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Old October 30, 2008, 12:48 AM   #51
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Google "the cholestoral myth" sometime. The medical community is now learning that depriving your body of it causes your body to manufacture excessive quantities of it. This causes health problems. In fact, it is now known that plaque in the arteries can be reversed by reducing the amount of insulin your body releases from eating too many carbs combined with fatty foods.

What the doctors are learning now is that 60-80% of the fat and cholestoral that you eat aren't even absorbed into your blood stream. They simply pass through and actually help digestion. I've been a subscriber to the low fat idea for years but couldn't seem to get the weight off. I was diagnosed with high blood sugar (TY2 diabetes), high cholesteral, and high blood pressure last October. My doc put me on a low carb high fat and cholesteral diet and within two months my blood sugar was normal, my blood cholesteral was at the low end of normal, and my blood pressure went from 185/97 to 135/85. I also lost 40 pounds in the first 4 months.

I though my doctor was nuts when he said to grill up a steak, melt cheese on it, and pour bacon grease over the top if you like! I didn't try that recipe, but he was right. Meat, cheese, veggies, nut, but limited amounts of milk (milks has carbs but cheese has very few) and fruit. I eat high fiber cereals for breakfast and stay away from carbs at night when they are less likely to be used before turing into body fat.

It all has to do with digestion in the beginning. Which disolves easier, bread and crackers or meat and fat? Your body will use the one that's easiest first. Most of the fat and cholesteral take so long to digest that they pass through before being absorbed.

One day a week I eat whatever I want. Oh, I'm no longer diabetic.

Eat the heart! Just lay off the biscuits! Fat good, Fat + excessive carbs bad.

We are meat eaters and always have been. Grain has not always been in our diets and has never been in the quantities that most people consume today.

BTW I'm on a diet called Protein Power, you can google it too. BTW, high protein diets are bad long term (cancer risk goes way up), in my case I'm eating a little more protein and very few carbs, sometimes less than 10 grams in a meal, but alot of veggies instead of pasta or bread.

There, I'm now off my soap box.

I was induced into taking a bite of a raw deer heart on a hunt when I was in high school. I was told it was family tradition. I was gullible enough to believe them. Not a tasty treat, but they sure enjoyed it! Now, please cook it first!
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Old October 30, 2008, 01:53 AM   #52
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wow that makes perfect sense its similar to the effect the oil had on the children in the movie "Lorenzo's Oil"
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Old October 30, 2008, 02:31 PM   #53
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deer heart

It is definitly better fresh,as to being froze for a while.
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Old October 30, 2008, 02:59 PM   #54
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Does anyone cut it out and bite the heart in the field?

Personally I wouldn't, but there is no reason you couldn't I suppose.

If you ever watch those survivor shows on Man vs Wild Bear Grylls will bite into almost any sort of meat raw, he seems to be in good health still.
" ...Said I never had much use for one. Never said I didn't know how to use it..."
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Old October 30, 2008, 03:08 PM   #55
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I am far more worried about raw domestic processed meat as you never know which laborer handled it after takin' a crap and failin' to wash their hands!
with as many nicks and cuts while cutting wild game (mostly hogs) I have never been sick from it. As a youngster I got sick a time or 2, Likely culprit was once rare ground beef and once was likely a questionable plate of mexican food. I have possibly fortified, immunized myself to the point I am not affected by the common cooties! If I am cookin' for family or friends I have a much higher regard for all the rules than if cookin' or handlin' just my own food!
I wouldn't worry about illness from raw heart rather just gettin grossed out from it maybe. I have eaten far to many raw oysters and PERSONALLY caught raw fish to worry about germs from wild critters...
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Old October 30, 2008, 07:27 PM   #56
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Some of you guys are some sick puppies boy! Never ate a heart but grew up eating liver & onions and love it. After considering the nature of the organ (like an oil filter like one poster said!) I decided to stop eating liver and give it to the dogs. Later, I read in King James book that you're not really supposed to use the blood (which means heart & liver to me also) but pour it out upon the that just reinforced my own personal opinion that had already formed already. I know better now.

There's good usable animal parts, and there's dogfood. Mystical powers? Dude, that's the dark side. Vampire stuff! DON'T DO IT BRO!! You'll turn into one!!

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Old October 30, 2008, 07:48 PM   #57
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edward, The bible also states that pork and seafood with out scales is off limits which includes most of the delicacies of the sea.
all the while they were good rules made by smart people in times with out refrigeration and sewage in the rivers contaminating the crustaceans and bottom feeder fish.
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Old November 7, 2008, 02:33 PM   #58
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My whole family fight over who get to eat it,,,love both heart and liver and the first kill of the season get the heart eaten raw...

Owning a gun doesn't kill anymore than owning a spoon makes Rosie O'Donnel FAT.
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Old November 8, 2008, 04:43 AM   #59
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Absolutely my friend! Moose heart is exellent!

2 meats to never ignore! Moose/deer heart and salmon cheek(omg delicious).
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Old November 8, 2008, 01:25 PM   #60
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Deer Heart

Used to eat deer heart, liver, when I was a younger lad growing up on the farm. It was great, we also had beef, chicken, and occasional pork liver. You should try the liver out of a Northern Pike! Fry it up in a cast-iron pan and season it to your taste and put it into 2 pcs. of bread with mustard. It's good! Like my Dad always says: Anything is edible, you just have to know how to prepare it!
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Old November 8, 2008, 06:51 PM   #61
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Like my Dad always says: Anything is edible, you just have to know how to prepare it!
Ah, so very true. I've been lucky enough to eat 3 hearts so far this season, and tomorrow we'll be cooking 2 more! When we cooked the last one, we got a few people to try not only the heart for the first time, but also BBQ'd groundhog
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Old November 8, 2008, 07:23 PM   #62
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Hearts are OK as are brains. The liver and kidneys jobs are to filter out toxins and I personally stay away from them for that reason. Brains & Eggs are an old southern staple.
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Old November 9, 2008, 09:26 AM   #63
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I eat the heart and the liver of deer. I've never eaten the brains or the kidneys. However, I hunted one year with a hunt club in south central Virginia. There were two guests from Germany that hunted with us. These two guys made sure they harvested the kidneys. I couldnt understand a lot of what they said but from what I gathered they said the kidneys were used in a traditional German dish at Christmas time made with deer kidneys and peas. I would like to try it. I bet its real good.
I feel like the more we utilize of the animal we harvest the more the blessing we receive.

Old e-bear
'If we ever forget that we're one nation under God, then we will be a nation gone under.'- Ronald Reagan
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Old November 9, 2008, 05:42 PM   #64
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Jez Rembrandt

Looks like that fellow in the photo should be out nibbling on Aspen trees with the other beavers.
Air goes in and out. Blood goes 'round and 'round.
Any variation on this is a very bad thing.
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Old November 9, 2008, 05:56 PM   #65
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the best

leave it in wiskey and garlic over night and fry it in bacon grease with onions.
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Old November 10, 2008, 12:33 AM   #66
Tom Matiska
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Hearts are OK as are brains.

No..... No ..... No.... Not in this day and age of CJD is it Ok to eat brains or spinal parts..... The use of such parts in animal feed is why CJD spreads through live stock. .... Tell me you are not serious?
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Old November 10, 2008, 12:45 AM   #67
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Been eating brains and eggs for over 50 yrs. Hogs and deer without any effects effects effects.
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Old November 27, 2008, 09:22 AM   #68
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I love it. Cut up the heart and liver in nugget size pieces. Let marinate in bowl filled with olive oil and seasoning/spices overnight. Coat in seasoned bread crumbs. Grease pan and lay nuggets in. Pour moderate amount of olive oil over pieces. Broil that BAD LARRY. Well done is bad, medium to med. well is best. Sprinkle with lemon juice.
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