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Old September 25, 2009, 08:58 PM   #1
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TC Encore pro-hunter ( .308)

I picked up a 308 pro hunter TC encore. It appears to be a solid rifle. It sports a burris 3-9x40 fullfield scope. It will shoot a few scary accurate first 2-3 shots, but then always plop a flyer 3-6" away. and no, i dont suck THAT bad. Is this common? I cant imagine that those $50 link pin gadgets would make THAT big a differernce. Anyone else else experience similar?
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Old September 26, 2009, 08:50 AM   #2
Yankee Doodle
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I have an Encore in 25-06. I have a .223 and a .308 barrel for it as well. I have never been able to get the thing to fire a decent 5 shot group with any of them. Most of the time it won't do any better than 1 1/2" for 3 rounds. I have tried at least 20 different loads, different bullets, added locker pin, tried oversized pin, and averything else I can think of.
Decided to put a 209/50 M/L barrel on it, and bought a Stevens Mod. 200. 3 shots, 5/8" with factory ammo. 5 shots into 7/8". 1 1/2" groups at 200 are routine.
I think that the only selling point for the Encore is that you can change barrels and calibers. I'm sorry I ever wasted the money to buy one.
Just my opinion, based on my experience.
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Old September 26, 2009, 02:34 PM   #3
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I have a pro hunter in a 30-06 and have had real good results with it as far as accuracy. I have not started reloading for it yet. It shoots the federal premium
150 gr and 165 gr boattails at nearly the same POI. I'm getting 3/4 in three shot groups everytime. It won't shoot 180 gr worth a damn. I rarely shoot 5 shot groups. I initially ordered the gun in a 308, but when it came it I decided to go with the 06. I thought I might get a little more out of it with a 28 in barrel than the 308. I don't know if that thinking was right or not. Probably more of an excuse to get a different caliber as I already had a 308 and no 06.
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Old September 26, 2009, 02:59 PM   #4
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I do not have one.
I sometimes wonder about getting one in .405WCF.

To consider: They aren't like a freefloat bolt gun.The forend hangs on the barrel.So,how you rest the forestock,where,on your hand,on a bag,etc,must be uniform.

A problem a friend just came up with,I will have to check out:For handloaders.I think maybe they might be a little springy.Use the paper clip to check your brass for stretch rings and do not plan on good brass life in rifle cartridges.

I helped a friend with a Comtender 14 in 7-30 Waters.Fed 7-30 Wares brass is high dollar,like over $2 per each,that he bought.Case head separation about load #3.I showed him headspace on the shoulder and a few other things,but its a brass eater.

Latest,an Encore rifle on .338 Win.Belt controls the headspace,factory new ammo once fired in this rifle.

Case head seperations on about 10% of ammo on the first reload.

I think these were reloaded to about 1/2 way between start and max load with maybe 4350,and belt headspaced .I did not load them.

I suspect it may be best to throttle back on the pressure and shoulder headspace rather tight with the brass,maybe neck size or just a bump.

But,I strongly suggest checking for stretch rings 100% each loading till you are familiar
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Old September 26, 2009, 07:02 PM   #5
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Most break action rifles are very sensitive about the shooter's bench techniques, and the encore is no exception. I can regularly get 1" or better 3 shot groups from most of my barrels. However, I almost always change the positioning on the bags/ rest and end up with a flier after a while.

If you bought it with the intention of entering benchrest competitions then you will be challenged. If you bought it as a hunting rifle then you should be quite pleased. Few deer wait around for 2 or 3 shots, let alone 4 or 5...LOL
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Old September 26, 2009, 07:43 PM   #6
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with my .204 ruger bbl i can put a box of 20 hornady 32gr in a 2" circle at 100yd.

my .45/70 bbl i can get 1" & 2" 5 shot groups all day long. im still working up loads for it too.

you can get the fat hinge pin that many people like. i sanded my fore stock so that the only place it touches the bbl is at the screw holes.

also the pressure you put on the screws can effect your groups, i put 13in/lb on the rear, and 10in/lb on the front.
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Old September 27, 2009, 09:04 PM   #7
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I agree

I purchased a 30-06 encore a few months ago and have had similiar problems. I have the oversized hinge pin, did a custom trigger job at 2#s, and heavy duty locking spring and hammer spring. I can get get decent groups with factory federal 150gr with five in little over an inch, however I am having problems with 180gr reloads with groups at 2-2.5 inches not including fliers and 4-5 inch groups at 200 yards. Headspace is within .001-.002. I'm going to try some 165s this week to see if it just doesn't like 180s. I'd prefer 180s for elk but it appears I may not have an option.
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Old September 27, 2009, 11:20 PM   #8
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mt dren:

I have one in a 30-06 also and it shoots 150's and 165's at the same POI. About 3/4 in. groups. The 180's that I tried were shooting about 5 and 6 in groups.
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Old September 27, 2009, 11:50 PM   #9
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I helped a friend with a Comtender 14 in 7-30 Waters.Fed 7-30 Wares brass is high dollar,like over $2 per each,that he bought.Case head separation about load #3.I showed him headspace on the shoulder and a few other things,but its a brass eater.
I also have a 14" 7-30 Waters barrel, and brass that has been reloaded 8 times with NO case head separation. It is very easy to use 30-30 brass and size it for the 7-30.
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Old October 22, 2009, 08:57 PM   #10
T/C Hunter
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. 308 accuracy

Hey this is very common { Poor out of Box accuracy} . I do Have a Encore .308 Hand Gun. AND it shoots great.!! 1/2 " groups at 100 yards . Off of a bench with sand bags of coarse. BUT the First thing is, you must install the over size hing pin from Mike Bellm. Here is his web site. This is a must if you want a awesome shooting fire arm. You must also read all about the Encore and understand what must be done to accurize your "Out of the Box stock Encore". Learn how to adjust your head space, Measure Frame to barrel gap,and learn how to custom fit your reloads to fit like a glove. Trigger job is a must ; and very easy to do your self. A few tools are needed to make it a bit easier , sold from there site as well. I prefer and have a 2 1/2 pound trigger , but a smooth 3 lb would be o.k too. I could even use a 2 lb as well but it could be a bit touchy for hunting.But perfect for punching paper if thats your goal. anyway you'll need to install a 1X or 2X oversize hing pin , This is a must ! you should install the heavy duty lock up springs too. Now once you get all the info to do your trigger job{ a down load or a book to purchase } and purchase the spring kit & your on your way to having a very impressive & very accurate hand gun. Now I'll touch on the correct bullet to shoot. And Powder that I have used and still use that are the best loads to date. This gun really likes the Sierra 125 grain pro hunter.with any of these powders IMR 4064 - 46.5 grains, H-322 43.7 grains, IMR 4895 46.0 grains, H-335 -48.0 grains, start a bit lower and work your way up. These loads are in the Sierra Reloading Data Book. And the 125 grain {Speer hollow point TNT } Awesome accurate varmint / target Bullet. Now I have found that it likes the same powders as well. So you can load the same loads and shoot either bullet. NICE I can shoot 1 " groups at 200 yards with these loads. My favorite is H -322- 43.7grains under a TNT hollow point for a good paper puncher. Bulls Eyes are easy with this load. I do have a { 3 by 12 Burris scope} mounted with Burris signature series rings . So a good scope is as important as all other contributing factors in accuracy. Once you read up on over size hing pins ,Note: I ended up reaming my holes with 600 grit sand paper wrapped around a pencil to use a 2X to get a real nice tight fit. At first I had to actually open the gun by hand rather than it falling open with the squeeze of the release. Nice and tight. It has became " perfect" after a few boxes of ammo .now its Just right. Not to loose not too tight. Now Cleaning is very important as well. Always clean your gun until it is just like new when done. I use Sweets and Butches bore shine and Shooters choice, Get your self a barrel cleaning guide from the Sinclair Co. It is a throat saver for sure. Nice way to keep your gun like new and not nick your barrel with your ram rod, speaking of ram rods a good Dewy rod is a good thing to have too. O.k so it takes some time to make your ol' Encore hand gun shoot like a sniper gun. So what its worth it if your really into shooting groups that will knock your buddies socks off,. And its worth it if you really love to make those one shot kills and hit right where you aim. Every time. Trust me. Accurize your T/C Encore hand Gun and then go shoot it. You will be amazed. Remember: Good Trigger/ snug Hing Pin/H.D Lock up springs/ Barrel to frame gap measurements and understanding/ Head space/ free run/ primer pocket uniform and cleaning/ C.O.A.L / Ogive messurements instead of C.O.A.L when you get into the high tech stuff/ and barrel cleaning and cooling between shots. Shooting bench and bags/ Good top quality scope/ and a well made Hand load. All are a must if you want and are will to do to get : THE PERFECT HAND GUN> There are a few more tips but these are the basics for the Gun itself. The rest are all in how your reloads are done. But if you manage to do these hop ups as listed you WILL notice tighter groups and NO Flyer's! Last but not least your .308 likes flat based bullets over Boat tails. I called T/C and they told me so. Its true. I tested a few and flat based are better. Good Luck if ya need any help let me know . I'll tell ya all I know and under stand . I struggled at first to get my gun to shoot good ; until I came across the Mike Bellm. site. He knows his #@$% . I spoke to him in a few E-mails . great guy! With out him I would still have a crappy shooting Encore. Since then I now have 3 Encores and they all shoot GREAT !! .204 Pro hunter / 209 muzzle loader pro hunter barrel and my .308 Hand gun. all Have the personal touch. Perfection.

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