hunt.

I have reloading manuals from Hornady, Sierra, Speer, & Lyman, as well as a 72 page booklet showing loads with all different bullets & powders just for the .300 Win Mag.

I would never take a forum recommended load and blindly try it without working up to it and reviewing what the manuals say is safe (like they always agree).

HOWEVER, I know there are some powder/bullet combinations that tend to be more consistent than others for some cartridges.

I also believe that there are meticulous people on this forum who have great experience loading this round. I am trying to gain some of that wisdom without the personal experimentation time if I can, taking anything anyone says with a grain of salt.

I already have three varieties of high end (i.e. expensive) big game bullets on the shelf. Two are 180 gr, one is 165 gr. I already have R22 and H4350 on the shelf.

Anyone have a load that their rifle really likes???

(You know, getting ready for a hunt like this is half the fun)
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Old February 19, 2010, 08:43 PM   #8
Billy Tasso
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300 win. mag load

I have a Remington 700 BDL and the load that it liked the best was 70.5 grains of IMR 4350 behind a 165 gr. Hornady BTSP. According to my loading manual, that gave me 3100 fps muzzle velocity. Got consistent 3/4" groups at 100 yds, some as small as a dime. Dropped a Mule deer at 425 yds near Durango, CO.
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Hey Willy

I have 9 different 300 win mags on my spreadsheet that I reload for now, only one of them is mine. In all of them RL22 with the 180 gr or 200 gr bullets and Fed215 primers has given acceptable accuracy as does the RL25. There is approximately 3 to 4 grains difference between the 2.

Personally I think the 200 gr Accubond is in a class by itself with a BC of .588 and here is my go to load with it

I have pushed the 200 gr Accubond to 2950 fps but accuracy was a little worse than at ~2900 fps.

For the 180 gr bullets I like the TSX or TTSX. Shot my last Elk at 256 yards across a canyon with a 180 gr TSX out of a 300 win mag with 76 gr RL22 at 3100 fps.

My go to load when loading for any of my friends 300 win mags is 75.5 gr RL22 180 gr Accubond or TSX, which is exactly the load that my Nosler #5 manual lists as the "Most Accurate Powder Tested" and "Most Accurate Load Tested".

Lately I have started loading 180 gr TTSX's with 76.5 gr RL22 Fed215 in Remington case seated .030" off. Note the 5 shot group just above the center orange dot

As always, start lower and work up.
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I've harvested a few elk each with 165, 180, and 200 grain bullets out of the 300WinMag. No other .308 bullet compared to the 200 Gr Nosler Partition for putting an elk down with authority.

The 180 gr bullets are the most popular, but when compared to the 200 in ballistic tables there is very little difference, except in energy.

I sight my rifle in at 350 yard zero, where the maximum rise is 4.8"/3340fpe at 100yrd. 6.7"/2928 at 200yrd, 3.6"/2560 at 300yrd, 0/2388 at 350yrd, -5.2"/2226 at 400yrd, and -20.75/1929 at 500yrd. With an elk from 0 to 400 yards, the point of aim can be center of mass. No time needed to think out shot placement. And if you think it could be 500 yards, hold just above the hair line at the top of the shoulders. If you shoot under, you have no buisness shooting at that animal.

(Disclaimer here. If you havent practice out to 600 yards, you have no buisness poking hope at 400/500)

Good Shooting!

P.S. If you have never rolled an elk over to gut it, I know the two words you will utter when you do!
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My old Elk load was a 180 gr SBT Sierra over 78.0 grains IMR 7828 for ~2950 FPS out of a 24" BAR. I tried IMR 4350 but found IMR 7828 was more accurate and gave me a little more velocity.
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I'm a fan of Winchester Supreme 780 for my 300 win mag.
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300 mag elk load

I would suggest using Nosler 180 grain Partitions. I had a bullet failure on big bull once and never want that to happen again. The Partition has never failed me and has put a couple of nice bulls on the wall. They also open up enough to make good kills on deer if you're on a combo hunt. I've seen a couple of the new generation bullets that slipped right through deer w/o much expansion resulting in a long tracking job or a lost animal if another hunter is just over the hill.
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Old February 24, 2010, 09:57 PM   #14
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I've also been reloading for over 35 years. My best .300 Win Mag elk load is a Nosler 180 Partition Protected Point (seated just deep enough to fit in the magazine of my A-Bolt SS), 70 gr. of IMR 4831, CCI 250 primer, and WW brass. I've other components and charges from 68 to 73 gr of IMR 4831, but no other load has produced better accuracy (with the bullet seated deep enough to work in the magazine.) My best elk was taken with this load at about 20 yards as he came directly at me in response to my guide's calling. The bullet performed perfectly at virtually muzzle velocity, about 3,000 fps out of that 26" barrel. Two days later the same load got me a 130 lb black bear at over 400 yards. This hunt was near Strawberry Creek in the Bob Marshall Wilderness in Montana.
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