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"Eventually the state installed surveillance cameras at the Morrilton rest stop, but those cameras were not working the day that Laurite was killed, Flowers said."

Why? Bet nobody will be called on the carpet. Just another example of State incompetency. And they tell us not to arm ourselves as the State will ptotect us?

And, I'll bet the poor woman complied with her captor's wishes, as per the anti propaganda, and allowed herself to be taken to a secondary crime scene.

N.J. woman killed at rest stop planned new life in California


MORRILTON -- Kristin Ann Laurite, 25, planned to relocate from New Jersey to northern California where a friend lived and hoped to find a job there as a preschool teacher, her father, Ed Laurite, said Monday.

But something went terribly wrong Saturday at the rest stop on the south side of Interstate 40 near Morrilton. Authorities found Kristin Laurite's nude body on the banks of a nearby pond.

The surveillance cameras at the rest stop were not functioning over the weekend, authorities said.

A preliminary autopsy showed that Laurite died from "multiple stab wounds to the neck," Conway County Sheriff Mark Flowers said Monday.

The preliminary autopsy also found no evidence that she was sexually assaulted, Flowers said.

Who killed Laurite remained a mystery Monday, Flowers said, and so far there are no suspects.

Authorities also are puzzled about where she was killed. Flowers said deputies found no traces of blood in the area, despite the fact that Laurite had been stabbed numerous times. "We haven't ruled out that there could be another crime scene in the area," he said.

Laurite was traveling in a 1971 gold and white Volkswagen bus with her two dogs -- Winter, a border collie, and Sativa, a German shepherd mix. About 2 p.m. Friday, Laurite called her mother, Lynn McCue, at work in New Jersey and told her she was at the rest stop and planned to leave in about three hours, Ed Laurite said. Because the Volkswagen's engine is air-cooled, it was easier to travel at night when it wasn't as hot, he said.

Kristin Laurite's telephone call to her mother was the last time anyone in her family talked with her.

On Saturday, Flowers said, a truck driver found the two dogs wandering around the rest stop and noticed a telephone number on the dogs' tags. The truck driver called the number, which belongs to McCue, and McCue told him that her daughter "didn't go anywhere without the dogs," Flowers said.

McCue told the truck driver that her daughter was traveling in a Volkswagen bus and the driver found the vehicle, but no trace of Laurite, Flowers said.

Ed Laurite said his daughter generally would feed her dogs between 5 p.m. and 6 p.m. each day. The dog food was still in the dog bowls when the bus was discovered, he said.

After the truck driver talked again with McCue, the sheriff's office was notified. Deputies searched the area and found Kristin Laurite's body about 7:30 p.m. Saturday, Flowers said.

Since then, deputies have been draining the pond and looking for evidence, he said. As of Monday afternoon, they had found what is believed to be some of her clothing there, he said.

Investigators are hoping to find the murder weapon in the area, Flowers said.

In recent years, two people have been killed and one severely beaten at rest stops in Arkansas.

Police patrols at rest stops were increased after the November 1996 death of Russell D. Hinkle, 71, of Millstadt, Ill., who was shot and killed while he, his wife and daughter were at a tourist information center on Interstate 55 near Blytheville.

Laurite's death comes less than four years after that of Arthur Joe Cotton, 71, of Sheridan, a truck driver who was found shot to death in a restroom at the same Morrilton rest stop in January 1997. Two half brothers from West Virginia were subsequently arrested and convicted in Cotton's death.

In April 1997, William McDonald, another traveler from Illinois, was beaten and robbed by two brothers at a rest stop on Interstate 40 near Forrest City.

There was considerable interest in the rest stop violence that year and a number of preventative measures were discussed -- improved lighting, installing telephones in various locations and staffing the rest stops 24 hours a day.

The 24-hour staffing idea was immediately dismissed because of the cost -- an estimated $6.9 million annually, according to the Arkansas Highway and Transportation Department.

Eventually the state installed surveillance cameras at the Morrilton rest stop, but those cameras were not working the day that Laurite was killed, Flowers said.

Ed Laurite described his daughter as a "very strong-willed, independent person" who also was very loving, giving and outgoing. "She was great with kids," he said.

During the last couple of years, Kristin Laurite had done a lot of traveling and had lived in Oregon for a time, her father said.

McCue has arranged to have the truck driver return the dogs to her, Flowers said.

Copyright © 2000, Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, Inc.

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Not to diminish or make light of this woman's death, but it's doubtful that she would have carried a gun even if she had been (legally) able to.

1) Preschool teacher
2) Dog named Sativa (a strain of cannabis)
3) Driving a VW Bus

Smells like a lib to me.

When Cindy and I were traveling to the EOSM, we stopped at a rest area just west of the CO/KS border. I had my V10 on, natch. It was late, and one other person was there. A truck driver, as it turns out. He was on the pay phone, saw me, did a double-take, and very politely asked if I needed the phone. "Nope," sez me, "just waiting for my girlfriend to finish up so we can get back on the road." He stared at the gun. I said, "Colorado is an open carry state, just so you know." "No s***," said he, much impressed. "How about long guns? I got my shotgun in the cab, but I don't know about slinging it over my shoulder." At that moment, Cindy came out. Trucker and I said goodnight, and we went on our way.

Why is the concept of an armed society so hard for some people to grok?
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Old August 29, 2000, 06:00 PM   #3
Jack 99
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Something tells me if those cameras HAD been working, we'd still have one dead person and maybe a blurry photo of a suspect. Why is the fact that the camera was off so important? Very unlikely it would have saved her.


"Why is the concept of an armed society so hard for some people to grok?"

Interesting that you used the word "grok" which A) requires a knowledge of Heinlen to understand and B) (if I remember my Heinlen correctly) signifies understanding beyond that which is immediately apparent. To grok the benefits of an armed society you have to have a deeper understanding of the nature of the universe (and mankind), the role of individualism in society, and the basis of natural rights which exist independent of any gubmint entity and even (gulp) independent of the Constitution. In other words, if most people were to truly grok the advantages of an armed society, it would blow thier little minds. You can't get there from here.
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Old August 29, 2000, 06:27 PM   #4
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"Eventually the state installed surveillance cameras at the Morrilton rest stop, but those cameras were not working the day that Laurite was killed, Flowers said."

They probly didn't work since a week or so after installed. Maybe never. Gotta change the tape now and then, ya know.

Went thru this in Florida a few years ago after a British couple was murdered at a rest stop.

I was also there when the crazy guy killed some college kids in their dorm or fiancee and her freind were in Gainsville while the freind went thru surgery. They were CERTAINLY glad I came along for the ride with my guns.
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Old August 29, 2000, 06:50 PM   #5
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Yow... talk about a sobering headline.

That could have been me three years ago. Got stalked most of the day when heading out to my "new life in California."

In a VW. spooky.

(story, for those that care-
almost last post)

Of course, I've since given up liberalism, moved to Idaho, got a CCW, and bought a .45.
Too bad she didn't have the chance.

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Old August 29, 2000, 07:21 PM   #6
Jim V
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Kaylee, I had not read your story before, you were lucky and right to load the .22.

You were prepared to help yourself, I doubt that Ms. Laurite was. Alas.

Ne Conjuge Nobiscum
"If there be treachery, let there be jehad!"
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Old August 29, 2000, 08:54 PM   #7
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Jack, actually I used "grok" in the Geek sense, not necessarily the Heinlein sense. Same definition, though: a thorough understanding, beyond the immediately apparent.
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Old August 29, 2000, 10:28 PM   #8
4V50 Gary
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Something doesn't make sense. The dogs are fed between 5-6 p.m. every day. The food is discovered at 7:30 p.m. uneaten. Do "traumatized" dogs forget their meal? If the dogs were present when Kristin was killed, why weren't they at her body? Dogs will generally lay down by the owner. Somebody help me on this (you can see I'm not homicide).
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Old August 30, 2000, 06:29 AM   #9
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I still pack heat on my way to the pisser at the rest stop.

Don't see that changing anytime soon.

God, Guns and Guts made this country a great country!

oberkommando sez:
"We lost the first and third and now they are after the Second!(no pun intended)"
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