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Dodge DeBoulet
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Publicly Accessible Indoor Ranges - Fees?

I just joined a Rod and Gun club in Maine that is fortunate enough to have an indoor shooting range. There's an annual surcharge on top of membership dues to use the indoor range, and you have to be qualified on it as well.

No guests, though, and the range isn't open to the public; you must be a member to use it and must also pay the surcharge.

Maine, as far as I can tell, has no publicly accessible indoor ranges. For those TFL members that do have one in their area, what are the fees associated with using the range? Is there a limitation on caliber and type (i.e. lead, JHP, frangible, etc.) of ammo? Can you bring your own ammo or are you required to buy at the range?

My curiosity is getting the best of me . . .
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In my immediate area (SE VA) there are two public assessable ranges (one is members only but there is no limitation on memberships, both part of gun stores) and one shooting club with an indoor range. One store range is $120 per year or $16 per hour, can shoot your own ammo. The other store range is $160 per year or $16 per hour, you can shoot your own ammo, discounts for military, CPP holders knock it down to $120 per year. The gun club is I think about $150 per year (not a member but have friends there and have shot as a guest) and no special fees apply to the indoor range. At the public range I have been to the fee is per person, but they let my son shoot with me for no extra fee. At the club quests are allowed for free. All the ranges are 50ft with target track systems. I believe the club has a required orientation prior to being allowed to use any their ranges, but this is not required of quests. The range I belong too also has other ranges across the river that I can shoot at but never have. There are four or five ranges across the river, so the competition might help to keep prices down.

Lead or jacketed rounds are fine no armor piercing, I do not recall the maximum round other than pistols/revolvers and 22s only.
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Old December 31, 2009, 11:31 AM   #3
Dr. Strangelove
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Here in Athens, GA we have The Firing Lane, I'm not a big fan, but they do have some nice toys. No membership required.

Range Rates

$8 per half hour on pistol bays

$10 per half hour on rifle bays

$5 for every additional shooter (no more than 3 shooters per lane)

Rental Prices
$5 per Handgun, Submachine gun, or Machine gun

Rifle and Machine Gun Ammo Prices
5.56mm (.223) $7.99 per Box of 20

7.62x39 $7.99 per Box of 20

7.62x51 Nato (.308) $16.99 per Box of 20

30-06 $12.99 per box of 20

Pistol and Submachine Gun Ammo Prices
22 cal $2.50 per box of 50rds

32acp $15.99 per box of 50rds

380acp $15.99 per box of 50rds

38 special $12.99 per box of 50rds

9mm $12.99 per box of 50rds

357 Sig $15.99 per box of 50rds

40S&W $15.99 per box of 50rds

357 Magnum $13.99 per box of 50rds

44 Special $18.99 per box of 50rds

44 Magnum $18.99 per box of 50rds

45acp $15.99 per box of 50rds

45 Long Colt $18.99 per box of 50rds

454 Casull $1.50 per round

50 Action Express $2.00 per round

500 S&W $2.00 or $4.00 per round
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Champion Arms in Kent, WA. Public range. 12 dollars for one person/lane. 10 dollars each additional shooter per lane with a limit of 3 total shooters per lane. You take turns. Rental guns are 7 dollars for one or 9 lets you use any of their rentals. To use their rental guns you have to use their ammo. It ain't cheap. If you bring your own guns their are no restrictions on ammo except for no steel core or tracers. I don't know if they allow long guns.
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Old January 1, 2010, 09:28 AM   #5
Dodge DeBoulet
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Thanks for all of the comments and detailed info so far.

The indoor range at my club doesn't rent guns or sell ammo, so you're expected to bring your own. Sounds like the surcharge for its use is a bargain compared to the public ranges . . . $50/yr (plus the club membership which is another $50/yr, but that gets you access to outdoor skeet, pistol and rifle ranges as well).

You're asked not to shoot HP or the more powerful versions of larger calibers (.357/.44 Magnum for example). Cast Lead is fine.

The downside, of course, is that there's no RSO present, that you can find the shooting stalls in varying levels of neatness, and that maintenance is not as regular as it might be in a commercial establishment. The health/safety stuff is handled immediately, though.
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There are a number of ranges in Arizona and several in the Phoenix area.

I have memberships in one outdoor range and one indoor range.

The memberships for the outdoor range are about $160 for a family and you can shoot all day long. They do not rent guns but there is a smith on site to do repairs. You must have certain qualifications to shoot on the high power range or be a guest of the member holding those qualifications.

Range officers are just superb and keep control at all times.

My indoor membership for a family is around $300. For that, I get discounts on ammo and firearms ( I bought 5 SIGS, Bushmaster carbine, DPMS LR308, Remington 700P and assorted sights just this past year!).

You can shoot anything you bring up to .30 caliber rifle. The membership includes free gun rentals. You must shoot range ammo in the rental guns but reloads are fine in your own guns.

Staff and ROs are really nice and always willing to share a tip or two. I got my CCW there.
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Old January 1, 2010, 01:22 PM   #7
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Greater Seattle area...

We have several indoor ranges open to the publi in the Greater Seattle, Washington area - open to the public.

The following ranges are within 50 miles of Seattle:

Wade's in Bellevue
West Coast Armory in Factoria
Champion Arms in Kent
Bullseye in Tacoma
The Marksman in Tacoma
Sam's in Everett
Norpoint in Smokey Point

There are a few more that are member only too.

Cost varies from about $10-$20 and is usually good for all day shooting.
All ranges here you can bring in your own brass cased ammo. All the above you can "rent" guns to shoot and buy ammo there too. They also all have a "gunstore" part.

Most are limited to "pistol" caliber only. Some will allow to shoot AR's (usually have to join as a member - same for shotguns too).

Just know that all ranges have their "particulars" as they are not a chain business - meaning they are owned and operated by individuals/groups, as such, they add their own "flavor" to the rules.

Just get to know the rules of your particular range in your area and have fun.
"Shoot Safetly, Shoot Often and Share Your Sport." Jim Scoutten, Shooting USA

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Old January 7, 2010, 11:13 AM   #8
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The public range I am a member of is a brand new, state of the art range. Ive been going as a guest for about 4 months, and I just bought a membership a few weeks ago. The employees and owner are very nice and pretty laid back, but still do a good job of watching inexperienced shooters and making sure the line and shooters are safe.

Its fees are simple.For a membership, a yearly fee of $250 for pistol and $300 for rifle and pistol. If your a guest, or a walk in, its $15 for the day. Not hour, day.

Ammo prices are pretty ridiculous. Box of 9mm is something like $28 and .45 is like $35. I cant believe ppl actually buy from them. But at the same time, they are one of 2 places in a rather big area to sell ammo so I guess your stuck. I always bring my own ammo as I live an hour from it and its much cheaper in my area.

They also have rental guns. Depending, pistol is something like $20, rifle $30, machine gun $50.

Oh, and you can shoot pistol, rifle, full auto, shotgun, anything up to .50cal and no birdshot.

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