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MLeake: your response

Who said anything about "itchy trigger fingers" and/or wanting to "shoot anything that goes bump in the night"? Those are your comments, not mine! You tend to put words in other people's mouths. If you actually read all of my post, you would see that I was referring to how I would address the intruder situation in MY home. I stated that (at night) you may only have a few seconds to recognize the threat and defend yourself before being attacked, (or in this case identifying your roommate). I never said shoot the guy as he is coming through the window. In the original scenario, the roommate was entering the home through a window (unannounced, just like a burglar would do). In either case, I would still be prepared and ready to react. Why? Because as you are standing there trying to have a discussion with this guy (to see if he is a drunk neighbor, roommate, or a real armed burglar) he may decide to plug YOU with a few holes while you are talking to him.......

My personal decision would be to blast the guy with a scorching 105 lumens of blinding light from my tactical flashlight (attached to my Glock 21) and identifying the intruder in short order. After that, if he doesn't immediately leave my home he has definitely made a bad decision, I can tell you that. That whole situation requires very little time (a few seconds at most) to identify the "intruder" coming through the window (friend or foe)....
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Wild Alaska:

You might not have done much different than I did if you knew my exact layout of my house. The window he was coming through was probably 20 feet from my bedroom door. My girlfriend was in there and the nightstand that the phone was on also had my loaded 9mm handgun. She is very well versed in firearms herself so I'm not sure what she did as soon as I walked back out of the room but I would be very surprised if she didn't have that pistol in her hand or at least within reach if she heard a struggle take place. The door to my bedroom could see the window he was trying to enter through and I had only my bedroom or the bathroom in which to retreat behind me. My first thought was to protect myself and my loved ones and by placing myself between my loved ones and the intruder. We might still disagree that I should have went and waited in the bedroom with my girlfriend, but that also could have resulted in a bad situation if my roommate came to my door to say "hi". If I had been home alone at the time, my actions might have been different. However, I had to think about a little bit more than my own well being and my LCD tv.

I do appreciate the critique and I have definitely ran tons of scenarios through my head trying to determine if I could have handled the situation better even though the outcome was as good as I could have hoped for.
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My personal decision would be to blast the guy with a scorching 105 lumens of blinding light from my tactical flashlight (attached to my Glock 21) and identifying the intruder in short order.
At least you are learning something, as your original response was;

Some folks may want to warn the dirt bag (with a loud yell) that you have a gun and will shoot him if he does not leave immediately. Myself, I really don't care to yell at anyone who is breaking in my home myself as it could give my position away.
I think anyone would take that to mean you had no intention of identifying the threat, that's how it reads. You originally were concerned about "giving your position away" You have now articulated that you do not feel that to be a sound strategy as you plan to "blast him with 105 Lumens" Thus identifying the threat. (that light will also "give away" your position, particularly if it is weapon-mounted, but that is, as I said before, a moot point)
Perhaps we are not as far apart as you might imagine, you just need to get off the defensive "soap box" and explain yourself a tad more clearly and completely.

I am trying to explain about how I would handle these type scenarios in my home.
And that is certainly your right to do so, however It seems clear that when someone points out different strategies, that put you at a lesser risk of making a fatal mistake, you take offense to that. No offense is intended, merely trying to share some knowledge based on experience. If it bugs you that much, take it with a grain of salt. Hopefully someone else may come away with more tactically sound ideas. MLeake said it perfectly;

Problem is, some other folks personal ideas...
... would wind them up in prison, based on the things they say on this forum.
This is not to much about personal criticism as it is broadening the lexicon of rational thought. I certainly would not claim I "have all the answers" but I do have a few ideas that have managed to get me through nearly five decades, and to remain alive, (through several defensive situations) and, on the right side of the law.
WITHOUT Freedom of Thought, there can be no such Thing as Wisdom; and no such Thing as public Liberty, without Freedom of Speech. Silence Dogood

Does not morality imply the last clear chance? - WildAlaska -

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Your quote: "At least you are learning something"......

Yep, too bad you can't be that adaptable.
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Kathy Jackson
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