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Old March 31, 2009, 06:51 PM   #26
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first 18-22 isn't all thats on campus

my friend works on a campus, she is 48 and would like to ccw.
You know, it really amazes me when I see things like this.... and not why you would think.

Everybody bashes NY state as being "liberal" and "anti-gun" but when I look at the laws I don't see it.
We have life-time permits.
Almost all areas of the state issue concealed carry.
There are VERY FEW restrictions on where and when we can carry.
Schools and Universities can issue written permission for carry.
We have what amounts to the "Castle Doctrine".

... and then everybody thinks places like Texas are "pro-gun". Weird, ain't it.
sure, just try getting written permission, and the NY permit system isn't like real America.
even in CA you don't need a stinking permit just to keep a gun in your house, just to CCW.
Even in CA if you have a ccw you can carry in every major city. lets say you have a Utica ccw- you can not carry in NYC!.
NY permits? you need a stinking permit for every darn gun, they are expensive and in NYC it can take a year per permit.
NY/NJ do not even resemble the free USA.
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Chemgirlie: You have more faith in it not being found out and reported than I do.
All generalizations are false, including this one.

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Chemgirlie: You have more faith in it not being found out and reported than I do.
I don't carry illegally, so there's no entity to report me to. I suppose somebody could fill a prof in about my carry status, but he has no way to verify said claim. I don't advertise my political beliefs. If you ask me about something I won't lie about it, but in a potentially awkward situation I might simply avoid answering all together.

If I could realistically show that I was discriminated against based on my carry status (which would be quite a tall order) I would take it to the dean and keep appealing my way up the system and potentially into the legal system.
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As an Assistant Professor of Business, an NRA Endowment Member, and an annual member of TSRA, I need to correct the take on this legislation that it will result in 18-22 year olds being armed. In fact, it does not change the basic requirement that one must be 21 to get a CHL. All it does is to allow existing CHL holders to carry on campus. It is not about giving guns to freshmen.

On the campus where I teach, a small, private university in Austin, that means that the only folks likely to be qualified for a Texas CHL are some juniors, most seniors, faculty and staff. We also have an Adult Degree Program for older, non-traditional age students, open to those over the age of 23. Of course that population is old enough to carry. In fact, I doubt if we would have more than 3-4 CHL's on campus at any one time, unless they were faculty or staff, and I doubt if more than a few of us would get the CHL and carry on campus.

The idea that we would have 18-year old freshmen with guns on campus is more propaganda from the anti-gun, anti-self-defense crowd.
Gun laws are designed to extend and solidify the power of an elite over a peasantry.

Sauron lives, and his orc minions are on the march.

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Old December 3, 2011, 10:47 PM   #30
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Does anyone have any info about Texas' current state on on campus concealed carry? I was talkin to a friend of mine a couple days ago and he said that it was now legal to carry on campus but I had never heard anything about it and i figured it would be every had it passed.

I tried lookin online but I could never get a straight answer so figured I'd come ask real people about the question... any answers or reliable links would be appreciated... yall have a good one!
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Old December 4, 2011, 03:00 PM   #31
Glenn E. Meyer
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Anybody who said that is an idiot. It is NOT legal.

Also, there is tons of info on the debate. The TX CHL forum will take you through the horror show of the last legislative session.

While there was sufficient legislative support for passage on the surface, under the surface forces and influences trashed it.

See for a review.

The governor did not shine despite his pro-gun stance. However, we did get a parking lot bill that allows guns in your car in campus lots and most work places.
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