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I think you can't beat a well trained double action revolver finger,and a good loaded revolver.
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Ricky B
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no personal attacks.
Where's the fun in that???

I have a lot of pistols, both revolvers and semi-auto's. I'm considering setting one up for my bedside personal protection.
Have you given thought as to how you will secure the pistol when you're asleep or out of the home? What you don't want to do is provide a weapon for a teen-aged burglar whom you've just surprised by coming home. That may pose a greater risk than any lighting issue. Not to mention the risk of theft.

Since most home invasions happen at night I think, should I consider laser sights, use a flashlight, practice night shooting w/o using the sights at all?
Apropos of the point another poster made about night vision upon awakening in the middle of the night, consider getting those electroluminescent night lights that plug into a socket. They cost pennies a year to operate 24/7/365, and they don't even look like they're on during the day. But at night, once your eyes have adjusted, they can provide a surprising amount of illumination and make it hard for an intruder to be invisible in the dark. If his eyes haven't adjusted yet, you could see him fairly well. Unless, of course, you turn on the lamp by your bed when you hear the noise!

BTW these work great for target practice in your bathroom (need to use a different kind of gun, though). When you get up in the middle of the night, no need to turn on the light. Just fire away, flush, and no mess to clean up the next morning. Makes it easier to go back to sleep if you haven't been exposed to bright light.

If I were to use a handgun for this purpose, I would get tritium night sights that glow in the dark, one where the dot on the front sight is a different color than the dots on the rear sight. Put the odd-colored dot in the middle and the sights are properly aligned. If all the dots are the same color, it can be easy to put the wrong dot in the middle (even if the front dot is a different shape).
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My primary HD weapon is the Sig 226 .357Sig with CT Grips that becomes my primary carry weapon as soon as I put on my pants so storage is not a problem and I have a Mossberg 500 as backup. I also have a bunch of Streamlights one in the headboard below my Sig when I'm in bed.
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How hard is it to find 10mm ammo? I mean if you are accurate enough you can kill anyone with any ammo but as you all are saying; adrenaline, heart pounding, visibility etc would I want a 10mm if i know i won't be as accurate as i am on the range relaxed? I was leaning toward a full framed .40/.45 Glock for HD. Would that be over the top?
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Old July 30, 2009, 07:10 PM   #31
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I used to use a HKUSP45C with a laser, but I've switched a few years ago to my EDC, a Kimber UCDP, as I shoot it far better, faster, and it has night sights, which I recommend to anybody for their HD weapon. I have a small flashlight next to it. My house is bathed in electronic glows in just about every room except the living room, where I would expect an encounter. The outside of my house is also filled with motion detecting floodlights that really do work to keep punks away.
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Old July 30, 2009, 07:31 PM   #32
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A 12 gauge Shotgun should suffice, but I do not recommend them if you have children in the house. My nightstand firearm is my Sig Pro 2022 .40 with Siglite night sights, Crimsontrace Lasergrip and XTI Procyon Tactical Illuminator. I don't believe all of that is needed, but the night sights are a must.

1. A German Sheppard
2. A 12 Gauge
3. A Handgun
4. A Flashlight
5. And last but not least, Slient comfortable slippers
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Old July 30, 2009, 09:06 PM   #33
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Jager 78

The German Shepard or any other dog won't work as my wife has terrible allergys. I do have a black lab that likes to bark outside in a kennel, but he is getting old and his hearing is suspect as I can even sneak up on him now and then. His nose is very good though and if the wind direction is right he picks up on it very quickly. I have plenty of 12 gauge shotguns and as I've said before, that is my weapon of choice if I decide to take cover and let the threat come to me. The handgun is for times when like a fool according to some, I choose to investigate a "possible" threat inside the house. I live in an older home and the rooms are somewhat chopped up so I am not sure the shotgun would work well manuevering around hallways. I DO need to get myself something better than my $2.00 flashlight that always ends up in my daughters room. As far as the slippers, I'm not a slippers kind of guy.
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My set-up is as follows. 9mmP with firstlight next to pistol as well as small leather carry bag which I would have the following inside:
1. Tourniquet.
2. Spare Mag
3. Cell phone.
If I need to go investigate, I would sling the leather bag around my neck and have everything with me that I need.
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