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Old May 29, 2008, 07:17 PM   #1
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I shot my neighbors dog today

Here's some background:

I had a thread about it here but it got locked. Twice. Mods, please don't move this to politics/legal, I've been suspended there and can't respond if you do (don't use rude words).

I woke up this morning to hear my dog, Hershey, going nuts outside. It was just before 6 am and she was freaking out. I went into the backyard to see the neighbors across the street's dog trying to get into my chicken tractor (like a portable chicken coop). He's a juvenille pittbull and was rocking the frame of the tractor and digging to get underneath it. The chicken was freaking out. I picked up the same stick I used to chase it out of my yard last time and he jumped the side fence into my other neighbor's yard. If I usually didn't wake up at 6 am and wasn't already half awake I might not have heard Hershey barking and not stopped him in time.

I had to go take my kids to school after that then came back home to do some paperwork. When I got home the dog was in my yard again (gates still locked), and Hershey was barking and had her hackles up as he was shifting his attention from her to the chicken. I went in through my front door, grabbed my Crossman Storm XT pellet rifle, opened the bathroom window and aimed at his rear hindquarters then shot. He yelped, jumped, then climbed over the fence at a high rate of speed.

I'm pretty sure a 7.9 gr pointed pellet travelling at 1000FPS over 50 ft drew blood and penetrated. I also suspect that the nieghbor's dog will think twice about coming into my yard and hopefully my other neighbors yard where their little pomeranians are often out.

I'm also hoping that the dog's owners will think a little harder about keeping their dog chained up or getting him fixed, because I find him in my yard about once a month, and I already had to put down one dog a few years ago after my old neighbors' dog attacked him.

The electric fence is looking better and better. Was shooting him with a pellet rifle wrong? Would I have been justified shooting him with a .22 if he was in the process of getting my chickens?
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Old May 29, 2008, 07:31 PM   #2
chris in va
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Location: Louisville KY
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Would I have been justified shooting him with a .22 if he was in the process of getting my chickens?
Probably not. You may still hear from the neighbor on this one. Now if the dog was acting agressive toward a family member, all bets are off.

Chickens, dogs etc are considered property in many states.
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Old May 29, 2008, 07:33 PM   #3
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On the other forum I see you're thinking about a privacy fence.

Don't forget dogs will dig underneath it.

I don't see the big deal about an electric fence. It will freak out an animal and keep it where you want it. And they're not dangerous, near as I can tell. I was bit by electric fences as a kid. We just learned to stay away from them.

Kinda funny story- my Mom was leaning on a wood fence, holding my little brother when he was about a year old. He reached out and grabbed a wire strung on the inside and he wouldn't let go. It lit him up along with my mom who couldn't let go of him either.
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Old May 29, 2008, 07:36 PM   #4
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Join Date: August 5, 2007
Location: Florida
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As many yards as he gets into there is no way that they'll know it was me that got him.

I hope that it doesn't need surgery to get the pellet out, but I was going for negative reinforcement and getting the attention of the owners without getting a visit by the police and a lawsuit lottery suit.

I still think the electric fence would be better...
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Old May 29, 2008, 07:39 PM   #5
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Location: North Carolina
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Not sure about FL but in NC you are justified in shooting an animal who is attacking pets or livestock of yours even if that animal happens to be someone else's pet.
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Old May 29, 2008, 07:53 PM   #6
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I tough you could kill it if a dog was after your livestock. Give the police a call and see what they say.
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Old May 29, 2008, 07:57 PM   #7
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Location: Vernon, FL
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In Alabama you can shoot aggressive dogs to protect your pets and livestock. Contact your local police department and ask them.
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Old May 29, 2008, 08:05 PM   #8
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Shooting the Pit w/a .22 for the reason you gave would probably be a tough sell to local authorities unless law permits it. If it was aggressive or actually attacked you, a family member, some other person then by all means. I don't think any one would blame you. I presented a worse case scenario (Pit attacking my daughter) and asked would I be prosecuted for killing it. I was told that given the reputation of Pit Bulls he didn't think any Judge in Hampton (Va.) would prosecute me. Lets hope stinging his rear end with a pellet will do the trick
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Old May 29, 2008, 08:09 PM   #9
357 Python
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Check with the sheriff's office or game warden. Many years ago a group of dogs (2 or 3) chased some of my uncle's horses at his stables. The local game warden and the sheriff's office (Albemarle County, Virginia) told him that sincethe dogs were threatening livestock that he had a legal right to shoot them and if he did not want to they would do it for him. I don't know but chickens may be considered as livestock. If so you may be legally able to shoot the dog. Either way it puts the local law enforcement on notice that there may be a dangerous "pet" in your area.
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Old May 29, 2008, 08:15 PM   #10
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When I was in high school our pet cat was always terrorized by our neighbor's bigger, stronger male cat. It would beat on our cat and then eat all her food. I shot the neighbor's cat with my pellet gun numerous time at a lower power to stun it. It worked pretty well. I wouldn't worry about it. A .22 or higher caliber gun would probably be illegal unless it was in self defense.
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Old May 29, 2008, 08:28 PM   #11
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talk with the owner - he might not be aware the dog is doing this...if he doesn't care, check with your local cops, and notify animal control.....a hefty fine will get his attention.....IF it comes down to shooting the dog, (assuming legalites are OK), shoot it once and permanently.......
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Old May 29, 2008, 08:45 PM   #12
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Allowing a pitbull (esp a pitbull but also pretty much any other dog) to run loose is a threat to persons and property in the area.

IMHO if it's threatening you, your loved ones, or your livestock, shoot it dead. Standard practice in this neck of the woods. The only person at fault is the dogs owner.

I don't let my terriers run loose, ever, because I care for their safety and the safety of my neighbors.
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Old May 29, 2008, 11:08 PM   #13
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Here in AZ you can shoot an animal that threatens your livestock be it pit bull or coyote . As for the owner that's a story unto itself . There are those that feel that they are not responsible for the animals actions so they let it run loose . These types feel that they are better than others . He probably would take offense if he knew it was you that shot his dog and that would only get worse , not better . If it were me I would SSS.
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Old May 30, 2008, 12:40 AM   #14
Bud Helms
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This thread is not about firearms or any of the other related topics we occasionally let run.

It is off topic.

It is closed.
"The irony of the Information Age is that it has given new respectability to uninformed opinion." - John Lawton, speaking to the American Association of Broadcast Journalists in 1995
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