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Old March 8, 2008, 06:12 PM   #1
Join Date: February 26, 2008
Location: Lane County, OR
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Ruger Super Blackhawk .44 mag grips

I have a Super Blackhawk with the over sized rubber hogue grip. I don't like the big grip on it. I can't hold it properly while cocking the hammer. I have to reposition my hand to cock it, and then reposition to shoot. I was wondering if anyone had any experience with this gun, having the factory wood grips. I would like to know if it fits nicely in a medium sized hand, and is comfortable to cock, and to shoot.
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Old March 8, 2008, 06:23 PM   #2
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Super Blackhawk

I had to install a Hogue. My hands aren't huge, but I have long fingers and the factory grips were too small for me. Trigger guard was slamming back into my middle finger on every shot, bruising the knuckle.

For medium hands, I've been told by other SB owners that the regular grip, and it's shape, allow the revolver to rotate in your hand just enough during recoil to naturally position the hammer for your thumb to cock it as the muzzle comes back down on line.
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Old March 8, 2008, 06:31 PM   #3
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I also was getting my middle finger slammed with the factory wood. I opted for pachmayr decelerator grips. They are very nice for me but I have large hands and thick fingers. Factory wood grips should be pretty inexpensive to get if you don't have them. I still change them around sometimes until I remember how much they hurt.
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Old March 8, 2008, 09:42 PM   #4
Join Date: January 17, 2008
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I had a Super Blackhawk .44 mag with a 7 1/2 barrel, if I remember correctly, in the mid-1970's. It was my first .44 mag and with those wood handles and western (Colt) style grips that were the only choice then, it was a bear of a revolver to try to fire without it slipping back on the knuckle of your thumb. It wasn't possible to fire it with 1 hand without bloodying your knuckle. I eventually sold it for that reason.
I've got a Ruger Redhawk .44 mag 4" with the Hogue grips now and I love to shot this revolver with those grips. They with the vertical rise below the hammer keep the revolver totally in control with little slipping of the handle at all.
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Old March 8, 2008, 10:47 PM   #5
Tom C.
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I have Eagle Gunfighter grips on my 5 1/2" SBH. Smooth for a high recoil gun like a .44, checkered for low recoil applications like the guns I use for CAS. The Gunfighter grips are fairly flat. They help my large hands rotate the knuckles out of the way of the trigger guard. I no longer get my knuckles rapped by the trigger guard.
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Old March 9, 2008, 09:38 AM   #6
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I have a SBH that I hunt dear with and got a grip just like your gun has for better control in bad weather. I found out the same thing, too big for a second shot. I went back to the factory grips and wear jersey gloves with the little rubber beads for traction. Works great for me.
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Old March 9, 2008, 10:13 PM   #7
Join Date: February 26, 2008
Location: Lane County, OR
Posts: 37
Thanks guys, that helps alot

Live long and defend yourself!
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Old March 10, 2008, 12:37 AM   #8
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Where is PlayboyPenguin now?! When I got my NIB NM Super Blackhawk in December, I hated the Rosewood grips and dealing with full load recoil from the 4-5/8" barrel. I couldn't get the hang of it and got the Hogue grip and man, the SA Kool Aid drinkers near crucified me!

I took the Hogue off, too. Learned to shoot with the Rosewood grips by modifying my grip on the stocks and letting the revolver 'roll' with the recoil. Then I took the Rosewood grips off, waxed the Ruger eagle medallions to protect them, gently sanded them with 380 grit sandpaper, stained them a deep black with MinWax Ebony and finished them with MinWax Helmsman SPAR urethane.

Looks good, feels good, shoots good! There's a learning curve and a way to shoot an SA that I finally got. Doubt it helps you, but hope it does.
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Old March 10, 2008, 02:26 AM   #9
44 AMP
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Don't care for the Hogue

Mine wears the pachmyr, I like the feel, they fill in behind the triggerguard, which I want (keeps my middle finger from getting bashed)

As far as "traditionalists" are concerned, tiny wood grips on a Ruger? GO pound sand, I'll use what I like best. Now on a Colt, that is different (for me), and traditional size/style grips are the way to go for that gun.

I have 3 Blackhawks (2x7.5", 1x 6.5") and a 7.5" Super Blackhawk. All wear oversize grips, 3 pachmyr rubber and one checkerd wood.

As far as cocking the hammer, just use the other hand!!!

If you shoot the "old fashioned" way, with just one hand, you have to shift your grip to cock the gun, then as you let it roll up in recoil, you shift just enough (if needed) to cock it as you bring it back down on target. Not a problem unless you have very short fingers. If you do have very short fingers, best to use the other hand. The Super Blackhawk has a lower and wider hammer spur than the regular Blackhawk, and if you have trouble with that, you are going to have trouble with just about everything. You might check out the Bisley model, they have very low hammer spurs. A friend got a Bisley hammer and had it fitted to his Vaquero, for just this reason, short thumb and fingers made the regular one difficult for him to cock. If you choose to go that route, be aware that the Bisley hammer is not a drop in fit. Either the hammer or the grip frame will hame to be permanently modified in order for it to work.

Good luck.
All else being equal (and it almost never is) bigger bullets tend to work better.
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Old March 10, 2008, 11:50 AM   #10
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Join Date: November 28, 2001
Location: West Tennessee
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I never understood the reason for those oversized rubber grips but it's your sixgun. I always reckoned that most folks, like Sgt. Fathead found out, rarely take the time to learn to shoot a single action before they go looking for those rubber baby buggy bumpers. I also never understood the need to shift your grip to cock the hammer. I don't shift my grip or lose the sights when cocking the hammer, one handed or two. Although most my shooting is two handed. Maybe it's because I grew up with `em???
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Old March 10, 2008, 12:17 PM   #11
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Join Date: November 15, 2007
Location: Outside KC, MO
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Response to CraigC

My reach, from little finger to thumbtip, would span over an octave on a piano. That would be great, if I played piano. This means that I'm one of those people who finds the thick doublestack butt of the 92FS fits me perfectly. The 1911 grip is the minimum for a comfortable fit for me.

Stock grips don't fill my hand, period, on Ruger single action revolvers or the SP-101. This makes the guns move more during recoil than I find comfortable.

With that big, ugly rubber grip, I can cock and shoot the SBH without shifting my grip.

Physiology and ergonomics matter.

I haven't tried a wood Bisley. That might be different for me. But stock on the standard Rugers just doesn't work.
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Old March 10, 2008, 08:38 PM   #12
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Join Date: November 28, 2001
Location: West Tennessee
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I have fairly large hands and factory grips don't work for me either, nor do thinner custom grips that several gunwriters tout. I need them thicker than factory grips and nicely rounded in all the right places. Virtually no taper toward the flat bottoms. Hogue's "cowboy" grips are an excellent off-the-shelf grip in that regard. Cary Chapman's grips are also a properly proportioned and shaped and work just as well but are much higher quality. There is a HUGE difference to be made with grips that fit both shooter and sixgun properly.
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Old March 11, 2008, 07:28 AM   #13
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I have five SA rugers with different grips on each. The stock plow handles work fine, just let the pistol roll back in your hand on recoil. Each one feels a little different, I think the 357 birdshead has the most bite.
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Old March 21, 2008, 04:41 AM   #14
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Join Date: October 7, 2007
Location: Shawnee, Ok.
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SBH grips

I have 2 blackhawks and 2 SBH. As with many people with large hands, the trigger guard rest against my middle finger on the SBH which results in blood flow. A golf glove helped solve that problem to a certain extent.

What I haven't seen so far in this discussion is where does the heel of the grip set in your palm? All of mine rest in the lower third of my palm. After 40-50 rounds through the SBH, the lower protion of my palm is so sore I can't hold the grip. That is why I just ordered 2 pair of oversized Hogue grips for my SBH.
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Old December 22, 2008, 11:37 AM   #15
The Lovemaster
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Does anyone know if the BH .44 mag factory wood grips will also fit a .357?

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Old December 22, 2008, 12:01 PM   #16
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Does anyone know if the BH .44 mag factory wood grips will also fit a .357?
The answer is "depends". The SBH's were made in two frame sizes. The 4 3/4" and 5 1/2" barrels use the same frame size as the regular BH (except that they are steel instead of aluminum). The longer barreled SBH's use a larger frame size. I believe, the easy way to spot the difference is that the smaller frame size always has a rounded trigger guard and the bigger size has the squared off trigger guard - but I'm not 100% on that.

I know that I've got a 5 1/2" SBH with the rounded trigger guard and it is the same as my .357 BH.
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Old December 22, 2008, 01:01 PM   #17
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Doyle has it. The only exception is the Hunter model Super, which has the longer grip frame (same panels as squareback) but with a rounded triggerguard.
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Old December 22, 2008, 04:39 PM   #18
Jim March
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If your SBH came with a barrel of 4.68" or 5.5", it has the same "XR3-RED" gripframe as a basic blackhawk, but in steel vs. aluminum on the BH.

If your barrel is longer than 5.5" you have the bigger "dragoon" grip frame, most of which have the "squareback" triggerguard (unless your gun is a "Hunter" variant).

The bigger grip frame ain't my cuppa tea, personally. Not that many people are happy with it, although it does work for some folks.

If thumb reach to the hammer is your sole issue, you can fit a Bisley hammer to it with minimal work. It has to be altered a bit for non-Bisley grip frames. Basically, hold the Bisley hammer up against your stock hammer and you'll see what metal needs to be removed from the Bisley hammer's backside - fortunately you're NOT altering anything that involves the sear face or other critical surfaces on the front of the hammer.

You can also swap to a smaller grip frame like the XR3-RED for pretty cheap if you don't already have that...or for more money you can do a total Bisley conversion (hammer, trigger, grip frame, grip panels) which is considered an excellent setup for major recoil. Brownell's has the whole conversion kit for about $200, and then add panels for about $50. If you like the gun and it shoots well now, this is worth considering.
Jim March
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Old December 26, 2008, 07:21 AM   #19
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try these factory stocks for your SBH.

I have med/lrg size hands and this works very well for me.
The smooth finish allows the weapon to roll in the hand reducing felt recoil.
This would be a fairly inexpensive remedy.
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Old December 26, 2008, 11:39 AM   #20
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i have a superblack hawk 7.5" bbl, and i have small hands.
i love my pachmayr decelerator grips.
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Old December 26, 2008, 12:40 PM   #21
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I own a .44 Magnum Super Blackhawk with the stock wooden grips (not Bisley style). I have never had issues with hot loads (300 grains @ 1300) battering my hand. My hands are normal sized and span over an octave on a piano (I know because I am a performing classical pianist). Perhaps my hands are stronger because of the amount of use they get?
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Old December 26, 2008, 04:21 PM   #22
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....try them all....

What works Sherrif Wilson, don't work for me.....

I've tried several grips on both my RSBH, one 3-srew blue in 7.5, one SS in 10.5.

You really need to spend some time on your own, with some tools, and find what works for YOU.

SA re-cock, one handed with a .44 mag is an 'expert' move and much less controlable for most as it upsets the 'master' grip. If I am practicing 'rapid fire' with mine, as in a scenario such as a wounded boar back-charging me, I never use one hand- I always 'reach-over' to re-cock to maintain my master grip and use two hands. (even in slow shooting...I use two hands and reach over with the support hand's thumb)

Personally- I find the factory panels ('plow' type on non-Bisley) pleasant to look at but useless w/o a glove as they are too thin cross-sectionally, the pull is WAY too short and my hands sweat shooting heavy loads and on warm days.
Checkered wood just dig's in and is still slick in the strap area's so....

I've found the old gen-1 Presentation on the old 3-screw 7.5" and the Houge on the 10.5" New Model to work best for me.

Your mileage WILL vary...
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Old December 26, 2008, 05:09 PM   #23
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I just wrote a post on another thread about recoil reminiscing about the time I fired a friend's old style flattop blackhawk with fully loaded .44 magnum rounds. I have very large hands. I'm only 5' 9" but I can palm a basketball. The gun had the old style plowhandle hard rubber grips and for me, firing it was torture. Every shot felt as if someone had hit the first knuckle on my right thumb with a hammer. One cylinder's worth of rounds left me with a quarter size bruise.

More recently, I fired another friend's blackhawk with oversize Pachmyer grips. Same model gun, same power rounds, totally different experience. The recoil was noticeable but not at all painful.
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Old January 6, 2009, 11:40 PM   #24
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Pachmyer seems to be getting the nod so far, but could you put a Tyler's T-Grip on there? I saw on the site they make them for the Redhawk. Although that would put your offending knuckle closer to the trigger guard. On a 4 5/8" with a round trigger guard and .44 specials would that matter?
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Old January 17, 2009, 08:26 PM   #25
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Yes I am aware that they are TOTALLY different grip styles, angles, ect. I just like that look. Ajax plastic buffalo grips would look fine. As did the Lamo Camo grips I saw on Houge's site, I belive...
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