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Old March 2, 2008, 11:14 PM   #1
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Savage vs. Ruger Scout, and Optics

Well, my tax return is burning a hole in my pocket and at present do not own one firearm, again. I have a modest 'wish list' of guns, and though it would probably be wise to get autos first before any ban happen again.
But I for some reason really want a turnbolt scout rifle (real reason-.308 battle rifles start at a grand).
Due to limited funds, the Steyr is out, and custom Model Sevens too. Not into Mauser conversions. Now that Savage is making their Scout again, that should be the obvious choice. But the M-77 Fronteir...really grabbed me. But looks arent everything I guess. Savage's scout has the adjustable trigger, and lower price, and reccomendation from Boston T. Party, great BUIS (and full radius). Downsides- refinishing will be a must, and having to use a clunky harris bipod ( I've seen a custom aftermarket 77 stock, which has and integral bipod and even spare mag storage in the stock). The Ruger I don't know much about, it felt and looked good, has a strong action, but no irons.
(While writing this, decided on the Savage)

Now just curious what glass you Scout shooters and handcannon hunters use for optics.
Leupold and Burris Ballistic Plex tubes come reccomended and T/C recoil proof...any others I should know about? Anything with a illuminated donut reticle? What kind of prices are we talking? I know less than nothing about scopes. I have never owned a boltgun, and never really took to using traditional mounted scopes either. But I think this would make a good general purpose rifle for me, especially since I plan to start whitetail hunting again, next season. Could really use scope advice. I would like to learn to shoot accurately to 500 yards, I know this isn't the type of rig to become a rifleman with, but would like to make the most of the range (only have owned rifles in .223).

I want to pick up a SKS (or Nagant carbine) too for a centerfire trunk gun with a handguard rail mount and lowest priced but decent pistol scope on it too, got the idea from this book, made a lot of sense for a dedicated rifle for your car. I'd prefer it something already beat up when i bought it, and valued under 200., far less than a new Savage. But the same sighting system.
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Old March 3, 2008, 12:27 AM   #2
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Go with the Savage. They are pretty accurate right out of the box. I have a couple Ruger 77s that shoot patterns like shotguns. I attribute the Rugers' poor performance to the goofy angled action screw, cast receiver and long leads.
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Old March 4, 2008, 08:12 PM   #3
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I am a HUGE scout fanatic and have several different types. My pride and joy is my Jeff Cooper Steyr Scout. I have also been eyeing the Savage as that is the "next best thing". Google "scout rifle" and you will find a guy named Father Frog who has an awesome resource on scout stuff.

In regards to optices, the ONLY one I would suggest is the Leupold IER. I believe they call at the M8. There are other good ones but I feel confident in saying this is the best. Get some good QD Warne or Talley rings.

Please post pics and review when you get your rifle. I have been wanting to hear more about them for awhile. Also, definitely go with .308. I can't remember if you said that was what you were looking at or not. I am planning on buying one for my wife as a "gift". Of course I am sure it will see much more range time with me!!!
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Old March 4, 2008, 09:06 PM   #4
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I have an older Savage Scout, right now with an Aimpoint on it, but it usually has a Leupold Scout scope on it. It shoots very well and is more accurate than you'd probably expect, especially with reloads it likes.

I also have a Burris Scout scope. I prefer the Leupold. Its just a tad lighter in power, but that seems to make a big difference to me for some reason. The Leupold also seems clearer and brighter.

I've seen the Rugers and they are pretty, and I do like their forward mount set up, but all the Ruger rifles I've owned have never been what I'd call accurate, and all had the crappy Ruger trigger that all their guns seem to have. With the bad history, I just cant bring myself to buy one.
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Old March 4, 2008, 10:08 PM   #5
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Google "scout rifle" and you will find a guy named Father Frog who has an awesome resource on scout stuff.
Here, I had it bookmarked, save you the trouble of googling:
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Old March 5, 2008, 01:55 AM   #6
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If you want an accurate rifle go with the Savage. Rugers are a crap shoot as to whether it will shoot well out of the box. Some people have good luck with them but many (too many) complain about how poorly they shoot. I've bought my last Ruger.

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Old March 10, 2008, 02:16 AM   #7
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Thank you for the Father Frog link-being a gun nut and top drawer researcher, kinda embarassed I hadn't found it myself.

LOL 270-i know what you mean. Owned more Rugers than probably anything else combined. Mini's, P-series autos, a 22/45 that I actually really did like. You pay for what you get, let's face it. However; I mean look @ their DA wheelguns. Built like a tank, far better in the longevity aspect than any Smith or Taurus. The 77 Fronteirs are prettier than Monica Bellucci, that matte stainless and grey laminate, both of which would need an overcoat of black and synthetic replacement, respectively, for hardcore field work, just sort of dazzled me for a moment. i read this Riflesmithing book by Patrick Sweeney, from my local library, indicating what you got on your 77 trigger is all you get.

I ended up blowing that money on a .40 Hi-Power. There was enough left for the Savage (w/o the Loopy tube), but had a blowout on the ol' pimpmobile ('91 Caddy Brougham) that totalled 2 big ones, and just got laid off for 3 weeks over the GM Axle strike, so my scout gets put off again. Didn't even really want that BHP, don't regret it though either (will when it self destructs after another 1500 rounds). On top of it my first child was born on 2/16/08, Alexander Michael James. Had no idea the cost of diapers and whatnot. My wife and I have had an odd, on/off marriage but I love that little guy more than life itself. So with this money shortage...I smile the whole time I see my little buddy. But we live in the sixth most dangerous city in America, so it's not just some latent Rambo fantasy from my youth for me, as some might say. Driving home from work a few months ago, drove past some police, shining lights on a young kid's jacket being held up, SOAKED in blood. In 06 the week before Christmas there were 6 murders in one week, on one street, two blocks from the one I went home to, (5 shooting +1 wounding,with iron, #6 was a 14 year old who ran the gears on a paralyzed 41 year old; last week police found (2 miles from my home) a young kid and his girl who snuffed and old man and were squatting in his house-when they pulled up he was shovelling the driveway in the dead man's clothes while the guy was under a tarp in his own backyard). I've lived the wild life on the other side, today all I care about is my little boy, there are definate plans to relocate but in the meantime, home invasion is a reality. And I don't come home from work until almost midnight. It's weird. A life of drugs and filth and crap with nothing to lose. Then you find out out you're to be a father and truly get your act together. "Spiritually' even. And look around-that 7 minute drive to work doesn't mean so much. I feel like I've been given the greatest gift someone could recieve, and the responsibility to a shape a life towards good and success vs. the opposite.
Not sure what this has to do with scout rifles but really have no other outlet.
I got a lot on my mind. I just want to get my infant son out of Baghdad Michigan.
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