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Old July 31, 2009, 05:49 PM   #1
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Glock 27 - Perfect pocket gun?

I thought I would give an over view of the Glock 27. First I will say this is a gun that is not for everyone. It certainly is not a gun I would recommend for a first purchase if you plan on doing a lot of general shooting.

This gun was purchased as a replacement carry gun for my Sig Sauer 380 caliber pistol. I wanted a little more of a round and the size of the pistol offered a viable alternative.

The big difference is that this little gun does have one heck of a kick and is not one I would call pleasant to shot at all. However it wasn't bought as a shooter but I did take a beating running it through a 250 round get familiar time.

I have medium hands and I found this is not an easy gun to hold leaving my pinkie with nothing but air to grab. It certainly is a gun that will leave an impression on your wrist. It was the first gun that I actual ever shot where i said I had enough and dropped the magazine out and cleared a round of the chamber. Frankly I just didn't want to shot it again.

Now for the gun, what a great idea and nice package. If you have shot the large Glocks then moving into the compact 27 is easy. There are no snag points and even though it is small it has great sights for a so called pocket pistol.

The gun is accurate and has no problems giving great groups at the 25 yard marker. The sights are spaced about 5 1/2 inches apart that really help when a distance shot is required. The gun is just over an inch wide and has a foot print of 6 1/2 inches by a little over 4 inches. So it does truly fit in any pocket that I own.

In 250 rounds I didn't have one miss feed or any other problems. The only function I had to really work to improve was getting use to working the mag release. That really is part of the design and once you get the feel of the location etc it becomes easier.

I tired to get this gun while UNLOADED snagged on something but it just doesn't happen. Those are qualities I do like in a small defensive gun.

My only dislikes really have to deal with a gun in this caliber at this size. It can hurt and just isn't a pleasant gun to shoot. You must have a firm grip and get ready for that jarring kick that impacts the web of your hand and if your like me it beats the heck out of your wrist. However it delivers the punch you would expect from a 40 caliber and for a pocket gun that is pretty good.

I'm not looking forward though to my next practice session but i feel those seasons are important if you are going to carry any gun.

Who might not like this gun?

1.) Anyone with arthritis in their hands or wrist.
2.) Possibly most small women or men.
3.) Elderly due to the hard bone jarring recoil.
4.) Someone looking for a gun to serve both concealed carry and target.
5.) Someone with a large hand.
6.) Someone looking for a little lighter (weight) pocket gun.


1.) Ease of operation.
2.) Compact size
3.) Caliber and magazine capacity (9)
4.) Sight picture
5.) Less chance of snagging on clothing

Warning if you decide to add the Pearce grip extensions they may fail the drop test. I added the one round capacity and the normal pinkie extensions. They both came off the magazine when dropped from the waste when loaded. The original magazines without the extension all passed the drop test.
Not a scientific test but one to consider in a defensive gun & magazine.
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Old July 31, 2009, 05:52 PM   #2
Brian Pfleuger
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Perfect frame, maybe.

Wrong caliber. (Get a 33 instead)
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The problem, as you so eloquently put it, is choice.
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Old July 31, 2009, 05:55 PM   #3
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Location: Cypress Tx
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Properly carried...a 27 can be pretty good for the job of pocket carry.

Works for me...
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Old July 31, 2009, 05:59 PM   #4
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You must have some huge pockets.
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Old July 31, 2009, 06:04 PM   #5
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pretty good review of the 27. The 26 would suite most people who could not handle the recoil. I think you'd have to wear some pretty big pants to use for pocket carry but thats my opinion. I prefer to carry my hk p2ksk which is similar to the size of 27, iwb.

If i live in OH, so its not ever very hot around here. But if i was in FL or somewhere else with a hotter climate. I would look to a smaller gun such as a j-frame, LCP,Sig 238, or the likes.

Another good CCW gun that has been getting decent reviews lately and of which i have first hand experience with because my gf carries it, is the Walther PPS. It is kind of pricey but damn is it thin. It is not the smallest gun but the frame and slide are just as big as they need to be and it conceals VERY easily
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Old July 31, 2009, 06:14 PM   #6
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WAY to large IMHO...
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Old July 31, 2009, 07:08 PM   #7
David the Gnome
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You'd need cargo pockets to make a Glock a reasonable "pocket" gun, in my opinion.
Si vis pacem, para bellum.
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Old July 31, 2009, 07:19 PM   #8
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Please make sure a proper holster is used for any pocket carry of a Glock.
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Old July 31, 2009, 07:42 PM   #9
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Here are some photos comparing the size of the Glock to the size of a Ruger LCP:

And here it is compared to what I pocket carry, the Kahr PM9:

The much greater width of the little Glocks is the primary concern for pocket carry. It is pretty fat for being such a small gun.

For a pocket gun in .40 S&W, I would suggest considering the Walther PPS. It handles the recoil of the .40 S&W better than the small polymer Kahrs, in my opinion. And it is even a tad thinner than the Kahr, and is only a little longer.

Here is the Glock ( on the left ) next to a Walther PPS ( on the right ) for comparison:


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Old July 31, 2009, 08:18 PM   #10
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Linen cargo pants and shorts are the answer here on the Gulf Coast. With that in mind for casual wear...the Glock sub series can fit the bill. I know DEA, Houston PD and Harris County sheriffs that dress casually with cargoes that all carry either the 26 or 27. All do carry in pocket holsters. No way would I carry a Glock without the proper pocket holster!

Perfect? Maybe not!

Doable with acceptable results with casual attire and a Desantis Nemesis pocket holster? Absolutely.
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Old July 31, 2009, 08:39 PM   #11
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Doable with acceptable results with casual attire and a Desantis Nemesis pocket holster? Absolutely.

If anyone would like a leather holster that is similar in design to the Nemesis, I really love my "Pocket Grabber" made by High Noon Holsters. It has material on it that is very similar to what the Nemesis has, for gripping the holster. In addition, there is a big "anchor" on the end to further help keep the holster reliably retained in your pocket during a draw. And most importantly, each High Noon brand holster is designed to custom fit a specific handgun model.

Here is what my Kahr PM9 looks inside this holster:

The other nice thing is that for an extra charge they will also customize the holster so it will fit a pistol with the new Crimson Trace LaserGuard installed on it. I have one of these on my PM9, and it is really awesome. It comes on instantly when you grip the pistol, and the laser dot is so big and bright!! And it is available for the pocket Glocks too, as you can see here:

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Old July 31, 2009, 08:43 PM   #12
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I like my Glock 17 as much as the next. But personally my "perfect" pocket gun is my Kahr Arms PM-9. Not bashing the Glock but the Kahr is my personal choice for CCW and IMHO superior to the tiny Glocks. It is made as nice as my HK, mine has been reliable as my Glock, and the thing is tiny. The trigger is the best DAO trigger I have ever had the pleasure of firing on a semi auto. It is long smooth and breaks cleanly. The gun is tiny yet has very good control. I added a 5$ Hogue Handall jr. grip to it and it is awesome. I tought about getting a Glock 19 for carry but would probably still carry my PM-9 over it.
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Old July 31, 2009, 08:49 PM   #13
Uncle Malice
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I vote for the XD-40 sub-compact as my perfect concealed gun. While it's certainly not a pocket gun, neither is the glock 27 unless you're 300 lbs and wear huge cargo pants. In that case, the XD sub is also a 'pocket' gun.

I had a Glock 26 and Glock 27. The Glock 26 is a pleasure to shoot... the G27 is fun but violent.

I'm wearing the XD-40 sub-compact bi-tone in a cheap uncle mike's iwb holster. it's ridiculously comfortable. I honestly didn't think it would be that great... but it is.

I had been wearing my M&P 9c in a Glaco summer comfort iwb holster... it was pretty nice too bu the forward cant on made the edge of the handle dig into my little 'love handles' when i sit at my desk or in my car. lol

The other day I tucked in the XD and drove home. Went out to eat and really forgot I still had it on me for a minute. I always thought people were full of it when they say 'i forgot i had it'... I called BS... I went to the restroom and that's when i was like 'oh yeah!'
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Old July 31, 2009, 08:49 PM   #14
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I've been carrying the G26 and G27 in cargo pockets for at least 10 years. Works just fine.

Yep, it's a little thicker than some other guns out there, but with this baby, you get a gun that, for all practical purposes, gives one the same capabilities of a full size service pistol. That is, provided you've mastered the little bugger!

G27 is quite a masterpiece.

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Old July 31, 2009, 08:51 PM   #15
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+1 on the PM9. The ideal pocket pistol if you're looking for 9mm. Mine has been flawless since purchased. The PM40 on the other hand is a real punisher. Too much cartridge for such a small package IMHO. The P2000SK is another nice weapon, but the Kahr is smaller and easier to conceal in very light clothing.
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Old July 31, 2009, 09:31 PM   #16
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To all of the other PM9 fans, I am really loving the new Crimson Trace Laser Guard for the Kahr on mine. It is quite a combo to have inside your pocket. Here is my PM9 without the holster:

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Old July 31, 2009, 09:33 PM   #17
Greg with a Glock®
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Interesting review. Shooting my G27 has been very comfortable to shoot, especially with the stock magazine. Pinkie under the mag actually provides great balance since the middle and ring fingers (strong hand, shooting hand) are the main sources on grabing the grip. Just make sure your wrists are locked when shooting. The recoil is actually soft for me because of the double recoil spring set up.

Thanks for the opinion.
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Old July 31, 2009, 09:39 PM   #18
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Way to big, heavy and fat for my pockets--BTDT.
Another +1 for the PM9.
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Old August 1, 2009, 11:15 AM   #19
Deaf Smith
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I perfer the 27 as a IWB gun for behind the hip carry. And if you have no gut, the appendix position with a T-shirt works and is very very fast.

It's advanages include it carries 11 rounds of .40, excellent reliablity, outstanding corrosion resistance, polygon barrel for max velocity for barrel length, talkes larger capacity mags (Glock 23 and 22 mags), will last well past 50,000 rounds, and quite controlable with practice.

And yes, you can get a Glock 33 barrel in .357 Sig, Lone wolf 9mm barrel, and AACK .22 long rifle unit.

Makes a mighty handy guy you can shoot alot.
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Old August 1, 2009, 11:25 AM   #20
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I have no use for a .40 in any platform, but I sure do like my G26! Won't be "pocketcarrying" it, though. Too heavy and bulky.
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Old August 1, 2009, 11:54 AM   #21
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LanceOregon. Could you tell us a bit more on the Crimson Trace lazer? I have a Kahr CW9 and considering the CT lazer. I'm seventy and eyes aren't quite what they used to be and with an adrenilen rush thinking a lazer might be wise. BTW. I love my Kahr and it's totally concealable. Excellent workmanship and flawless. What holsters are available with the CT?
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Old August 1, 2009, 12:05 PM   #22
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I would have rather had your SIG P230/232. Going from shooting my SIGs to my department issued Glock 22 is like going from a pistol to a mattel toy. Even though the G22 is a full size Glock it's still uncomfortable to me.
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Old August 6, 2009, 09:21 AM   #23
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get a colt defender .45acp instead
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Old September 4, 2011, 12:59 PM   #24
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My take on Glock 27

I know this thread is old. I have carried my Glock 27 many different ways and for true concealment, the Galco Summer Comfort IWB is my choice. I also have the Crimson Trace LaserGuard which limits the choice a lot. The Galco SUM484B version of the Summer Comfort works best. In case you do not know, the Glock 26 and 27 use the same holsters.

Back to the Glock 27: I have no problem with the recoil, but some others may have an issue. The first few shots did seem a bit "snappy," but now, it seems fine. It is just a bit different. Also, I curl my pinky under the standard 9 round magazine and that works well. I carry two 15 round magazines from the Glock 22, just in case.

I also own a Lone Wolf 9mm conversion barrel and a few 9mm magazines. This allows me to use the slightly cheaper 9mm ammo if I choose. The stock Glock 27 extractor works fine. Just make sure you do not mix your magazines and try to fire the 9mm in the 40S&W barrel. I understand it is not so much a safety thing, but it will malfunction in some way; the case may split since there would be no support. If you are careful, the extra barrel will make the Glock 27 work just like the 26.

Now the laser: I am in my mid-fifties and have old man eyes. Basically, this means my eyes do not focus as well as when I was younger. I normally do not wear my bifocals and with single vision glasses, it is hard to focus on the front sight. The laser makes it possible for me to focus on the target and that is great if you have old man eyes (or old woman eyes). In bright sunlight, the red laser is next to impossible to see and I have to revert to the sights. What I recommend is practice shooting with your sights too because you may still have to use them.

Finally, have respect for your Glock trigger. That is your only safety control. Always use a good holster and be extremely careful when drawing and holstering. Fingers should be kept away from the trigger until you have sighted in on your target and intend to shoot right now. Floppy holsters or other objects on your person can get caught within the trigger guard and fire the weapon. If you pocket carry, always use a pocket holster. Carefully place the handgun in the pocket holster before it goes into a pocket. If you drop your gun, do not try to catch it on its way down.
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Old September 4, 2011, 07:48 PM   #25
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Go with the G26 much less recoil, but a killer round. You need no more than a 9mm in my humble opinion.
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