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Old December 9, 2009, 08:07 AM   #51
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The limitation is the gun.
Well, thats a definite "maybe".

In that case, I agree with you. In another, I've seen a buddy shoot a 2" J frame at 100 yards and do better than some people I know who shoot regularly with rifles at the same distance.

I think your right with the .25/.44 out of the Contender too.

Personally, I think the shooter is usually the weakest link, but thats me.

I would think if you had two good shooters, each with a good shooting gun they liked, using quality ammo the gun liked, I think you'd be hard pressed to decide what caliber was the better when comparing targets.
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Old December 9, 2009, 10:16 AM   #52
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Oldman: 1946 was a good year; my birthday too.
I doubt the same gun could fire both types of ammo.
Sure....a T/C Contender would do it if one wanted to go to the expense of having SSK or Bullberry make a .25 ACP barrel. Just switch the barrels. Given the cost, you'd REALLY have to want to do the test.
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Old December 9, 2009, 11:57 AM   #53
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"My question would be "Why would you use a 40 for bullseye shooting anyway"?"

The answer is they'd use it if it worked for them. Competitors use what works and what wins for them. They are constantly trying new gear in an effort to gain an edge or pick up a point or two. They'd shoot square bullets if they cut more centers than what they're currently using.

The fact is, they don't use .40.


P.S. - In addition to the .22 rimfire and .45 matches, there is a third.

".2.2 What kind of centerfire pistol should I use?

The rules allow any centerfire pistol of .32 caliber or greater to be used in the centerfire phase. Some shooters like the lower recoil of a smaller centerfire caliber and use a third gun. The rules also allow a lighter trigger pull on a centerfire gun. Here are some of the more common options: "

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Old December 9, 2009, 05:06 PM   #54
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How does one address accuracy issues? I have semis in most of the usual calibers (Sig P6/P225, Glock 19, and Sig P228 - all 9mm; Sig P229 - .40S&W; Sig P220 - .45 ACP; S&W 686-4 - .357 Mag/.38Spl) along with a fair selection of .22s (Ruger Single Six and Bearcat; Ruger MkII 22/45; and a pair of Sig Mosquitos). I go to the range almost every week and rotate through one of the .22s and two of the others in each session. Some days freehand I'm dead-on; other days I can't buy the 10-ring with a $20 bill and "ringer" shooting for me. From rest, regardless of caliber, I terrorize the 9s and 10s. I'm long since reconciled to the idea mine is a "shooter" problem, not a gun or ammo problem. So, I shall happily continue to shoot them all and like the man said when asked how to get to Carnegie Hall? "Practice, man, practice..."
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Old June 30, 2012, 04:45 PM   #55
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.40 caliber

I would post pictures of this but it does it prove anything over the internet unless it's a video, so let me say this: I have 9 handguns. Of the 9, my most accurate is an H&K USP .40. Standing at 25 yards, I shot a 2.75 inch group. Who know what the accuracy truly is when rested and using Hornady ammo; I've not wanted to waste money trying to figure it out because you don't need it more accurate than that honestly. I shot a sub inch group at 11 yards rested though, one solid hole with Hornady ammo. The 2.75 inch group at 25 yards was PMC, surprisingly. 180 grain maybe? But in short, with the right trigger control, ammo, and gun, you can get sub 3 inch groups STANDING with .40 bullets. Hope this helped.
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Old June 30, 2012, 10:34 PM   #56
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Maybe at first I would have partially agreed with him. There was something different about the 40, some manufacturers had difficulty at first getting everything right. One example is the Hi Powers that were made right after 40 came out, they were scary. Another was the Beretta 96D I was issued.
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Old June 30, 2012, 10:56 PM   #57
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.40 is as accurate as any service cartridge, especially in loads meant for combat.

My PX4 in my hands is quite precise.
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Old July 1, 2012, 05:12 AM   #58
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I was reading in Guns magazine today (January Issue) about the 20th anniversary of the .40 S&W caliber cartridge and in the article it was stated:

"Though not the most accurate pistol cartridge out there, the .40 S&W has more than enough accuracy for it's purpose."
Silly claims like this is why I don't read the gun rags.
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