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How often do you train?

This topic has been on my mind lately.

I've been shopping for some new guns as well as selling some guns I'm ready to move on from. I've had my XDM listed on a local news station's classified section (the gold standard around here for buying and selling ANYTHING) for a couple weeks now with very few serious inquiries. I feel like people read my Ad, and say "Wow, 2000 rounds? That gun has been shot way too much." It seems like most classified ads I read say something along the lines of "Gun is a year old, shot 300 rounds through the gun, It's in great shape."

The reason I bring this up is not to discuss the sales of used firearms, not at all. I wonder what on earth these people are doing with their guns, if not shooting and training regularly with them? You bought the gun in the name of home/self defense, but only shoot once in a while with it? I realize this is probably preaching to the choir, as our TFL members are mostly all avid shooters.

So my question is to you avid shooters- How often do you train/shoot? And What does your training routine consist of? How many rounds, what kinds of drills?

I try to do some good dryfire/snap cap practice including malfunction drills 3-4 times a week, and, checkbook permitting, put 100-200 rounds down the pipe every couple weeks, practicing double taps, shooting moving targets, and regular target shooting.
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Old August 27, 2012, 02:55 PM   #2
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I do not consider my normal weekly shooting as training. I just casualy shoot. Most times it is two days a week. Sometimes more. I live a 15 minute drive from the range, and have a membership so the cost is the same if I shoot 5 days a week, or one day a month. At least as far as range fees go. Though I do not have any children, and Mrs. M&P usualy shoots with me one of those days as well.

For training purpouses such as shooting on the move, multiple targets while moving. Shooting from the ground on my back, and belly down. Shooting over the shoulder, one handed weak side, and strong side. From a chair over one side as if in a car, from over a chair as if from some type of cover, and several others. I get the chance when I have the range to myself. Usualy about once or twice a month.

Note I shoot my carry guns at least once a week. I never go off of shootin a ceartian number of rounds. I shoot what I have with me. Be it 100 rounds, or 300 rounds, or howmany ever.

I go to the range to have fun. I leared to shoot very early in life from my grampa whom happend to be retired army. He tought me combat style shooting which as mentioned earlier I still practice when I can. Though I have the mindset that I am at the range to enjoy myself, and let off some steam. I have never left the range in a foul mood, and every trip was time well spent.

Note some people due to family, and work have little time to spend at the range. Some are too tired, or just not that interested. Some would like to be able to shoot more, but due to many factors just can not afford to.

When at the range I tend to see a few types.

1. People that just bought the gun. They tend to shoot a couple of boxes of ammo. Pack up go home. Sometimes I will see them back a month or two later.
2. The once in a blue moon type. They usualy have some prety nice hardware with them, and quite a bit of ammo. They usualy stay for a few hours shooting several different guns. Most times they have reasons that they just can not go as often as they would like. So when that blue moon happens they will spend every bit of time they can shooting. (Most tend to be prety good shots as well.
3. The usualy crowd types. They are rare, though there are a few they usualy have a couple or twelve guns with them. They burn countless boxes of ammo. Usualy nearly a brick of .22 lr ammo, and a box or two of several calibers of centerfire. Most are great shots.
4. The skeet shooters. Rarely will you see them on the rifle, or handgun range. They will shoot box after box of shotsells breaking clays. Though the ones I have seen on the handgun, and rifle range tend to be pretty darn good.
5. Just before deer season type. The guys that are checking or sighting in a deer rifle, and brough a couple of handguns to shoot while they are there. Chances are while maybe a little bit rusty they shoot well enough. You will see them again next year.
6. The Mall Ninjas. They ususaly show up decked out in tacieverything. With a Pellican case containg an AR rifle with more do dads than the Midway Catilouge has listed. A polymer semi auto of one brand or another again with some tactidodad on it. Most times a lazer/flashlight combo. As well as some type of tactical shotgun. They usualy have tons of ammo which they will burn through as fast as they can pull the trigger while thier buddy films it for a youtube video. Most tend to be good shots if they take thier time. More times than not they try to shoot so fast that they are mediocre at best. Usualy when asked if they are current or former military, or LEO. The awnser is usualy no. Most work in an office. Most times I see them come out once or twice a year. I think they are busy working to pay for the ammo for thier next trip to the range.

There are a few others that may be some of all of the types. And a few others that I did not list. Just my ovservations.
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Old August 27, 2012, 02:58 PM   #3
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How often do you train/shoot?
Dern near daily, but I'm different then most. I shoot for pleasure A LOT, I shoot my vintage military rifles to keep up with my CMP-GSM Clinics I put on.

A club in Spearfish has a match about every other week, I practice and train for them.

Hunting season is coming, I got to get my hunting rifles (and me) in shape. You know shoot up the old and reload the new ammo. Check the sights over and over again.

Got a bowling pin match coming up at the Newcastle Club I have to get ready for. Shoot Small bore to work on my fundamentals.

Take advantage of the new place to shoot long range (in excess of 2000 yards) about 2 miles from the house.

Thats all I can think of right now except to say on each outing I play with my CC revolver.

I'm mentioned this before but when I retired I'm going to find a place where I can shoot every day, I did and I do.
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Old August 27, 2012, 02:59 PM   #4
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I shoot my carry gun a few times a year, 300 rounds or less. I know how to aim it, how it works, I just train on 22lr's because of money. It didn't change, I know how it works and feel fine using it at the range. I can keep a baseball group @ 7 yards with my carry gun, and 25 yards 1.5 footing with a DAO revolver.
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Old August 27, 2012, 04:53 PM   #5
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Range time varies a lot, but a gun with only 2,000 rounds through it is just experienced enough to be trust worthy.
About just broken in, plus a little.
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Old August 27, 2012, 05:06 PM   #6
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I don't know that I am training. I do things to keep shooting interesting. I might try something new by moving, varying positions etc. If it isn't new, it usually involves competing against what I've done before or left handed vs. right handed sort of stuff.

That being said, I typically shoot once a week. Our place is large enough that I was able to build a range. Unfortunately, a place large enough to do that requires enough upkeep to keep me from shooting more than once a week. And when I do shoot, I take the time to pick up all the brass.

It's also seasonal. Like in July and August it's too hot and humid to do much outside past the early afternoon - and work comes first so shooting gets cut back.
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Old August 27, 2012, 06:46 PM   #7
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Two to four times a month depending on the time of year. Usually 150 to 200 rounds each session. Most sessions are local IDPA, IPSC or 3-Gun matches but sometimes work on specific skills or tactics in between. Also participate in paid training from known instructors when I'm able.
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Old August 27, 2012, 08:05 PM   #8
Bob Wright
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Back when I was gainfully employed I shot at least once a week, firing about 150~200 rounds through two guns. I found that this kept me in pretty much top shape. So, most of my guns stand at around 10,000~15,000 rounds through them. Some of my newer guns at about 5,000 rounds. I've gone through over fifty handguns, so no one gun getss too much usage.

After retiring, I shoot about once every two weeks, and, due to finances, shoot a lot of .22 R.F. now. I always put in a good amount of range time just before hunting season opened.

I don't hunt anymore, and all of my hunting companions are dead now. In fact, I had coffee last Friday with a friend of mine, and he and I are the only two of our old group still living.

Bob Wright
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Old August 28, 2012, 08:26 AM   #9
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My first handgun was a P226 in 40 S&W.
I put somewhere between 2500-3000 rounds through it in one year.

I would go to the range about once or twice a month and fire off anywhere from 150-300 rounds depending on how I felt that day.

Most people sadly buy a gun, go to the range 1-3 times during the first few months of ownership then the gun sits around collecting dust.

That and you get a lot of people who buy a gun without every firing it, they tell themselves they will "grow" to like it after a few hundred rounds but find that is not the case so they decide to recoup some of the money they just wasted.

And you have the last major category. People who buy a gun, but because they have one FTF or Stovepipe in 300 rounds decide the gun is a Jam-O-Matic and that they can never trust the gun. So they sell it and their small problem with a magazine, ammunition or improper lubrication is your gain.
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Old August 28, 2012, 02:50 PM   #10
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Range time doesn't seem like training but I try to do more than just typical weaver-stance target shooting. I shoot one handed from various angles since I don't expect to always be able to draw and get both hands on the gun. I also do stuff like shoot from fairly close (real world) distances, double taps. I try to simulate moving around while I shoot. Basically try to control the gun and trigger and hit what I aim at even if I don't have a perfect stance, sight-alignment, etc. I'm not a competition, marksman-type shooter. I practice for shooting at something that is close and i have to react fast. I wish I could practice while drawing, too, but that's not allowed. The draw is practiced at home unloaded. Not the greatest but I do what I can.

I try to go every 2 weeks, sometime 3 times a month and shoot 100-150 rounds depending on the gun.

Compared to the others I see, I'm definitely mixing things up more. They may be more accurate but they almost always have full-size guns and are only target shooting. I almost never see anyone with a small pocket gun shooting, the kind that you expect the average joe to be buying for self-defense and CC.
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Old August 28, 2012, 03:31 PM   #11
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2-4 times per month on average. Around 200-500 rounds each time on average.
Some months can go as much as 8 times depends on free time. Every time I shoot, it involves some type of training.
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Old August 28, 2012, 07:32 PM   #12
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I try to shoot at least once a week, not only 100 to 200 rounds but also the bull with my buddies at the range.

However I am limited by the range rules and the other shooters on the line on the extent of the training I can do. I like to shoot IDPA, have not got into 3 Gun yet but the last year or so my handgun shooting has suffered as I have gotten into long range rifle shooting at the only available range near Des Moines over at Van Meter which goes out to 600 yards, I really envy guys with ranges out to 1000 yards or better.

I have one very bad habit though, as an old man who has collected firearms for many years and enjoys many different pistol and rifle and shotgun platforms, I am not always practicing with my CCW and instead having fun with some other handgun or rifle or shotgun. However my CCW is a Glock with no safety and nothing to think about under stress except to pull the gun, sight picture and pull the trigger so hopefully I will be ready if the occasion presents itself.
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Old August 28, 2012, 07:40 PM   #13
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I get out at least once a week.

As to part of what made you think of this, I would imagine some of those guns don't get shot a lot either because they're one of many and/or the person just didn't take to that particular model.

I've only got a handful of handguns, and at least 2 of them don't see the range very often, just because I enjoy shooting the others more, and more recently I've been focusing on my soon to be carry gun.
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Old August 28, 2012, 07:49 PM   #14
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I usually manage once a week. I like shooting various guns and always end the session with my ccw. A habit I got into many years ago and continues through today.
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I don't shoot as much as I'd like anymore, life & money has been getting in the way.

My local range has rules against 'double taps' and rapid fire, so those are out.

One tuesday every month a local training outfit hosts a 'skills & drills' night that I go to and shoot 50 rounds doing their IDPA/USPSA type drills.
Besides that I try to make it to the range twice a month and shoot about 100 rounds of 22LR and 100 rounds of 9mm each outing.
I'm determined to start doing dry fire practise and holster draws at least twice a week, but haven't yet

You guys are making me feel inadequate, that should motivate me to train more.
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Old August 29, 2012, 06:49 PM   #16
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I like to go as often as I can. Right now that's about 2-4 times a month. I shoot a few guns each time. Mostly 22, then I close with my .38 and/or .380
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Old August 31, 2012, 11:10 PM   #17
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Once a week usually a Saturday or Sunday or Holiday when the range is open. I do mostly Dot Drills at 5 yards. No muscle memory issues for me, but at home I do lots of cranking up 15/20 pound bar-bells while watching the local TV News!
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I define "train" to be when I am actually running movement drills, magazine changes (one and two handed), malfunction clearances (one and two handed), one handed shooting, weak handed shooting; the whole 9 yards.

That being my definition, I get to train like that about 12 times per year with live ammo. Magazine changes are fairly easy to practice without live ammunition, but you cannot practice malfunctions without putting live rounds downrange.

I train in weapon retention about twice per year, and knife fighting about 2-3 times per year.

All in all, your 2,000 rounds is quite a small amount. I got my M&P9 for this past Christmas and already have about 2,500 rounds through it. Even my 2,500 rounds is a very low round count for a handgun.
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Yes your 2000 rds is nothing. People I think in this day and age want a new gun, never shot and shoot it once a year about 15 times and then they're good. They can say they have a nice gun and they can really shoot it until you watch them and then everything is wrong, full of excuses. Then along will come a new gun and they have to have it and repeat the whole process. I shoot every day or every other in my yard. Atleast a mag or two just to keep skills alive. If you keep up on my posts I have multiple handguns but really concentrate only on one so all I know is that one. It makes a difference. Yep so many people I know will pass on a gun with 1000 rds thru it because of thinking its worn out. Please, it's just getting broke in.
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Thanks allaroundhunter for fine tuning the definition of "training.". I "train" almost every day. I am retired from the Army at 46 and make myself do 5-10 minutes of dry fire every day (anyone can find 5-10 minutes). I practice a lot of "draw to first shot" and "target transition" in my basement with miniature IPSC printouts.
I'm lucky that I also get to practice what I've trained pretty often, too. I go to a nearby range weekly, firing anywhere from 25-100 rounds, depending on the purpose of the visit. If I'm practicing draw to first shot, usually around 25, target transitions, a few more.

I own, carry, and shoot only one gun right now, a G23C. I also practice by shooting monthly USPSA and Steel Challenge local matches. This is where i see the biggest result of my dry fire and draw to first shot training Because the gun I carry is "ported," I have to shoot in the "open" category in both these types of competitions. So, I compete (not so much) with the guys shooting tricked out guns with optics and widgets. I don't do so well against them, but my primary goal in this type of activity is to become as proficient as possible with the gun I carry EVERY day.

I feel like any training must have a predetermined outcome in order for the effectiveness of said training to be measured. If you can't measure your improvement, how do you know if you're getting any better.

My $.02.
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Old September 3, 2012, 01:36 AM   #21
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Sorry. Predetermined isn't the word I wanted. Defined outcomes. What is it that I want this training to accomplish? Sometimes, define that first then figure out a way to train into the outcome.
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SD situations happen at close range. You don't have to be an internet marksman that breaks all olympic and military records in each thread. If you just practice drawing your weapon and shoot 6 rounds a month you are ready for the average 10' confrontation.

A few weeks ago in our area two brothers shot it out at 6'. One is dead. The other is still in ICU. We are hoping he is released from ICU today.
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Old September 3, 2012, 08:54 AM   #23
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Old Crow I think that's a pretty broad statement. Maybe an experienced shooter might maintain some sort of skill level with 6 rounds/month but I can't and I've owned handguns for more than 30 years. I don't think a new shooter could either.
Not trying to pick at your post but I don't agree.
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Old September 3, 2012, 08:55 AM   #24
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I shoot in our local IDPA matches so just for that I am going through 2500 rounds a year broke up into the several guns I use for that. Then I shoot weekly (when I can) and will shoot 50 rounds or so. My main IDPA Glock is a Gen 4 and probably has 200 rounds through it.

I have always laughed at guys worried about round count. The first time I ever thought of recording it was when we were issued a book with our Beretta's to log each round, each malfunction etc. That gun broke the frame at 3000 rounds. The H&K P2000 that replaced it went 15,000 ronds before I turned it in. Some guns will wear out quicker than others, some may just need a tune up, and some like AR's may just need an extractor and spring at 5000 rounds. I wore our a Remington 742 I shot it so much, wore the locking lugs off.

Buying a used gun is always a little gamble. Most people do not shoot as much as most on this board. Most guns will last a lifetime of casual shooting, a gun is no different from any other machine, if you use it, arts will wear and need to be replaced eventually.
My rifle and pistol are tools, I am the weapon.
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Old September 4, 2012, 01:23 PM   #25
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For the past couple of months I've been able to shoot at least a couple weekends each month. A few weeks ago I felt like I'd never picked up my pistol and after about 60 rounds called it a day. No use training if it isn't working.

Took my daughter on Sunday(dragging feet and pouting) and shot a few mags. Patterns were very good and everything felt right. She stayed in the truck until I went to get her then shot another 70 or so rounds while she was hanging out at the line. Explained what the cease fire lights and message on the loudspeaker was for, showed her the target distances, and then grabbed my targets and showed her what my shot patterns looked like from when I first started shooting and now. At 25 yds now I'm hitting a tighter pattern than when I first began shooting at 5 or 7 yards.

Later at home I thanked her for coming with me and she said, "Your welcome". Then asked if she wanted to come up again and she said kind of shyly, "maybe", which for her means YES.

So I got in a little shooting and taught my daughter a little bit about the range. Next up will be some training for her with my old .22 rifle.
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