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Old January 17, 2010, 08:53 PM   #1
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Carrying experience

Got my CCW, and I now carrying my weapon. I don't usually carry during the day M-F because my school has a no-gun policy. So I usually carry at night, or during the day on the Saturdays and Sundays.

I carry a Sigma in .40 and I usually have an OWB holster (DeSantis Speed Scabard), but over the break I bought a Galco IWB holster. I've heard they aren't the best, and the leather is light, but it does the job and now I use that one mainly.

Occasionally, I carry an extra mag in a velcro-nylon holster. Not the best, but I've trained with it and can reload quickly. That holster is if I'm going to some serious areas, which I normally try to avoid.

Things I've learned/noticed:

1) I've learned to plan ahead. What to say when someone runs into it, where I can/can't carry, where to put my keys, cell, etc in what pockets, what clothes to where, what to do if cops talk to me, etc.

I was playing video games with my little cousins. One of them bumped into it, and asked what was that. I told him it was my medicine pump. I found out later that his mom has one too.

Oh, and I had to make sure that I am always the low-hugger!

2) Family members and friends are almost entirely supportive. Mom was nervous, but now she appreciates it. Dad was proud.

My brother, whom I rode 9 hours with back home with his wife and baby, demanded that I keep it unchambered (he's got the same pistol, but in 9mm!). He's got a baby so now he's the nervous father. After arguing with him that it doesn't go off unless you squeeze the trigger and that I'm better trained than most armed professionals (+30 hrs of training), I verbally agreed, but chambered anyway. No way he'd know anyway. Geez, never thought I'd get peacekeeper-like ROA's from my own brother!

I also stayed with other friends, and told a buddy of mine and his gf that I've been packing the whole time, but I've got a lockable case with me (airport). No freakouts, they liked it actually. She tells me that she had hers, wants to get it again, but is worried about getting a gun b/c of her kid. I sent her a link for some biometric safes.

3) I'm still conscientious about it, but have only been nervous one time. I put too much thought on it, but had to calm myself down remembering nobody's looking.

4) I'm more comfortable strapped than not. I almost feel naked without it.
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Good decision, welcome to the real world.

You'll find later on that there are a whole lot more people out there who are supportive than the drive by media would let on about, . . .

May God bless,
If you can breathe, . . . thank God!
If you can read, . . . thank a teacher!
If you are reading this in English, . . . thank a Veteran!
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Old January 17, 2010, 09:56 PM   #3
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Have you done your wally world walk yet?

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Old January 17, 2010, 10:05 PM   #4
The Great Mahoo
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Haha! The Wally Walk always makes me laugh.

Congrats on taking advantage of your RKBA. It can be a bit rattling at first, but it gets more comfortable very quickly. It is amazing how much your perception changes once you get the hang of everything.

I was out with a few friends yesterday, talking with one of the in particular about shooting. She got up to go get sometime, bumped into me where I carry my firearm, took a few steps, then suddenly came back over to me and felt my side. She just smiled at me and walked away. I just shook my head and smiled back, silently thanking her for not making it known to the others in the restaurant. That's one I hadn't quite expected.
“There are three reasons to own a gun. To protect yourself and your family, to hunt dangerous and delicious animals, and to keep the King of England out of your face.” - Krusty the Clown
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Got my CCW, and I now carrying my weapon. I don't usually carry during the day M-F because my school has a no-gun policy. So I usually carry at night, or during the day on the Saturdays and Sundays............

1) I've learned to plan ahead..........
I hope that planning includes being armed to and from work. Even though you can't be armed AT work.
They make lock boxes that will secure a weapon in your vehicle, so you aren't just armed on eves and weekends. Bubbathecarjacker may not operate on your schedule.
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Old January 18, 2010, 12:55 AM   #6
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Congratulations on taking the responsibility of being an armed citizen. What you are going thru is pretty much the normal. Relax....... you are amongst friends.

1. Obey the carry laws.

2. Do not tell other people you are armed unless you know they are also armed.

3. Plan your wardrobe accordingly.

4. Your gun is for self defense. Don't go places you otherwise would not. Use your head. Don't invite trouble.

5. If you are going to carry, carry full time where permitted.

6. Go to the range frequently and practice and enhance your skills.
May the Schwartz Be With You.
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Old January 18, 2010, 03:23 AM   #7
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The best part is that you've had training !! I've been very unsuccessful in convincing the "I've got a right to own and carry" people to get training.
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Old January 18, 2010, 10:37 AM   #8
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Congrats! At first, you'll be sure everyone can see the outline of your weapon and that every movement flashes it. You will KNOW everyone is pointing at you - "He's got a gun!" The more you wear it, the more comfortable you will be with it. If you have a truly GOOD holster/belt
combo, you will hardly notice it. You will learn to "dress around the gun". Dark colors and patterns are your friend, as are loose-fitting shirts. You will lean to stop constantly adjusting the holster. In fact, if the holster/belt is the proper fit, you won't need to. You will gradually stop touching the butt with your elbow just to assure yourself that it's still in place. You will learn to give a little extra clearance on your carry side, and to reach overhead with your weak-side hand. You will learn to stoop or kneel rather than bend over. Your self-consciousness will gradually fade.

If ten people DO make you:
8 will assume you're some type of LEO. (Do NOT encourage this assumption)
1 will be a BG who suddenly decides it's not the day to rob McDonald's.
1 will be another carrier who says to himself, "I am not alone."

45Gunner gives some good advice, too.
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Old January 18, 2010, 11:56 AM   #9
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Welcome to the fold. When my wife and I met about 4 years ago, I carried.. She was aware but always nervous about it. Over the years, she has become comfortable with it and has even began shooting, and enjoying it.

Carrying concealed is more than just a "permit". It has to become a complete change in lifestyle. You have to change you way of thinking, your way of dress and your way of looking at your enviroment. I carry everyday and now my wife will ask me if I have "Marvin" ( the name for my .357 snubbie ). It's been a change in lifestyle for the both of us. Always remember that just as any skill, if you don't practice, you will rusty. Get to the range as often as you can and take a tactical course if you can. You hope you never have to pull your weapon in defense of yourself or a loved one, but you want to be prepared in the event that you do.

Good shooting.
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Old January 18, 2010, 12:38 PM   #10
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Good to see someone else who started.

I was nervous as could be about carrying at first. Anymore It doesn't bother me.

Reallt stuff adjusted well for me though, as I didn't have to change clothing "Too badly", except for adding another shirt on top and untucking it.

There's only one more thing I plan on doing.
Buying 2 more holsters.

A shoulder holster. I spent one day wearing a coat, and was going to be doing alot of sitting, so I went with my Browning HP in a shoulder holster. Sitting sometimes lifts my coat enough to see the back part, and just sitting period, the shoulder rig was nice. Now I got to get one for my Sig.

And a tuckable IWB holster for summer. I made do with a IWB, but from now on I want to tuck the gun inside a T-shirt, then hang a loose cotton buttonup over top. With breezes,etc, I don't want the chance of it just being exposed.
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Old January 18, 2010, 01:43 PM   #11
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Thanks all!
NNoby: I do have plans of putting a biometric safe in my car. I won't carry on school property, but I do like having it with me as I go in the house.

Mete, I had no problem getting training. The samurai would say that that a sword in the hand of the untrained is just a gardening tool. I also believe that good hand-eye coordination, intelligence, or just having the gun on you are no substitutes for training. Nobody does anything well because they are confident or have the right equipment, they do something well because they were trained.

And was the training an eye-opener! It re-enforced how little the LEOs have (not good). Also, after a day of class, I told a friend there "screw karate class, I got more useful stuff in a day than I would in years of martial arts." Even Bruce Lee said in his lost interview when asked which martial art was the best: "It doesn't matter anymore, baby, everyone has guns now."

Sefner, haha, love the Wally World map, but I always check-out at electronics because nobody's there. If I'm getting ammo, I go to sporting goods, natch, and pray to God nobody's there getting a fishing license! I could apply for a loan faster than that!

CW, I think I got made by a guy with an NRA hat and what seemed to be a combat vet shirt. We exchanged a look and he nodded his head. Kind of an unspoken secret-handshake moment.

Still working on the clothing combos. I still feel a lot of my jackets are too short for OWB carry, so that's why I've been using my IWB.
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