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Old September 25, 2009, 08:56 AM   #26
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Nothing irritates me more than someone being careless with a weapon. Ok, I take that back -- the one that the irritates me even more than that is someone pointing to their trigger finger and saying, "This is my safety." What a load of crap. In my younger years (haha, I'm 25 and still call them my "younger years"), I used to play paintball. More than once, I'd dive or slide and accidentally pull the trigger. Luckily, with proper protection, a paintball is entirely safe... unless you're not wearing a jock strap and a cup...

In the years since then, I have become a police explorer and later an explorer advisor. I stress to the cadets, ever too often, that you do not draw a weapon unless you intend to use it, and you do NOT point a weapon, even if you're "sure" that's it's unloaded, at anything you do not intend to destroy.

My buddy, who has been shooting guns and hunting since childhood -- much longer than me -- is often careless. I've absolutely flipped out on him before. I'm glad to take him to the range that I have a membership to, but if he's careless, our little get together is over. I will not tolerate having a weapon pointed at me. Your ego can get you killed, or, even worse, it can kill someone that you care about.

End of rant -- I would just feel horrible for someone to accidentally kill a loved one because he/she was trying to be "cool." That's something that will stick with you for the rest of your life, and it's just not worth it.
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That attitude of his wouldn't even last one second past it hitting my ears. We are all students, and even the youth can teach the elders a thing of two. Be receptive and consider any advice so long as it's sound in reasoining.

If he was the master, then perhaps the range officer wouldn't have had to approach him? Of course, therefore he is less than the master, actually he is less than everyone else in that range the range master did not approach, and should keep his attitude locked away far tighter than his mouth is.

Ignorance is something I have zero tolerance for, as it's the root of irresponsiblity.

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One more thing

If he's an In(Out)law, don't let him in your house while he's packed.
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It amazes me how people can get there permits to carry so easily with minimal to no training what so ever.This is a very serious problem that's overlooked and needs to be addressed.There should be some way we could police ourselves and some how report such individuals so that they could be forced to get the proper training before the hurt themselves or another innocent bystander!
Case in point: My 78 yr old father in law,he is a vet,was a cook,had minimal small arms train way back in his basic training during that was all the experience he had with firearms,he never so much as touched any type of weapon after that in his life! Last yr he decides out of the clear blue he needs some protection for himself and wife due to burglaries that were happening in the area. Filled out the paper work had his criminal record checked and due to the fact he was a vet,he was waived from having to take any and all pistol safety/operational/ courses! I'm sorry but this is crazy,he had no idea what so ever how to even open the revolver to load it,no idea how to clean it,no idea they even had basic stances for firing!The day he bought it I walked in he's sitting in the kitchen dry firing it at the cookie jar not knowing it can damage the pistol,*( The type the doesn't believe he has to read manuals as he's been around the block at his age and knows everything).I turn my head to find him loading it with the barrel laying into his right leg,he closes the loaded cylinder and his finger is on the trigger barrel still stuck down on his leg,I start yelling at him to get his finger of a loaded gun pointed at his leg he pulls the gun up off his leg nervous and upset realizing his mistake but points it at me with his finger still on the trigger!!!!!!!!!
I tried to talk to him and tell him he needed a refresher course of some type for safety,to learn the different shooting stances and familarization of the pistol itself.I even explained it was nothing to be ashamed of.I told him I was vet to 11b10 tour in Nam and I took a refresher course,and when ever I can afford it I go to a shooting school!There's always new techniques,you always pickup bad habits!But as he puts it,For his situation he has all the basic knowledge needed to defend himself and his wife in his home,his car and any where he might go,as he never takes his finger off that trigger!!!!!!!
I tried my best,but he knows better then me, and there's alot just like him,there needs to be some way to police these type of individuals before some serious accidents start to happen and reflect back on all of us as a whole.It makes me nervous to think he has a pistol in his house!I have told him so,He has even asked to go shooting with me and I have refused until he can show me a certificate of some type of training.He Doesn't Like this Son in Law anymore,go figure................
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Old September 25, 2009, 01:07 PM   #30
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This is a very serious problem that's overlooked and needs to be addressed.
Actually the interesting thing is that it ISN'T a "very serious problem" excepting on an individual basis.

What I mean is that in terms of actual death/injury from negligence, firearms hardly rate at all, especially when compared to the other common things that people screw around carelessly with (especially cars and boats).

Which isn't to say that I won't slap someone silly if they are negligent right next to ME with a firearm.
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Old September 25, 2009, 03:05 PM   #31
Tom Servo
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It amazes me how people can get there permits to carry so easily with minimal to no training what so ever.This is a very serious problem that's overlooked and needs to be addressed.
We have to tread carefully there, even though I've had the same thoughts myself.

You just can't legislate common sense. What's more, you don't want to try: it's a slippery slope towards onerous regulation that could make life harder for us all.

All said, I'm squarely with the "just walk away" crowd. The guy's going to cause trouble, he seems unlikely to listen to advice...well, you can't fix that. All you can do is make sure you're not the one getting hurt.
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Old September 25, 2009, 03:45 PM   #32
Brian Pfleuger
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Originally Posted by Tom Servo
You just can't legislate common sense. What's more, you don't want to try: it's a slippery slope towards onerous regulation that could make life harder for us all.
Bingo. You're right on the mark with that. I've had the discussion with people more than once about common sense. Common sense can not be legislated because common sense CAN NOT be taught, at least not to an adult. Sure, somebody somewhere had no common sense and eventually "learned" but they are by far the exception. Some people think that common sense can be taught but most of those who believe so are not talking about actual common sense. For example, you should not have to be taught (as an adult) that pointing a gun at someone is dangerous. You're a big person now, no one needs to hold your hand. Unless you live under a rock then you know what a gun is, you know what a gun does and you know what it means to be shot. If you DON'T understand the concept then someone MIGHT be able to essentially "beat you" into following the rules.... but you will only follow the rules exactly as they were shown you... no other situation applies. So, unless you can teach these people EVERY SINGLE possible scenario then they will never act appropriately.

That's the real difference. That, in essence, is what common sense is.... the ability to extrapolate knowledge and experience from one situation to another unrelated situation. You either have it or you don't.

Point 2: We are a free people. The COTUS provide no provision for restricting someone whom "we" feel "might" be dangerous. There is criminal behavior and then there's everything else. The path of restricting not just behavior but POTENTIAL behavior is a slippery one indeed.
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If people are afraid of weapons, that's their problem. If they are only afraid of your weapon then that's your problem.

1. The gun is always loaded.
2. Never let the muzzle cover anything you are not willing to destroy.
3. Keep your finger off the trigger unless you are ready to shoot.
4. Be be sure of your target and what is beyond it.
5. Don't create a terrorist threat.

I intend to try to get my low yo-yo into a training class. Too bad his weapon of choice is dangerous beyond the length of an extension cord or I wouldn't worry about it. Even so, he is more of a threat to himself and his immediate family than to anyone else.
Thanks again for the thoughtful comments.
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