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Old May 20, 2009, 02:58 AM   #1
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Using IMR 7828 for an experimental 30-06 load.

Well I was at the store the other day and the only powder they had was some IMR 7828. I thought I would buy it since it was only 22 bucks. Problem is I only have a 30-06 to load it for.

I am using 180 grain Sierra spitzers and Winchester cases. The only load data I found was for 190 grain bullets and heavier. I eventually ended up loading 59 grains or the IMR 7828 over a CCI 250 Magnum primer and under a 180 grain Sierra spitzer.

The pressure is lower than a faster powder loaded to a similar velocity so I think it will be safe. I made up 25 of these for fun and experimentation, have not shot any of them though.

So before I go and try them out does anybody have any thoughts on this load?
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Welcome to The Firing Line!

First of all, what rifle are you shooting? If it's a M1 that powder is WAY too slow.

The max load for the 190gr bullet is 59.6gr according to Hodgdon. If it was my gun (and my face behind it) I'd start a heck of a lot closer to the starting load of 55gr in an experiment like this.
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+1 Sport45. A very slow powder that is best in overbore cases, such as 6.5-06, 264Mag, and 7mmRM. I 've tried it in my .280 and got terrible accuracy and an extreme spread over 100fps. I would say you'll be disappointed until you use medium burns up to the 4350's. My fav is 4064 at a grain under book max. Cases last at least 10 loads and the specs are 3/4" groups, 9.9 Standard Deviation, and 26fps Extreme Spread.
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Thanks for the input. I am shooting a Savage 30-06 model 111. Maybe I'll take these apart and save the powder for my dads 300 Win-Mag.
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Old May 20, 2009, 01:23 PM   #5
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WELCOME TO TFL!!! It's gareat to have a Garunt on board.

I agree that it would be wise to disassemble the cartridges, but at least try 5 at/near the start load and work up.
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James R. Burke
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Welcome to the forum. Shoney is correct I know powder is getting hard to get, but I have had really good results using IMR-4350. Not saying it is the one for you or the best but works good for me. To bad there was not more of a selection out there. I was used to just getting what I needed when I ran out. I learned a lesson this time. I finally got back to about where I would like to be with the componets. From now on I am going to stay at a certain level in case this happens again. I will not stockpile just get what I need, and like to shoot over a year period. It really is not that much. I dont believe in paying crazy prices. But if people want to stockpile or pay big bucks it is a free country, and they can do what they want with there money. I feel sorry for the new reloader, competition shooter, and folks who just like to shoot alot for fun. They do buy alot but I dont think that is over buying, that is what they like to do, and they use it. Make sure you have some good manuals, have fun, and keep it safe. This is a great forum that you will learn alot from.
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Thanks for the friendly welcome.
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Old May 21, 2009, 09:45 PM   #8
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Save the 7828 for a .243 when you buy one; it's a great powder for 90 to 100 grain bullets.
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Old May 22, 2009, 12:10 AM   #9
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If that's all ya got......'s less than ideal but might actually work pretty well with 220 grain bullets. It's a better powder for .270 Winchester, actually.
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