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have a few questions (HELP)

I went to visit my grand parents this weekend and my grandfather gave me a Remmington sportsman 58, this is a semi auto. From what I can tell the 58 went away when the 1187 was introduced. Is this true? The real reason I am asking for help is beause I want to make this into a deer gun and want to get a fully rifled barrel. I went on gunbroker and looked up some parts and some of the barrels said they were for the 58 and the 870, is this true?

thanks for all the help in advance.


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Lee Lapin
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I went on gunbroker and looked up some parts and some of the barrels said they were for the 58 and the 870, is this true?

Well, it kinda depends. 870 barrels don't have gas ports, and 58 barrels need 'em to run the gun. So to convert an 870 barrel to a 58 barrel, it has to be drilled to let gas into the action. The chart at the bottom of the page is a guide to how big the holes need to be, but I wouldn't call this a DIY proposition. Better enlist the help of a good gunsmith on this one. Or just learn to shoot rifled slugs out of the existing smoothbore barrel.

And the 58 was replaced in the Remington lineup by the 1100...



Firearm Model History

Sportsman 58

Description: Remington's first gas operated, autoloading shotgun without the Browning-type recoiling action
Introduction Year: 1956
Year Discontinued: 1963
Total Production: 271,000 approx.
Designer/Inventor: L.R. Crittendon, Phillip R. Haskell, Ellis W. Hailston
Action Type: Gas operated, autoloading
Caliber/Gauge: 12, 16 and 20 gauge
Serial Number Blocks: 1,000 – 275,000
# of Grades Offered: ADL Deluxe
BDL Deluxe Special
D Tournament
F Premier
SA Skeet
SC Skeet Target
SD Skeet Tournament
SF Skeet Premier
TB Trap Special
Variations: Magnum
58 TX with Sun-grain maple stocks
58 SX with Sun-grain maple stocks
58RSS Rifled slug special

Remington 58 / 1100 / 11-87 Semi-Auto Shotguns

Model 58: The model 58, sometimes referred to as the Sportsman 58, was the first gas operated Remington shotgun. It was introduced in 1956 & discontinued in 1963. It used basically the receiver section of the 870, a modified 870 barrel, and somewhat the marriage of the action slide/forend system of a 11-48 recoil operated gun, converted to make it gas operation. This gun was made in 12, 16 & 20ga 2 3/4" chambering & a separate 12 ga 3" magnum version. The barrel sported a ventilated rib. This model only holds 2 rounds in the magazine as the recoil spring is inside the forward end of this tube.

The gas system was not self regulating but required the shooter to adjust the regulator to match the loads used. This regulator also acts as a magazine cap has a Hi & a Low setting. This is regulated by twisting the end cap to where the marks line up for Hi or Low. This means that if you are using a "trap load", your should use a Low setting, & where a heavy duck load is used the Hi setting would be more appropriate. If you allow the cap to get stuck between settings & fire the gun, the cap will blow off the regulator base. If this happens the gun will probably not function properly with any load, as it is trying to utilize both the Hi & the Low port holes. The internal holes are different in size & quantity of numbers for each of the gauges.

Remington Sportsman 58 Gas regulator

Therefore firing pins, extractors, extractor spring & plungers and many of the trigger group parts are the same as for the current model 870.

Operating handles are the same as the model 1100 or the newer 11-87. Much of the trigger group will be the same as the 1100.

The action bar assembly is different & only for the 58. And there were 2 different types of these depending on the date of mfg.

Buttstocks off an 870 will fit. Forearms will be a problem to find, as any of the newer models do not interchange. And used 58 forearms come at a premium price.

Barrels are obsolete, but new barrel can be made by utilizing a new 870 barrel and drilling a gas orifice hole to accommodate the gas. If no existing barrel is available, take a look at a 1100 barrel to judge the angle of the hole. Determine the size of the hole by the chart listed below. The conversion of a 870 barrel to a 58 is usually not within the scope of the average home gunsmith, as the hole has to be EXACT, or the barrel is ruined.

GAS PORT hole sizes : On gas operated guns the gas port hole size is critical for the ga. and the load of shot. Listed below are normal specifications.

The sizes listed below are for lead shot, for steel shot the hole size may have to be opened up a drill size or two.

Model 58
12 / 20ga-30” (Magnum)

.0935” / #42 drill 1 ea Barrel
“ “ 12 / 20ga-28”/30” .1285” / #30 “ 1 “ “
“ “ 2 / 20ga-26”
.136” / #29 “

1 “ “
“ “ 12 / 16ga Compensated .144” / #27 “ 1 “ “
“ “ 20ga -Compensated .1495”/ #25 “ 1 “ “
Best look at the chart on the linked page, above... it didn't format very well when I pasted it.
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thanks that is very informative.

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