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Old November 19, 2007, 09:10 AM   #26
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i get 2-2 and 1/2" groups at 50 with my wingmaster magnum with scope. my express magnum with open sights i get a 3" group and 75 and a 2" group at 50. all rifled slugs remington brand. the copper solids in my rifled barrel did good to 50 . my mistake when i bought them is i thought they were good to 100 yards. the winchester super x sabots BRI 1 oz in 2 and 3/4" did good at 100 yards.

as far as the hornady sst. they shot a good tight 1 and 1/2" to the left of zero 1/2" group at 25 yards. at 50 they went high and left with a 3" group. at 75 they went higher and to the right with an 8" group. they are supposedly moving at 2000 fps. i think this may be too fast for the twist rate of my remington. 1 in 35" 20" barrel. the guy at the counter at dicks sports told me that they did great in his mossberg. and give them a try. i did i will not buy them anymore. i want to try the remington core lokt ultra bonded sabots. but at 16.99 a box. wow:barf:
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Old November 20, 2007, 07:06 AM   #27
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I have a Remington 870 express and a Win 1300. both dedicated to deer hunting with slugs. Both great guns. If you give me time to sight any gun in I (you) can put it to a deer at 100 yds no prob. The drop for a slug is about 10 in. at that distance. I figure thats about the max for me unless you can sight in to a farther distance and be sure the deer will be at that range(not). Estimating range past 100 is tricky. My point is that I think the most important part about selecting a slug gun is choosing one you like the look and feel of. If you have confidence in your gun then you will be able to drop deer for years to come with it.
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Old December 6, 2010, 03:30 PM   #28
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The H&R Ultraslug Gun - no question!

H&R 12 Ga. Ultraslug: Cloverleaf at 50 yds. under 2.5" at 100 yds., under 3" at 150 yds., and under 4 " at 200 yds. The gun is a bit on the heavy side and you have to try a bunch of sabot slugs to find out which one you gun likes best (expensive) but once you do . . . you are riding a tack-driver like no other. It is rare to get a shot over 75 yds in the area of NJ I hunt in. I have killed 9 deer in the last 6 years there and only one was over 75 yds away but I like to know that the gun I am using can do the job if I need it to. I put a 3X9 Nikon Slughunter with the BDC reticle on it last season and I won't think twice about taking a 200 yd shot with the 3" Winchester Partition Golds my gun likes. My H&R Ultraslug and Nikon Slughunter scope combined cost me just over $400.00. It is my gun of choice every deer season. I traded my mossberg 500 in on this combination and I don't regret it one tiny bit. I've never owned a gun that shot this consistently accurate before.
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Old December 6, 2010, 07:13 PM   #29
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Without a doubt, the long discontinued Mossberg 695 Bolt Action Shotgun
Yep. Ugly as sin but accurate as all get out. 22" Rifled barrel, ported.
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Old December 14, 2010, 09:18 AM   #30
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H&R UltraSlug can't be beat for distance!

I have a Mossberg 500 with a cantilevered rifled barrel and a 4x Tasco Scope, and a 12 ga. Remington 11-87 with a cantilevered barrel and a 1.5x5 Simmons scope mounted. Now these are both decent slug guns but I also own and use a 12ga. H&R Ultraslug with a LimbSaver recoil pad and a 3x9 Nikon SlugHunter scope. The Mossberg and the 11-87 are now strictly backup or home defense guns. I always go to the H&R UltraSlug for deer. I'll tell you why. My ultraslug will consistently shoot a single jagged hole for a 3-shot group with Winchester Partitioned Gold sabot slugs at 50 yds. At 100 yds the group is usually a cloverleaf, and at 150 yds we are talking 2.5" center to center! Until I tried the Partitioned Gold I didn't know just how well this gun would shoot. It seems to love the partitioned gold for some reason. At first I worried about not having a quick second shot available but then a buddy pointed out that after the first shot, the deer is either down or gone anyway. Funny how I hadn't thought about that because I was fixated on the multi-shot availability.

Now you have to keep in mind the fact that this is a heavy outfit to lug around through the deer woods. With the recoil pad, scope, and rings we are talking almost 10 lbs but my 11-87 rig is actually a few ounces heaver. Anyway, I hunt from a tree stand.

If you only ever hunt where your farthest shot is 50 yds I don't think it will matter much which slug gun you use . . . even a smoothbore will do well at those short distances. However, if you might take a 100 or 150 yds shot, go with the H&R UltraSlug with a Limbsaver recoil pad and 3x9 Nikon SlugHunter scope with the BDC reticule every time. You won't regret it. Just know that you must first determine which sabot slug your particular UltraSlug likes best . . . and they do vary. I have two buddies who also own UltraSlugs and one likes the Remington Accupoints while the other likes the Hornady SST. By the way, you may find that your particular barrel likes 2 3/4" rounds while your buddy's likes the 3" rounds. The only way to tell for sure is to try them all (and that can get quite expensive - believe me!). I'll bet I spent almost as much finding out which sabot slug my UltraSlug liked best as I did to buy the UltraSlug itself but now I have a setup I wouldn't hesitate to take a 200 yd shot with. One more thing . . . if you are going to be taking shots at any distance, get a good rangefinder. Once I got my rangefinder I couldn't believe how far off my distance guesses were. The proof is in the pudding . . . I dropped a nice 6-point this season at a ranged 147 yds from my tree stand at the edge of my field. I simply used the 150 yd aim point in the BDC reticule and with one shot he dropped like he had been hit with a sledge-hammer. Can't argue with success! Now you know why the H&R UltraSlug has become my goto gun for slug hunting.

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Old January 1, 2011, 07:36 PM   #31
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H&R Ultra Slug is a clear winner

I own a 12 Ga. H&R Ultra Slug. I have a 3x9 Nikon Slughunter scope mounted on my gun. I spent considerable time at the range and a fortune in sabot slugs to discover which sabot shot best out of my gun. After the first visit to the range, I invested in a LimbSaver recoil pad because some of those 3" slugs kick as hard as a 375 magnum (maybe even a bit harder). Anyway, I hunt Ohio, NJ, and Delaware every year and my H&R has accounted for 9 deer so far that ranged in distance from 30 yds to 156 yds. Every one of those 9 deer dropped where it stood. After shooting boxes and boxes of sabot slugs, I now know that my gun likes the 3" Winchester Platinum Tip sabots the best. From a sandbagged benchrest, at 50 yds, these sabots in my Ultra Slug will shoot a single jagged hole every time. At 100 yds, it is a larger jagged hole to a cloverleaf every time. At 150 yds, we are looking at 2.5 inch groups at 200 yds I keep within 3.25 inch groups. Now it will not shoot this well with any other sabot in any other length. It cost me over $200.00 in slugs to clearly determine which sabot and slug length was best for my Ultra Slug but once I have ranged the deer accurately and determine that the deer is within my self-imposed 200 yd maximum, it is a dead deer . . . every time!

To be honest, if someone who owned a Tarhunt, a Savage 210, or any other slug gun with a permanently fixed barrel were to spend the time and money I did finding the favorite sabot for their gun, it might shoot as good as my Ultra Slug does. All I know is that I have a slug gun I wouldn't trade for all corruption money pocketed by the 111th Congress!
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Old January 7, 2011, 12:44 PM   #32
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I must agree - it is the 12 Ga. H&R Ultra Slug 100%

Over the last 26 years I have owned a Remington 11-87 with a rifled barrel, a Mossberg 500 with a rifled barrel, a Remington 870 with a rifled barrel, a TarHunt RSG, an Ithaca Deerslayer III, and an H&R Ultra Slug . . . all in 12 Ga. While some of these guns shot extremely well, the best has been and is the 12 Ga. H&R Ultra Slug gun. The Tar Hunt shoots just as well at 50 and 100 yds with it's favorite slug which is the lightfield but if you include 150 and 200 yd shots, the winner is the H&R Ultra Slug with it's favorite sabot, the 3" Winchester Partitioned Gold. If I only ever hunted the woods where all shots were 100 yds or less, I wouldn't hesitate to take the Ithaca, Tarhunt, or Ultra Slug but if I hunt from my favorite tree stand at the edge of one of my fields, I only ever take my Ultra Slug and my Rangefinder. My longest kill to date was a 4 point at 161 yds but I wouldn't hesitate to take a 200 yds shot with my Ultra Slug. I have a Nikon SlugHunter 3x9 scope with the BDC reticule mounted on this gun and together with my rangefinder, any deer inside of 200 yds is as good as in my freezer. Five deer in the last two years has made me a believer.

By the way, all five deer were one shot kills and all dropped where they stood. I love the Partitioned Gold sabot slugs.
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Old March 28, 2011, 04:00 PM   #33
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H&R UltraSlug is it!

I've been hunting with a 12 Ga. H&R UltraSlug for the last 4 years now. I also own several other shotguns. Someone in this forum said that if you keep your shots to under 50 yds, any shotty will do and I must agree with that. Now I hunt at my farm in Ohio exclusively. I have several fields on the farm where it isn't unusual to get 150 yd. shots. I also have my own measured 150 yd range set-up behind my house and use that range regularly so I know how each of my guns will shoot out to 150 yds. Trust me when I say that for any distance over 50 yds, you won't beat the 12 Ga. UltraSlug for accuracy.

My Remington 11-87 and Mossberg 500, both with rifled barrels will not do nearly as well at distances over 50 yds as the UltraSlug will. I can shoot cloverleafs consistently at 50 yds and 2 1/2" to 3" groups at 100 yds every time. At 150 yds we are talking 3 1/2" to 4" groups every time from a sandbagged benchrest. I have a 30-30 that doesn't shoot that good consistently.

My ultraslug seems to prefer the Federal Barnes Expander Sabot slug (non-tipped variety). There are a number of sabots it will shoot well but it prefers this one and gives the most consistent results with it. Over the years, I have taken two deer at between 140 and 150 yds (both with my UltraSlug) and a couple of dozen at 100 yds or less - most being at 50 yds or less. Prior to owning my 12 Ga. UltraSlug, I wouldn't have been sure of a 150 yd. shot on a deer but now, I am dead certain but I shake just a bit too much to take a shot much beyond 150 yds. even from a rest. I'm sure other younger fellas could make 200 yd shots with my UltraSlug, it is just that I'm not as young and steady as I once was so why risk woulding an animal? I have a 3x9 Nikon SlugHunter scope with the BDC reticule mounted on my UltraSlug and it is a deadly combination. Someone on this forum also recommended using a rangefinder. Again, I strongly second that suggestion. A good rangefinder is worth it's weight in gold if you shoot beyond 50 yds at all. It can make the difference between a dead deer, a wounded deer, and a miss.

My UltraSlug is sighted in to hit dead center but 2 1/2" high at 50 yds. This seems to put the aim-points in the Nikon SlugHunter right where they need to be with the non-tipped Federal Barnes Expander sabot slugs.

Good luck with whatever slug-gun you go with and happy hunting.

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