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Blurring reticle

Hey there folks, I'm new to the world of online shooting forums and relatively new to the world of scopes. I think I can handle the first, the second is giving me a little more trouble. So, on to the matter at hand.

Today I purchased a Mossberg 100 ATR combo package. I haven't shot it yet but as I was getting acquainted with it at home today I noticed that the reticle keeps getting blurry on me. When I first look through the scope it is very clear but then within a second or two it blurs to the point where it is almost invisible.

After a bit of experimentation I discovered that if I keep my left eye open the reticle remains clear but I would like to be able to be able to close my left eye when shooting. Logically it seems to me that it has something to do with my eye and what I am focusing on rather than the scope but I can't for the life of me figure out what I'm doing wrong. Any suggestions or ideas of what is going on?

I don't see any marking designating the scope type. It is just the one that came with the rifle. I plan on getting a better one as soon as I can afford it but as a grad student that isn't likely to be any time soon.
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There are five possibilities:

You're slightly moving your eye out of the scope's field of view.

Your scope is mounted too far forward for your ergonomics, resulting in your eye being at the extreme limit of the scope's eye relief when the rifle's mounted in shooting position. (reposition scope)

You're crawling the stock (or the stock is too short for you), and you're getting your eye too close to the rear lens.

You have a vision deficiency in the one eye, and when both eyes are open, the "good" eye dominates, allowing what appears to be normal vision.

The scope reticle is out of focus.

Regarding scope reticle focus:

Most scopes are adjustable for focusing to the user's vision, via turning the rear bell in relation to the main tube after first loosening the binding/locking ring found just forward of the bell, bearing against it to prevent inadvertant turning out of focus.

The scope on your rifle may simply not be in focus for YOU.

To focus it for your vision, first loosen the lock ring a few turns, then try screwing the rear bell on tighter a turn or two before testing the focus.
If that doesn't work, try a turn our further than the starting postion.
It may take a bit of turning/testing before you arrive at the correct focus for your eyes.

Scope reticle focus is tested by a flash vision process - longer views simply allow the eye's natural focus muscles to focus the eye, and the viewer see what their eye has focused on, rather than what focus the scope is at.

To view the focus, mount the scoped rifle into firing position with the yeys closed, aiming at either a clear or overcast sky (basically a sky with an even/solid light color).
After the gun is so mounted, open the eye(s) momentarily, noting whether or not the reticle seems sharp/black.

Adjust until it is.

Please let us know how you make out.


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T. O'Heir
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" to the world of on-line shooting forums..." Hi. Friendly, helpful, bunch for the most part. Very few rectal orifi. They don't last on any firearm/shooting forum anyway.
Anyway, I'm guessing you're looking at the reticle. Quit doing that. Look through the scope, not at it. Think binoculars, if that helps. Put the reticle on the target, but don't look at the reticle. Door knobs make good targets for that kind of practice. Using a scopes can take a bit of getting used to.
Dry fire practice, shouldering, aiming and slowly pulling the trigger is excellent practice for trigger control, sight picture and breathing too. Won't hurt a centre fire rifle. Dry firing is a long recognised training technique. Not done with a rimfire though.
When you get that far, you'll have to try a box of as many brands of ammo as you can to find the ammo your new rifle shoots the most accurately.
You didn't say what cartridge you have. Assuming .308 or .30-06, 165 grain bullets are the best all 'round bullet weight. Both cartridges love that weight and a 165 will kill any game you care to hunt without excessive felt recoil.
Spelling and grammar count!
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Old November 8, 2009, 02:21 PM   #4
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Thanks to you both. Adjusting the reticle focus helped some but it still blurred after a couple second, just not as badly as before. I've been practicing not looking at the reticle and I'm getting better at it. Hopefully it will help when I can get it out of my apartment and look a little further through it.

The rifle is .308 and at the moment I just have one box of 168 grain Winchester Silvertip. I'm planning on picking up some winchester power point, hornaday, and federal when I find it. Are there any other brands you would suggest checking out?

I'm looking forward to taking this one out and breaking it in/testing it out. It has the new Mossberg LAR trigger which is apparently based off of the Savage AccuTrigger. I'm giving myself a few hours tomorrow to just sit down and fully familiarize myself with it and get it cleaned up. Then I'm taking the first chance I get to go try it out.
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I had a similar problem with eotech holographic sites. The problem turned out to be age related vision change. I went to the optomitrist, got new glasses and the problem was solved.

If you have the problem with a couple of scopes, it may be time for an eye exam.
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