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Powder Comparison Chart

Does anyone know of a chart for using similar powders from different manufacturers? For instance Barnes only lists loading data for TAC and Varget for 62gn .224 in 223 Remington (unless you give them $40). Is there a chart that list all of the manufacturers powders with conversions from one powder to another. I know that might not give you the hottest most accurate load. If you end up having to use what you have, a functional firearm is better that a baseball bat.
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"Is there a chart that list all of the manufacturers powders with conversions from one powder to another. "

No. Because it's not possible.
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Old March 13, 2009, 01:08 PM   #3
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Burn rate charts tell you what powders are similar in a certain range but there are no "Crossover" charts for substitutions. Like WN said its not possible.

Powders may be close on a chart but change dramaticly when approaching max loads. If you have a stock of powder on hand there is a good chance it can be made to work.

What are you trying to load and what powder do you have?
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That's the reason I use 4 different reloading manuals; to find a suitable powder. Some manuals list some powders for use with a specific bullet while a different manual may list different powders for the same bullet.

I don't think the question was about exactly same charistics for different manufacturered powders, just a different range of useable/suitable powders.
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Mikid I think your right. If the OP would post what he is trying to load and what he has for powder I bet we could help him.

I have a powder burn rate chart I got from Ramshot. If I knew how to scan it in I would and then post it. Ramshot may even have it on their site and it would have the newer powders mine doesn't have.
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Old March 13, 2009, 02:22 PM   #6
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1. Norma R-1
2. Vihta Vuori N310
3. Hodgdon Titewad
4. Accurate Nitro 100
5. Alliant Bullseye
6. Accurate Solo 1000
7. Scot Red Diamond
8. Alliant Red Dot
9. Alliant Promo
10. Hodgdon Titegroup
11. Accurate No. 2
12. Alliant American Select
13. Winchester AA Plus
14. Hodgdon Clays
15. Vihta Vuori N320
16. Ramshot Competition
17. Scot Royal D
18. Winchester WST
19. Hodgdon HP38
20. Winchester 452AA
21. Scot 453
22. Winchester 231
23. Ramshot Zip
24. IMR 700X
25. Alliant Green Dot
26. Hodgdon Int. Clays
27. Vihta Vuori N330
28. IMR PB
29. Accurate No. 5
30. Scot Pearl
31. Winchester 473AA
32. Hodgdon HS-5
33. Winchester WSL
34. Alliant Unique
35. Hodgdon Univ. Clays
36. Alliant Power Pistol
37. IMR SR-7625
38. Hodgdon HS-6
39. Ramshot Silhouette
40. Winchester WAP
41. Vihta Vuori N340
42. Winchester 540
43. Alliant Herco
44. Winchester WSF
45. IMR SR-4756
46. Scot Solo 1250
47. Vihta Vuori 3N37
48. IMR 800X
49. Accurate No. 7
50. Hodgdon Longshot
51. Scot Solo 1500
52. Ramshot True Blue
53. Vihta Vuori N350
54. Vihta Vuori 3N38
55. Hodgdon HS-7
56. Alliant Blue Dot
57. Winchester 571
58. Vihta Vuori N105
59. Accurate No. 9
60. Ramshot Enforcer
61. Scot 4100
62. Alliant Steel
63. Alliant 2400
64. Vihta Vuori N110
65. Hodgdon Lil Gun
66. Norma R123
67. Hodgdon H110
68. Winchester 296
69. IMR SR-4759
70. Vihta Vuori N120
71. IMR 4227
72. Accurate XMR 5744
73. Alliant 410
75. Vihta Vuori N130
76. Winchester 680
77. Norma N200
78. Accurate 1680
79. Vihta Vuori N133
80. Hodgdon H4198
81. IMR 4198
82. Scot Brig 4197
83. Accurate XMR 2015
84. Scot Brig 3032
85. Alliant RL7
86. IMR 3031
87. Hodgdon Benchmark
88. Norma N201
89. Scot Brig 322
90. Hodgdon H322
91. Ramshot X-Terminator
92. Accurate 2230
93. Winchester 748
94. Alliant RL10X
95. Hodgdon BLC-2
96. Accurate 2460
97. Hodgdon H335
98. Ramshot TAC
99. Hodgdon H4895
100. Accurate XMR 2495
101. Alliant RL12
102. IMR 4895
103. Scot Brig 4065
104. Vihta Vuori N135
105. Hodgdon Varget
106. IMR 4064
107. Accurate XMR 4064
108. Accurate 2520
109. IMR 4320
110. Norma N203
111. Vihta Vuori N140
112. Vihta Vuori N540
113. Accurate 2700
114. Ramshot Big Game
115. Alliant RL15
116. Hodgdon H380
117. Winchester 760
118. Scot Brig 4351
119. Hodgdon H414
120. Vihta Vuori N150
121. Vihta Vuori N550
122. Accurate XMR 4350
123. IMR 4350
124. Hodgdon H4350
125. Norma N204
126. Ramshot Hunter
127. Alliant RL19
128. Vihta Vuori N160
129. Vihta Vuori N560
130. IMR 4831
131. Scot Brig 4831
132. Norma N205
133. Accurate XMR 3100
134. Winchester WMR
135. Hodgdon H4831
136. Norma MRP
137. Alliant RL22
138. Winchester 785
139. Hodgdon H450
140. Accurate Mag Pro
141. Vihta Vuori N165
142. Winchester WXR
143. IMR 7828
144. Accurate 8700
145. Hodgdon H1000
146. Ramshot Magnum
147. Alliant RL25
148. Hodgdon Retumbo
149. Hodgdon H870
150. Vihta Vuori N170
151. Vihta Vuori 24N41
152. Hogdon 50 BMG
153. Vihta Vuori 20N29

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There, how do you like that. That is from the Ramshot powder site.

You can't use this to get load data from. Its just a general idea of what is in the same ballpark.

Someone tested the three 4350s awhile back. The load charge for each brand was different. The AA 4350 is shown to be the fastest of the three. In the test It took a couple grains more to reach the speed of the other 4350s. Thats why the chart is fun but not a reliable guide for sustitutions.
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check out this website

it show these powders as equivalent(These tables are only approximate, showing equivalence within about 5%)
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What I am trying to load.

I had a powder that I thought was similar to TAC (2460) but without a bottle of TAC I couldn't tell. Burn rate is fairly worthless without knowing the powder size and composition. My question was probably more technical than it seemed. I doubt that Ramshot is the only company that makes a powder with the same composition as TAC. 62 gr copper bullets don't have the same loading properties as lead bullets. Thanks for your response. I bought a bottle of TAC; but I was thinking of after Obamanation when we can't get powder anymore.
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Old March 13, 2009, 04:41 PM   #10
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That list says Titegroup and American Select are faster burning than Clays?

I don't think so????
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Old March 14, 2009, 07:18 AM   #11
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I've never seen two list the same, best to just follow the manual. However, I've never seen two manuals the same

Load safe!!
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These guys have something like what you ask about, but it is not exact. Still, it's better than a list of pwders that does not show the true relationships of the various brands.
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Old March 14, 2009, 11:10 PM   #13
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I sometimes develop loads for a wildcat cartridge or cannot find data when a cartridge is new,etc.So,I have developed loads from scratch.I will use the burn charts to find a family of powders to test,but I sneak up easy,and study many loading manuals for cartridges with similar characteristics .

All of those charts have disclaimers to read and heed.

While a powder might give one level of performance at 46,000 psi,it might be a whole new ball game at 62000 psi.

Some powders are spooky because when you reach a certain pressure,a little bit more powder will give a big,sudden pressure spike.

As has been stated,you just can't substitute
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Old March 14, 2009, 11:14 PM   #14
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G'day, this might help a little.
This might not be what you need but it has helped some.

ADI Technical Centre

ADI / Hodgdon Propellants

ADI Powder/Hodgdon naming
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