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Mossberg 100 ATR Range Report

I'm reposting a Range Report I did from THR for those looking for some real input on the Mossberg ATR

I picked up a Mossberg 100 ATR blued synthetic stock rifle chambered in 30-06 from Wal-Mart August 2007. At the same time I also purchase a new scope from the low doe section; a Centerpoint Adventure Class 4-16x40mm IR "tactical" rifle scope with a Mil-Dot reticle. I finished by getting a Rock Mount Bipod and sling - all for $371. I went back a few days later and grabbed a box of Federal Power Shok 150gr SP for $10.97.

Went to Ben Avery to sight my new rifle in. The weather was 99F, humidity 27%, dew point at 59, and wind from the SW at 8mph but almost directly from behind - not a factor. The rifle was shot from the bench utilizing the bipod with the toe of the stock resting in a sandbag. I really wish we had a sled bc the rifle doesn't weigh much.

I bore sighted at the bench to get things close and decided to shoot 3 shots initially and then make an adjustment. First 3 shots went low right about 4" from bullseye into a 1.2" group. I adjusted the scope and shot 3 more rounds into a .9" group one more small adjustment and 3 shots on bullseye into a .7" group. Then my father in law got a turn and shot a 1.8" group and a 1.6" group all around the bullseye. I took the last two shots one was about half an inch above the bullseye the next shot was a bullseye dead center .3" low.

The trigger had just a touch of creep with a crisp let off. It felt a little heavier than it needed to be. I'm not saying the trigger was crappy just that it lacked refinement. I may end up fiddling with it a little. The bolt was great - I really like the action. I was also surprised that the scope held up so well. Tracking was good. The target knobs made it easy to adjust...the optics were clear and bright (I used 10x the entire time). I would have felt more comfortable with a little more eye relief than the 3.5" or so shooting from the bench. Once zeroed I reset the target turret knobs back to read zero. I really like the features of this cheapo scope!

Overall the rifle, ammo, and scope performed very well. Once I was settled in the rifle shot better than I expected. Time will tell if the scope will hold zero/last but for now it stays and the rifle can shoot!

UPDATE: I have shot the rifle on 3 more occasions with same ammo (No handloads yet) and have been able to duplicate 3/4" groups all day provided I don't get the flinchies.

Features of this rifle:
Button rifled

Free floated bbl

Action and bbl mated like Savage with a bbl nut

The bolt design is just like the Savage...a pin holds the bolt head on to the bolt body so that the locking lugs can bear evenly aiding accuracy. But if the pin should break than the bolt head could spin freeeeeely inside the bolt body and not fully lock into the locking lugs the rifle could still fire...The Mossberg rifles aren't the only ones with that design.

Similar action and trigger to the Howa 1500

NO detachable magazine

Better synthetic stock IMO (stiffer) than the Remmington and Savage / Stevens

Includes factory installed weaver style ring bases.

The molded in sling mounts work but are a way of cutting cost. I have a bipod mounted on to them and it's holding up fine but will probably break...then I'll go get a Uncle Mikes swivel stud from the parts bin and screw it in.

For an inexpensive rifle you get a lot of value for the $250. If you want a custom rifle go a head and bust out our wallet. Just don't let the gun snobs ruin the rep of a rifle they have never shot.

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I just called my local gun dealer... *wal-mart* and they have a .30-06 in the case and a .270 in the back... Both are the $250 synthetic variant. For $75 more I could order any of these in wood... .243, .270, .308 or .30-06... I have to call mossberg to varify they are American made and if so the decision is made to give one a try as I do not currently have a centerfire bolt action rifle.

Edit... Call reveals that the ATR is american made... Gonna get me one... now to choose caliber.


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Swivel stud

I would like to know more about your bipod. Does it mount without any modifications to the stud? My 100 ATR stud is recessed. Nice picture!
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I have one with an 18" BBL and A2 flashhider that shoots great. I also have a 22" w/ scope that cost me $350 OTD i havent shot yet. keep in mind the "wood" is dura wood and is very heavy.
I wish they would chamber a 338 federal.
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It's a design that is very clearly the marriage of the Howa 1500 and the Savage 110. Basic, simple, and head-and-shoulders better than the Remington 770.

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Ordered one bipod

I went ahead and ordered the Rock mount bipod. I will comment on it's fit!
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just got back from the range. after 2nd round the extractor sheared off. mossberg said they would put on in the mail.
"Strange as it seems, no amount of learning can cure stupidity, and higher education positively fortifies it." Stephen Vizinczey
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I know this is an old post, but someone else dug it up not me.

I wanted to add that the triggers on these guns are fairly straight forward in regards to modification. I did a write up on it here:

It is step by step instructions with pictures. Looks like a lot of reading, but it does go fast. I can fix a trigger in about an hour from start to finish. After the trigger job, the gun just becomes that much more enjoyable.

One more reason to buy a "cheap" Mossberg. You can have a better trigger than most rifles from the factory with just a little bit of work.
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I also have one in .308 and thus far it has performed like a champ. I can hit what I aim at quite well and the trigger is on the better side of average.
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I like it, I haven't had a chance to take it to the range. I think it will do well.
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I want one of these in the worst way!! I wish that eBay allowed the sale of body parts because I have a spare kidney!!
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